25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love. It’s time to celebrate the kids too! This list of great DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for kids is perfect for keeping the little ones in your life feeling loved. They are ideal for making just for your children, or in bulk to share with the kids in their class. Of course, there are ideas here for kids of all ages, including a few the teens would like!

Valentines kids gifts collage

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Get busy crafting and have fun sharing with others during the month of love! Share tons of moments of kindness with others and help everyone in your circle feel the love you have. Below are some more ideas for creating and sharing around Valentine’s Day that you will love.

Cupid’s Arrow Craft

Cupids arrow

This adorable little idea is cute and functional! Add your own custom message and tuck these into a gift or place at their place setting to start the day off fun!

Source: DIYnCrafts

Valentine’s Day Paper Crown

Paper crown

Every child needs a chance to feel like royalty! Make this adorable little paper crown for your kids to wear throughout Valentine’s Day. Customize with their favorite colors or name to make it even more special.

Source: DIYnCrafts

Pom Pom Valentine’s Monster Craft

Pom Pom love bugs

Isn’t this adorable? Make your kids their own cute little monster to add to their gift or place setting. Kids may like making these too! You could easily assemble a little kit for making their own Valentine’s Day monsters as a gift!

Source: DIYnCrafts

DIY LEGO Crayons Valentine’s

Crayon LEGO valentine

I don’t know about you, but my kids love LEGO and this is a perfect little craft idea that you can make and gift to them. The printable card is adorable, and the molds are easy to find. What kid wouldn’t love coloring with their own LEGO crayons?

Source: Craft Create Cook

Candy Tic Tac Toe Game

Valentine tic tac toe

This is so cute and super fun! Print out the little tic tac toe page, and tuck it into a baggie with some candy pieces. A fun game to play with the kids and sure to make them happy since the reward is candy!

Source: Etsy

Dollar Store Gift Basket

This is a fun idea that can be as simple or as complex as wanted. While not entirely DIY, you can pick up additions to build your own gift basket, or you can follow make items and simply follow this general idea to make the basket.

DIY Pillow Treat Holder

Candy treat pillow box

Add their favorite candies inside this cute little treat holder! A fun way to upcycle those old toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls, and you gift them something fun! Kids love these little pouches!

Source: Our Wabi Sabi Life

Valentine’s Day DIY Ear Muffs

Heart ear muffs

What an adorable idea! So much fun to update and perfect for these cold winter mornings! Customize with a bit of glitter or beads and make them even more unique for your kids.

Source: Premeditated Leftovers

Valentine’s Day Themed Bookmarks

Printable bookmarks

You can easily print bookmarks off and laminate them and add ribbons or string to them. Such a fun idea, especially for the book lover in your life. Plus, you have so many great options online with quotes and images, there is always variety!

Source: Etsy

Valentine Robot Snacks

Candy robot

This idea is a fun one that can be made for a group of kids or just tucked into your child’s lunchbox. Pudding cups, juice boxes, and a few candies or googly eyes and you have an adorable little monster that is fun and tasty!

Source: Crafty Morning

Crochet Valentine Teddy Bear

If you can crochet, then you will absolutely love this idea! Make your own little teddy bears to give to your kids. They are so easy to customize with different colors and definitely fun to make.

Valentine’s Day Cricut Gift Boxes

Paper box

If you want something a bit sleeker, this Cricut file is ideal for cutting out cute little gift boxes to use for candies or treats. Kids will love seeing a fancy present for them, and presentation, sometimes, is truly everything.

Source: Sweet Red Poppy

Beaded Monogram Bracelets

Beaded bracelets

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that bring smiles to faces. A pony bead bracelet with their name or monogram initials is a cute idea they will love. This is especially good for the little ones who want jewelry but who may not be so responsible with the real deal.

Source: Etsy

Bubble Valentine’s Day Gift

Bubble valentine

This was designed for kids to give to each other, but it’s just adorable and had to be added to this list. Ideal for you to make for your kids! Of course, I would add it to a giant bottle of homemade bubble solution to save money!

Source: Passion for Savings

Valentine’s Day Minky Throw and Pillow

I love sewing and even just creating with fabric. This is a fun idea that you can make using fleece and soft fabrics to make a cute little throw, blanket, or pillow for your kids. These are often treasured items they keep until adulthood.

Personalized Journal or Notebook

Custom journal

It’s super easy to customize a simple journal or notebook from the dollar store. Print out a sticker or hand-letter on card stock then attach it to the front. In minutes, you have a custom journal that kids will love!

Source: Etsy

Paper Flower Shadow Box

Ombre paper flowers

This is such a fun way to customize a little decor for your kid’s rooms! You can do this with any color, but I love the pink flowers for Valentine’s Day! While you can cut the flowers by hand, this is another awesome project if you have a Cricut.

Source: By Pink

Valentine’s Day Treat Poppers

Valentine party poppers

This is fun to make for the kids or with the kids. Little party poppers are always a hit with the little ones and can be filled with homemade confetti, and sometimes candy!

Source: Happy Mothering

Custom Name Crayons

Monogram crayons

This is so fun! Kids love unique crayons, but this is even more special! Making crayons out of their name is so much fun! Definitely, a cute idea that kids will love opening.

Source: Etsy

Valentine’s Day Explosion Box

If you haven’t seen these before, they are tons of fun! It’s a box that unfolds easily to load up with your favorite gift ideas so each layer has something fun and unique for them to find. Kids love these!

Love Bug Juices

Love bug juices

What a cute idea! Turn ordinary juice drinks into adorable little bugs just in time for Valentine’s Day! This is ideal for tucking into lunchboxes or sharing with their class party.

Source: Planted in Arkansas

Valentine’s Candy Dog

Candy dog

My kids would love this! Too cute, funny, and yummy! Turn their favorite candies into a cute little dog to gift! This is ideal on top of a gift, at a place setting or tucked into lunch boxes.

Source: Kid-Friendly Things to Do

Felt Heart Wand

Heart wand

If you have a child who enjoys some bit of magical pretend play, a fairy wand is a must! This little heart wand is a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day and super easy to make!

Source: Etsy

Tootsie Pop Flowers

Tootisie pop roses

Oh my goodness! This is too cute and fun to make! Give one, or create a whole bouquet! It’s a perfect idea for kids who love big gifts when you don’t have a large budget. It’s big but cheap to make!

Source: The Keeper of the Cheerios

Slime Making Kit

Slime kit

If you have kids who love making slime, of course, this would be an ideal choice for gifting at Valentine’s Day! A box of supplies with unique add-in items is sure to be a hit. Kids will definitely be excited.

Source: Etsy

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