30+ Romantic DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

Valentine’s Day decorations are one of my favorite things to create!  There is just something amazing about adding gorgeous decor for the day of love!  Whether you are throwing a party, decorating for your kids at breakfast, or just love adding beauty to your home, this list has something for you.  Beautiful additions, fun creations, and lovely decor are the center of the Valentine’s Day traditions!

Valentines decorations collage

Valentine’s Day Decorations

We LOVE the season of LOVE!  It’s tons of fun to celebrating our love for each other by adding cute decor around the house.  Below you will find items that can double as decor and gifts, as well as lovely ways to create a themed valentine party.  If you want even more ideas, check the collections below for more inspiration!

Adorable Valentine’s Day Heart String Art Decoration

Heart string art

String art is one of my favorite decor ideas. It’s so easy to do and creates absolutely stunning looks.  This one is so simple and easy to make, you will adore it!  Hang it on a wall year round, or use it just for Valentine’s Day!

Source: DIY n Crafts

Glittery Valentine’s Day Paper Heart Wreath

Heart wreath

A few pieces of foam paper cut into hearts is the perfect base for this little wreath. It’s so pretty, easy to make, and looks great on a door, wall, or mantle.  You can even make multiples to create a large grouping on a wall.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Glittery Valentine’s Heart Flower Bouquet

Heart bouquet

What a fun way to make a little bouquet to use as a centerpiece or to place on a table.  These are easy to make and a fun addition to any Valentine’s Day decorations.  You will love just how easy it is to make!

Source: DIY n Crafts

Cute Burlap Heart Valentine’s Day Garland

Burlap garland

I love burlap!  It makes a great base for any garland or banner.  This one is perfect for Valentine’s Day and super easy to make.  String up on the mantle, a wall, entry way, or along the front of a buffet table.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Glittery Framed Hearts Valentine’s Day Decoration

Framed heart art

Sometimes the simplest items are the best for decorating. An old picture frame, some glitter paper, and glue are all you need to make this cute little framed art that is ideal for Valentine’s Day decorating.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Gorgeous Valentine Hanging Paper Hearts Mobile

Heart mobile

This is just too cute!  It’s the perfect choice for hanging from the ceiling.  You can hang this anywhere in your home, or add to a nursery as a fun baby mobile if preferred! Super cute and so easy to make!

Source: DIY n Crafts

Personalized Valentine’s Message In A Bottle Craft

Message in bottle

This little message in a bottle is absolutely adorable!  I love how cute this is as a gift, but it’s also ideal to use for a decoration.  Add to the Valentine’s Day table, on a mantle, or used as a centerpiece for a party.

Source: DIY n Crafts

Valentine No Sew Fabric Wreath

Fabric heart wreath

 What an absolutely gorgeous addition to your front door!  So pretty, super easy to make, and budget-friendly. It’s super fun to make with the kids too! A great addition to your door, mantle, or wall!

Source: Craft Create Cook

Tiered Valentine’s Day Tray Display

Valentine trays

This is such a fun idea and more and more popular.  Using a tiered tray or lazy Susan, people are stacking and creating a little bouquet and centerpiece filled with themed items. This Valentine’s Day stand is lovely and a perfect addition to a kitchen counter.

Source: Living on Cloud 9

Vintage Style Paper Hearts Garland

Paper rose and book hearts

This lovely garland combines hearts cut out of old book pages and floral paper for a lovely garland or addition to a mantle, Valentine tree, or even just on an entryway. So pretty and simple!

Source: Etsy

DIY Love Rope Sign On Reclaimed Wood

Love sign

I am in love with the simplicity that looks so gorgeous! It’s a perfect fast decor idea that can be customized with your favorite colors to fit your home decor.  Easy, affordable, and lovely, this is a great idea!

Source: This Worthey Life

Valentine’s Day Flower Pot Craft

Valentine flower pot

What a lovely little idea to make with kids!  So cute, super easy, and versatile.  You can use these for flowers or to hold anything from pens and pencils to utensils on your party buffet table.

Source: Our Wabi Sabi Life

DIY Dollar Store Heart Wreath

Rose heart wreath

This adorable little dollar store wreath is gorgeous.  I love the idea of using artificial roses to create the wreath.  Make with a single color as shown, or add a variety of red, white, pink, and silver colors for more style.

Source: South Lumina Style

Valentine’s Day Gnomes

Valentine gnomes

Of course, I have to add gnomes to the list.  It’s such a fun addition to any decoration and these themed ones are adorable.  So easy to customize and a perfect addition to a bookshelf or a mantle.

