35+ Adorable DIY Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

If your budget is slim but you want to give your kids an amazing gift, then look no further than this great list of DIY gift ideas for kids. There are so many fun ways to give your kids a joyful holiday or birthday with gifts that are hand made. These ideas are so much better than the ones you buy in-store! Each one has a touch of love included.

DIY kids gifts collage

DIY Gift Ideas for Kids

The bonus of making homemade gifts is that you also have a chance to teach your children about the value of items. It’s not all about the expensive gifts and game systems. Instead, it’s about time spent together. If you need more ideas to fill out your gift list, check out some of our other favorites below!

Fashionable No Sew Handbag

Woman holding purse

Every little girl loves carrying a purse, but who wants to spend a ton to buy them? Certainly not me! That’s why this little felt no-sew bag is so cute. Easy to customize and perfect for their few little toys or pretend items, and you have a great gift idea!

Source: DIYnCrafts

DIY Upcycled T-Shirt Bag

Woman holding tshirt bag

Another fun idea is to upcycle some old t-shirts or a colorful blouse to create a little bag they can carry toys around in. These are super easy to make, and can be 100% free for you to make by just going through items in your closet!

Source: DIYnCrafts

Easy Upcycled Denim Pocket Bag

Blue jean purse

One more cute little idea here for you to make! This little pocket bag is made from your old worn-out blue jeans! This is super easy to make and is sure to be a hit with any kid that wants to carry a fun bag.

Source: DIYnCrafts.

Framed Blue Jean Pocket Organizer

Jean pocket organizer

Have more worn jeans to use up? Frame them and create a super cute little idea that is perfect for their bedroom. I love this idea for putting on their desk or art work station to hold pens, pencils, markers, or crayons.

Source: DIYnCrafts

Paper Super Hero Figures

Iron man paper figures

These little paper folding ideas are so brilliant! With a little template, you can easily make your own little Iron Man to give your action figure fan! You could even plan to make these with kids for a fun family project!

Source: Etsy

No-Sew Felt Hair Bow Idea

Pink bow on grass

These are super easy to make and so adorable! You can customize these with any combination of colors to make it fit your little one’s wardrobe. Even add beads, lace, or rhinestones onto this cute bow to make it sparkle!

Source: DIYnCrafts

DIY Homemade Pom Pom Rug

Pom pom rug

Adding something cute to their bedroom is always a good idea for a gift. This little pom pom rug is totally hand made and super soft. It takes a bit of time to put together but can easily make in a few hours at most.

Source: DIYnCrafts

Rolled Paper Unicorn Wreath

Unicorn wreath

If you have a child who loves unicorns, then this wreath is going to be a favorite gift! It takes some time to roll each flower to go on the wreath, but the result is a gorgeous wreath that easily fits into the unicorn decor of a bedroom.

Source: DIYnCrafts

Rainbow Paper Straw Desk Organizer

Rainbow container

A pop of color works great for a fun gift for any kid. This is ideal for boys and girls and can be filled with fun pens, markers, or pencils as a gift to go along with coloring books or canvases and an art setup for kids.

Source: DIYnCrafts

Upcycled Cardboard Box Storage Drawer

Cardboard storage drawer

Every little kid likes to have a keepsake box or a special place to hold their favorite items. This little DIY box is a good idea for that. You can use any color paper to cover this box and make it unique for the child who will be receiving it. Such a cute idea! You can even fill it with treasures if you want!

Source: DIYnCrafts

Pom Pom Cloud Wall Art

Pom pom cloud

I love pom poms, can you tell? This little DIY cloud is a super cute idea for decorating a bedroom. It’s ideal for younger kids but can add a fun look to any room. Especially if you paint the bedroom blue!

Source: DIYnCrafts

DIY Cardboard Car

This is so much fun to make and truly free! Kids love playing in boxes anyway, so why not make it purposeful by creating a cute little box car for them on purpose. A bit of paint can customize it in a few minutes time!

Winter Spun Crochet Mittens Pattern


While not always the fun gift they are looking for, these mittens are a great addition to any holiday stocking. Make these in no time and tuck them into a stocking or in the pockets of their coat for a fun gift.

Source: Crochet.Life

Hill Crest Crochet Hat Pattern

Girl in hat

Much like the mittens, this is a practical gift but still a great choice. This pattern has multiple sizes so ideal for any age of a child on your list. Plus you can easily make these in any color you want to fit a style your kids’ love.

Source: Crochet.Life

Felt Picture Books

Kids felt book

You can sew your own little picture books with just a few pieces of felt, fabric, and embroidery thread. This definitely takes more skill but is a great idea that you can customize for your child.

Source: Etsy

DIY Unicorn Planter

Unicorn planter

This cute little idea is so fun! Unicorns are all the rage these days for good reason. They are adorable! This is a fun way to add a plant to their bedroom and is ideal for succulents.

