25 Of The Most Beautiful White Shrubs You Can Grow

During the long, hot days of summer, it’s always refreshing to have something crisp and beautiful to look at. Nothing says summer quite like a clean white blossom – and if you grow a few beautiful white shrubs, you won’t have to replant them each year, either.

collage of best white shrubsIf you’re looking to maximize the time you have an array of beautiful flowers, then you can see our list of long-blooming shrubs here. No matter what your needs might be, you are sure to meet them with this long list of white shrubs. There are shrubs for every garden – including those that bloom in the spring, summer, or fall (and sometimes all three!). 

Here are some of the most popular picks.

25 Best Beautiful White Shrubs You Can Grow

1. Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon shrub with white flowers

If you’re going to grow a shrub with white flowers in your backyard, you can’t overlook the delicate Rose of Sharon bush. This shrub grows well in zones 5 to 9, preferably in full sun. it can grow as large as 12’ tall, depending on how you prune it. Rose of Sharon is a member of the hibiscus family. It’s not tropical, but its flowers sure do look it!

2. Korean Spice Viburnum

Korean spice viburnum or Viburnum carlesii with white flowers

Korean spice viburnum, or Viburnum carlesii, is one shrub with white flowers that produces well in the early spring. Not only will you be able to enjoy these clusters of white in the spring, but you’ll find that the plant often blooms in the fall, too.

The bush is named for its cloying fragrance. It grows well in acidic soil and does well with a bit of mulch placed around its base to retain moisture.

3. Chinese Snowball Viburnum

Chinese Snowball Viburnum with large ball of white flowers blooming in the garden

Another kind of viburnum you might consider growing is the Chinese snowball viburnum. This gorgeous shrub explodes with large spherical blooms each spring. It does need room to grow – at least 20 feet tall and just as much space when it comes to width. You won’t mind giving it room to sprawl, though!

4. Common Lilac


white Common Lilac with a mountain background

Although most people think of lilacs with a telltale purple color, the truth is that it is possible to find lilacs in other shades, too. What Is one of the most beautiful – yet least familiar – options. There are several cultivars you can choose from. It grows best in well-draining soil and in zones 3 to 7.

5. Rhododendron

white flowers of Rhododendron shrub

The rhododendron, a plant that is hardy in zones 3 through 9, grows well in light shade. It can grow up to 8’ tall and is incredibly easy to care for.

6. Azaleas

Azaleas in a pot blooming with white flowers

There Are several types of azaleas that produce white flowers. Most bloom in early to late spring, depending on the variety. Some popular white varieties include ‘Pleasant White,’ ‘Cascade White,’ ‘Snow,’ and ‘Northern Hi-Lights.’

Regardless of which cultivar you choose, you’re sure to be impressed. This plant does well in a woodland setting and is remarkably low-maintenance.

7. Gardenia

white gardenia flowers blooming in the garden

The gardenia shrub is known for its intoxicating fragrance. Growing anywhere from two to eight feet tall, this warm-weather shrub produces lovely white flowers in the late spring to early summer months.

8. Japanese Andromeda

Japanese Andromeda with white flowers in the garden under the sunlight

The Andromeda shrub has a strong scent that is highly divisive. Although some people love the aroma, others detest it. Before you decide to grow this shrub, you may want to give it a “sniff” test to make sure it works well for your nostrils!

It produces gorgeous evergreen foliage that gives it winter interest, but in the spring, the plant will produce lovely white bell-shaped flowers.

9. Annabelle Hydrangea

lovely Annabelle Hydrangea shrub with blooming white flowers in the garden

There are several kinds of hydrangeas you can grow with white flowers. However, Annabelle Hydrangea is one of the most lovely. This plant puts out large, 8-10” flowers in the spring. These blossoms look great on the plant as well as when cut and brought inside.

10. Pearlbush

white Pearlbush flowers in the garden

Pearlbush is hardy in zones 4 to 8, growing well in full sun to partial shade. It can reach up to 12’ tall and while it’s not commonly found in modern gardens, it’s a classic plant with bark like a birch tree and spring-blooming white flowers.

11. Mock Orange

white Mock Orange shrub in the garden

Mock orange is a plant that grows well in most gardens and doesn’t produce a heavy fragrance. It puts out a slight aroma of citrus when it is in full bloom, but otherwise, you won’t notice the difference. There are many cultivars and hybrids of this plant, but most produce gorgeous white flowers when grown in zones 4 to 8.

12. Limelight Hydrangea

Limelight hydrangea with cone shape flowers blooming in the garden

Another kind of hydrangea with white blossoms is the limelight hydrangea. This plant is a late bloomer, pushing out blossoms late in the summer. The plant can grow up to 15’ feet tall and is easy to prune if you don’t want it to get that tall, too.