Source: Etsy

Simple Fabric Heart Garland

Fabric heart garland

A few red and pink themed pieces of fabric and simple stitches and you have a lovely vintage styled garland.  This is a great addition to any decor and is a wonderful beginner sewing project.

Source: My Sanity Project

Valentine Yarn Wrapped Trees

Yarn wrapped valentine trees

Trees aren’t just for Christmas.  This one is a great little craft that has that modern farmhouse rustic look you will love.  It’s a great easy craft that is budget-friendly and fits on mantles, tables, or bookshelves perfectly.

Source: Shaken Together Life

Valentine’s Day DIY Canvas Heart Art

Hearts on canvas

This is so fun!  What a great idea that is easy to make and super fun to customize.  With different options for creating hearts, the possibilities are limitless.  Plus, kids will love helping you make this!

Source: Design Improvised

DIY Heart Pom Pom’s

Heart pom poms

These are so cute! Perfect for hanging on a Valentine’s Day tree, adding to gifts, stringing along twine for a garland, and more!  Fun to make and versatile, these are sure to be a favorite.

Source: The House That Lars Built

Wooden Heart Blocks

Heart wood blocks

Oh how cute!  This is such an easy to make addition to your decor.  A few little wooden blocks painted with Valentine’s Day colors and a little heart on the front is easy to make.  These can go anywhere you want in your decor!

Source: Etsy

Valentine’s Tree Idea

Valentine's Day tree

You don’t have to have a tree just for Christmas!  This is such a cute idea for any holiday, and I love how pretty this one is.  A few garlands, and ornaments, and you suddenly have a lovely focal point just for the season of love.

Source: ReFabbed

DIY Pom Pom Heart Wreath

Pom pom heart wreath

Turn ordinary yarn pom poms into a lovely little wreath.  Such a cute idea that is multi-colored and perfect for hanging on your front door, wall, or mantle!

Source: Country Peony

Valentine’s Day Puzzle Piece Wreath

Puzzle piece heart wreath

This wreath is so cute! It’s a great way to upcycle that old puzzle that’s missing pieces.  Paint them red, white, and pink, add a colorful twine, and you have a gorgeous addition to your mantle, door, or wall.  I love this for kids to help create!

Source: The Soccer Mom Blog

Pom Pom Heart Door Hanger

Heart door knocker

This is such a fun idea!  I love how cute it is and I always forget about hanging things on the door.  It’s a perfect way to add a small little decoration to your door or even interior doors in your home.

Source: Lia Griffith

Valentine’s Day Heart Table Runner

Heart table runner

This is so pretty!  You’ll love this easy addition to your dining table.  You can add itbreath to any table, even end tables.  A great choice for updating your space simply in a fun way.

Source: A Night Owl

Simple Wooden Message Sign

Wooden love sign

An ordinary scrap piece of wood, stain, some lettering or paint, and you have a cute sign!  It easily hangs in the living room, kitchen, or outside your front door for a cute addition to your Valentine decorations.

Source: Etsy

Cupid’s Arrow Wall Hanging

Hanging heart decor

Of course I have to include something that pays homage to cupid!  This cute little wall hanging combines simple heart garlands and a little felt arrow to create a simple addition to any wall.  I love the use of different colors and how it can be made big or small!

Source: Charleston Crafted

Wooden Rustic Valentine’s Day Couple

Wooden valentine decor

This cute little rustic decoration is adorable and perfect for gifting or decorating.  A little scrap wood, some paint, and a bit of twine and you have a sweet addition to your Valentine’s Day decorations.

Source: Clumsy Crafter

Valentine’s Day Hoop Wreath

Rustic valentine wreath

What a cute farmhouse styled wreath!  You can add any message you want to the wood slices, and use different colors of flowers if preferred.  It’s a lovely addition for some modern farmhouse style to any home.

Source: Lydi Out Loud

Rustic Burlap Valentine’s Wreath

Burlap garland

Combine some plain burlap, red burlap, and rustic heart ribbon to create a fluffy burlap wreath for your front door.  A few wooden hearts along the front make it a great little addition to your season of love decorations!

Source: Nifty Thrifty DIYer

Valentine’s Day Felt Ball Garland

Felt ball garland

A few colorful felt balls strung onto a bright string or piece of twine creates a cute little addition to any mantle, sign, or entry.  It’s so cute and super fun to make. Especially kid-friendly too!

Source: The Turquoise Home

Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet

Roses in vase with candy

This simple idea for turning favorite candy into a little bouquet base is perfect for a last minute decoration. I love how easy this is to make and how cute it is on any table! It makes a great centerpiece for your table!

Source: Smart School House

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