Source: Mommy Musings

DIY Unicorn Printable Bookmark

Unicorn bookmark

Going with the unicorn theme, this cute little bookmark is super easy to make and ideal for the book lover on your list. Make a few in different colors as a set to tuck into a box with a few new gifts!

Source: Mommy Musings

DIY Glitter Bath Bombs

Glitter bath bombs

Bath bombs are so easy to make and this little tutorial makes them easier than ever. These are perfect for tucking into stockings and ideal for a little DIY pampering gift set. So cute and so easy!

Source: Mommy Musings

Edible Playdough for Kids

Playdough and ice cream cone

While this one is something you want to make right before gifting, it’s always a hit with the kids. Playdough never fails to be a hit, and this one is perfectly safe if the kids happened to eat a bit of it along the way.

Source: Mommy Musings

Homemade Kids Teepee Tent


This little project does cost about $10 but it’s a homemade project that is adorable and kids will love. Of course, you may be able to make this with different supplies you have on hand, but the project here shows you how easy it is to assemble.

DIY Drum Set for Dolls

Doll drums

If your kids have the American Girl dolls or other dolls of that size, then this cute little DIY drum set is sure to be a hit. So easy to make and practically free, these are ideal for keeping kids busy.

Source: Craft Create Cook

American Girl No Sew Mitten and Headbands

American Girl headband

This is so cute and easy to make. A great addition to a gift including homemade outfits and toys for the American Girl doll. The best part is you can make this for just $1 or less!

Source: Craft Create Cook

American Girl Doll Pretend Food

Doll food

All dolls have to have some pretend food too! This little tutorial for making teeny tiny little food is so much fun! These are a great addition to the playset for your kid’s dolls.

Source: Craft Create Cook

American Girl No Sew Sleeping Bag

American Girl sleeping bag

A little fleece sleeping bag is just what your kid’s dolls need to complete your kit of fun homemade items for them to add to their play time. You can even make a tiny little pillow that matches!

Source: Craft Create Cook

DIY Super Hero Capes

Capes on fence

Every kid likes some pretend play, so why not make some homemade superhero capes? This is so cute and super easy for anyone to make. You can do this with patches and glue or no-sew bonding tape. Or, you can hand sew if handy with that craft.

Source: Etsy

DIY Tinted Lip Gloss

Lip gloss

If your little girl likes to pretend with makeup, then this homemade little tinted gloss is surely going to be a great idea. Make this in various shades and tuck it into one of those DIY purses above for a super fun gift!

Source: Craft Create Cook

No Sew Finger Puppets

Finger puppets

Puppets are one of my favorites pretend play items. These little ones are super easy to make, adorable, and ideal for little kids to use their imagination. They are so easy to whip up and can be made for just a dollar or two.

Source: Craft Create Cook

DIY Sock Doll Idea

A homemade doll is such a cute idea! I love using socks for this idea and make each one unique. You can even gift a whole family of dolls with how easy these are to make.

DIY Felt Donuts

Felt donuts on table

This little donut idea is super cute! They are absolutely adorable, tons of fun for pretend play, and practically free to make. You can definitely make these using those single socks that have no mates!

Source: Craft Create Cook

Easy Sock Caterpillars

Sock caterpillar

If your little ones are into insects and critters, then colorful fun little sock caterpillars are sure to be loved. These are super easy to make, adorable, and most of all, affordable!

Source: Craft Create Cook

DIY LEGO Journal

Lego journal

This is ideal for the LEGO lovers on your list. A few scrap pieces and a little notebook turn into a cute way to take notes, play in the car, or just have a totally unique book to write stores in!

Source: Craft Create Cook

Hand Made No Sew Doll Clothes

If you have fans of Barbie dolls or similar, these cute little clothing ideas are super easy to make and perfect for gifting. These outfits are also super cheap to make so you can make a ton of them for little to no out of pocket costs!

DIY Mermaid Tail Crayons

Mermaid crayons

These are just so cute! I do love mermaids and so do many kids. This sparkle and are beautiful but also ideal for coloring. Any little kid would love to see this in their stocking for Christmas.

Source: Craft Create Cook

Doll Pin Mermaid

Mermaid pin doll

These are so cute! If they want to pretend play, then this little mermaid idea is absolutely adorable. You’ll love how cute this is and how easy they are to make. Especially that they can be customized with different hair colors!

Source: Craft Create Cook

DIY Yard Dice Lawn Game

Yard dice

This is so much fun to make! It’s a great idea for kids to play outside, but it can work inside in a large room. I love how cute it is, and kids will adore this when they open the present!

Source: Craft Create Cook

Felt Bonfire S’Mores Kit for Kids

Felt fire

This is so much fun! A little kit with a pretend fire, logs, and of course, the supplies for S’mores! It’s ideal for kids who always want to pretend to cook.

Source: Etsy

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