30 Unique DIY Gift Ideas for Men for Any Occasion

Men are some of the hardest to shop for when it’s time to give gifts. That’s why I go for fun ideas on this list of DIY gifts for men instead! There are tons of great ways to create a perfect gift for your friends and family on this list. From fun ideas they can wear to keychains, hobby items, and even a homemade tie, you’ll surely find one or more items on this list that any man would love to find in his stocking this year.

DIY gifts for men collage

DIY Gift Ideas for Men

If you’ve ever worried about making sure the men in your life got great useful and fun gifts, then look no further. Sometimes it can be hard to come up with something new or unique to gift, and that’s okay. It’s not always about new but is always about what they will love. This list is sure to please, but if you are still left wondering what to make that fits in your budget, check out the other ideas listed below.


DIY Crochet Mittens


If you are handy with a crochet hook and yarn, then this mitten pattern is a great idea. I love how cute they are and that you can customize them with any color yarn and to fit larger hands of the men in your life.

Source: Crochet.Life

Sugar Maple Crochet Cowl

Man wearing cowl

Another fun handmade crochet idea is this little cowl. With the thick stitch and the toggles on the edging, it’s great for men and women. You can easily make this in a weekend in any color that your husband or son would wear.

Source: Crochet.Life

Winter Path Crochet Scarf

Man wearing scarf

This is so nice and easy to make. Thick, cozy, and long enough to wrap a few times, it’s a perfect choice to make for your husband, son, father, or friend. I like this slightly grey color but you can make it in any color or even with stripes of color if preferred.

Source: Crochet.Life

Handmade Paracord Keychain

This tutorial takes just a little more than one minute to follow and make. I love how easy these are and that every man I know has a few and loves them. These are definitely easy to make, affordable, and ideal for gifting.

DIY Snowflake Lotion Bars

Snowflake lotion bars

Men are notorious for having dry skin. Why not tuck a few of these homemade bars into their stocking? You don’t have to use this blend of oils for scent. Add any smell you prefer and enjoy soft smooth hands rather than rough and dry next time he reaches to hold your hand on the car ride.

Source: This Worthey Life

DIY Gumball Machine

Gumball machine

This is brilliant! I have seen this before and love the idea of updating an old gumball machine or creating one and gifting it to anyone on your list. Most men would love this idea and find a place in their home for it instantly!

Source: This Worthey Life

DIY Grill Master Apron

Grilling master apron

What a fun little idea! Grab an apron and update with this cute lettering to turn it into a perfect gift for the man who handles the grilling in your home. I’ve found these plain aprons at Hobby Lobby before for under $5!

Source: This Worthey Life

DIY Rustic Game Pouch

Buffalo plaid bag

This little hand made pouch is perfect for holding a few little games. I love the tutorial for a little miniature Tic-Tac-Toe idea. Super easy, cute, and rustic, it makes a great stocking stuffer for any man. It’s even better for teen boys!

Source: This Worthey Life

DIY String Art Monogram Sign

String art K

This unique style of art is super easy to make on your own. Create his initial or even one per initial for a monogram sign to go onto an office or bedroom wall. A very fun unique gift that you can also paint or stain the colors you prefer.

Source: Etsy

Homemade Hot Pepper Oil

Red pepper oil

If he likes spicy foods, then this flavored oil is going to be a favorite gift for sure! I love how easy this is and how affordable it is when making batches for multiple people. Definitely a great choice for any foodie.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

DIY Photo Playing Cards

Playing card stack

This idea is brilliant! I love the step by step tutorial here for turning ordinary playing cards into unique ones featuring special images. Super cool and totally original for the receiver, this is always a hit.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Hand Made Sunglasses Case

Pick any color or style of fabric to make a cute little pouch for glasses or sunglasses. This is ideal for keeping them handy in the car console and protecting from scratches. I love this idea especially for those men who wear prescription glasses or sunglasses and need to swap out styles regularly.

Bottle Cap Fishing Lures

Bottle cap fishing lure

What a cute idea! These are definitely unique and will be tons of fun to gift to the fisherman in your life. They don’t drink? Use bottle caps from soft drinks instead! This is a perfect choice for any man.

Source: 2 Little Hooligans

Natural Wood Coasters

Wood slice coasters

These are so easy to make and always a great gift idea. This process shows you the easy steps to properly seal the coasters for use and gives tips on how to keep them for years to come.

Source: Garden Therapy

Crochet Superhero Doll

Wolverine crochet doll

If you can crochet, then this little crochet doll is sure to be a hit! I love using these patterns for creating toys for the kids, but guys of all ages love superheroes. This one, in particular, is Wolverine, but there are tons of patterns out there to choose from.