13. Dwarf Deutzia

Dwarf Deutzia shrub in the garden

Dwarf deutzia is a unique shrub that can also be grown as a ground cover or a bonsai plant. It stays short and is wider than it is tall. It produces small flowers that appear in the late spring. These flowers are bright white, tiny, and incredibly fragrant.

14. Tea Olive

Tea Olive or sweet osmanthus with white flowers

The tea olive is a seldom heard-of Southern shrub that grows well in zones 7 to 9. It can grow up to 30’ tall, leading many people to regard it as a tree. No matter what you call it, this plant is beautiful, producing sweet-scented white flowers that bloom each fall.

15. Daphne

Daphne with white flowers blooming during spring

Daphne is a shrub that can be tough to get going at first, but once you do, you’ll appreciate the beautiful appearance and alluring fragrance of this white shrub. It blooms in the early spring and, once it is established, is easy to maintain, too.

16. Roses

shrub of white roses in the garden along the hallway

There is nothing quite like a rose to make you pay attention as you walk by a flower bed! Of course, people always associate roses with colors like red and pink. However, there are many shrub roses that are not only easy to grow but can be found with white blossoms, too.

Just pick a cultivar that is meant to push out white blooms. Good options include ‘Iceberg’ and ‘Polar Express.’

17. Magnolia

beautiful white flower of magnolia in the garden

Blooming best in the late winter, spring, and summer months, this shrub offers nearly year-round beauty. It is considered both a shrub and a tree, producing large evergreen leaves and droopy white flowers.

18. Snows of Kilimanjaro

 Snows of Kilimanjaro or euphoria leucocephala blooming against the sky

The unique name of this shrub is nothing compared to its intense beauty! This tropical plant produces rounded growth and reaches heights of 6 to 10 feet in no time. It can spread up to six feet wide and is closely related to another favorite plant, the poinsettia. This plant starts to flower just as the days start getting shorter. It looks like a giant snowball with its milky white blooms.

19. Camellia

white camellia flowers in the garden

The camellia is a wonderful plant for just about any garden. Growing up to 25” tall, this flowering shrub grows best in partial shade and can bloom in the fall, spring, or even winter, depending on the variety. Even when this plant is not in full bloom, it’s a sight to behold with its lush evergreen foliage.

20. Pieris Japonica

 Pieris Japonica white white dangling flowers

Another evergreen shrub with white flowers to consider is Pieris Japonica. This plant can grow up to 10’ tall, blooming best in zones 5 through 8. It has white flowers and an alluring scent. An easy to grow shrub, it is also deer-resistant.

21. Laurel Cherry

Laurel cherry also known as prunus laurocerasus in the garden

Laurel Cherry is another flowering shrub with beautiful white blooms. An evergreen plant, it can handle a variety of light conditions. Whether it’s sunny or shaded, it doesn’t matter much to the hardy Laurel Cherry. Just be careful – the stems and leaves can be poisonous.

22. Dogwood

white flower of dogwood shrub in the garden

The dogwood is more of a small tree than a shrub, producing pretty white flowers that first start to bloom in the spring. They can grow up to 25’ tall and grow best in partial shade.

23. Butterfly Bush

white butterfly bush also known as buddleria davidii in the garden

As you might expect by the name alone, Butterfly Bush is a flowering shrub that is great for attracting butterflies. During the summer season, you’re sure to witness dozens of butterflies flocking to this gorgeous flowering shrub.

It’s not only easy to grow, but it is highly productive, too. You’ll find beautiful blossoms of white all throughout the summer and fall months. And if white isn’t your style, you can also find this shrub with blossoms of purple, pink, and blue.

24. Summersweet Clethra

Summersweet Clethra or sweet pepperbush in the garden

Summersweet Clethra is a shrub that is native to the eastern portions of the United States. It pushed out gorgeous white blooms of spiky blossoms in the summer and early fall. Not only is it easy to grow, but it’s also a popular attractant for butterflies and birds. They’ll love flocking to its flowers!

It spreads by runners, so be careful of where you plant this shrub. You will have to engage in some pretty aggressive pruning to keep it under control!

25. Crape Myrtle

white flowers of Crape Myrtle bush

The Crape Myrtle is a plant that is considered by some people to be a shrub – and others to be a small tree. Depending on how you choose to look at it (and how you prune it), what can’t be denied is that this plant puts on a breathtaking display from late summer until fall. It will be covered in clusters of pale white flowers that last for several weeks.

Now you’ve whetted your appetite for flowering shrubs, why not consider adding purple or pink to make a truly gorgeous outdoor space?

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