Source: Etsy

DIY Insulated Beverage Koozies

Drink koozies

These little koozies are super easy to make and perfect for gifting. You can make these in tons of patterns and colors and they are ideal for any number of beverages. They are definitely unique and a great handmade project.

Source: Positively Splendid

DIY Catch All Wood Tray

Square tray with sunglasses

Every man needs a place to stash his keys, pocket change, and watch. This little tray is super easy to make and is a great choice for gifting. I love how simple it is to personalize.

Source: Sarah Hearts

DIY Chain Bracelet

Handmade jewelry isn’t often on a gift list for men, but this chain bracelet is a bit different than most. A great choice that is rugged, relatively easy to make, and fun, it’s sure to be a hit at any holiday gift exchange.

Homemade Coffee Scrub Soaps

Coffee soap scrub

This rich coffee smell is perfect for gifting to men. They are super easy to make and always favored by the coffee lover on your list. Make a large batch and tuck these into everyone’s stocking this year!

Source: Sunny Sweet Days

DIY Clothespin Coaster

Clothespin coaster

This little project is a great way for you or the kids to make something handmade for the men in your life. Any color of paint can be added, and I’ve even seen people use Mod Podge on these to place a colorful pattern on top.

Source: DIYnCrafts

Coffee Bean Rustic Coaster

Coffee bean coaster

A few coffee beans, glue, and rope create a lovely coaster that is ideal for the man in your life. A fun accent for a bachelor pad or great for a dad to place on his desk at work! Super easy to make and definitely budget-friendly.

Source: DIYnCrafts

Nail Polish Marbled Coffee Mug

Marbled coffe mug

This idea is super fun to make with the kids. I love how easy it is to make and that you can use any color combination you want on this project. Since no two are alike, it’s truly a unique idea for any man in your life.

Source: DIYnCrafts

DIY Scrabble Tile Cuff Links

Scrabble tile cuff links

This is a super cute idea for any man who regularly wears a dress shirt. Initials are easy to add to cuff link bars and customize for the man in your life. I like that this is both upcycling and handmade.

Source: Hello Wonderful

DIY Bottle Cap Personalized Friends Keychain

Bottle cap keychain

I love the TV show Friends and so does my husband. This cute little keychain would be a great choice for him. He’s always saying “How you doin?” with that goofy smile. This is a great choice for any TV fan. Super easy to customize with any phrase you prefer.

Source: Etsy

DIY Skinny Tie Sewing Tutorial

Man in tie

For the man who wears a tie, getting a truly unique one is nearly impossible. This sewing tutorial gives you all the guidance needed to make your own with any fabric you want! A great idea for any businessman on your list.

Source: Camille I Am

Upcycled Door Knob Paper Weight

Round paperweights

This idea is so cute! A great idea for a gift for any man who has an office desk that needs a bit of tidying. Customize with colors you prefer and make it a personalized gift that any man would love!

Source: Assemble a Well Craft Life

Homemade Beard Oil Recipe

Bread oil in bottles

For the bearded man in your life, this tutorial is perfect. A little beard oil is a great addition to any stocking at your holiday gathering. With this recipe, you can make a large batch and bottle it up for adding to every man’s stocking or gift bag this year.

Source: Everything Etsy

DIY Knife Block

Knife block

This little project is so pretty and easy to make. It’s a great choice for anyone who is a foodie or a home chef. It’s much easier than you imagine and never fails to be a stunning gift for everyone on your list. Male or female.

Source: Bigger Than the Three of Us

DIY Keepsake Box Tutorial

If you are handy with tools and woodworking, then this little keepsake box is a brilliant choice to make for the man on your list. I love that this is a detailed tutorial and has each step shown on video. You can stain or paint this any color you want and could even personalize with a monogram if desired.

DIY Gift Card in a Jar

Gift card in a jar

While this one is part homemade and partly purchased gift card, you can definitely customize this idea for any man. This tutorial is focused on a Father’s Day gift, but I love the idea for any holiday or event.

Source: Craft Create Cook

Moose Tracks Cookie Mix in a Jar

Cookie mix in jar

All of the men in my life are great cooks, but that isn’t always the case. This little mix takes away the mystery and lets you gift something tasty and fun to anyone that they can make at their convenience. This tutorial makes a fun little gift idea!

Source: Mommy Musings

Homemade Candy Cane Moonshine

Candy cane moonshine in jar

While I tend to avoid ready-to-eat or drink gifts typically, this one is a hit with everyone I know that enjoys a good moonshine. It’s fun to make, looks gorgeous in a mason jar, and is sure to please if the man in your life is a drinker.

Source: Mommy Musings

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