7 Moves to drive Him crazy on Valentine’s Day

It’s often said that men are easy to please. This is true up to a point, but if you can take him to the next level sexually, he’ll only have eyes for you. It takes a little bravado, but these secrets of the bedroom from call girls Greece will kick your sex life into overdrive. Some of these might seem off-putting, or even terrifying. When you try them, your man needs to understand that you’d be getting out of your comfort zone, so take things very slowly. Remember, you’re going out on a limb for his pleasure, so he owes you the courtesy of keeping you feeling as comfortable as possible.

Also, being giving in the bedroom is a two-way street. You should only do these things with a guy who reciprocates, and who will do anything to please you too. If your man doesn’t even consider reciprocating, then you don’t owe him anything from this list. Actually, if he’s not a giving lover, you should probably find someone else. But assuming he is unselfish in the bedroom, then you should suck it up and try to tick as many items off this list as you can. He’ll be like putty in your hands afterward.


Getting tied up instantly boosts the sexual energy because it brings in the element of vulnerability. When you’re bound, you’re completely at the mercy of your partner’s urges, which is exciting. Plus, you can focus entirely on being pleasured since you’re not able to reciprocate.

Naughty move: Lie on the bed with your hands tied together, and let him devour you. Have him start with a tease by holding his first and second fingers in a V, placing them on either side of your clitoris, and massaging in a scissoring motion. Then he can use side-to-side motions with his tongue to get you really worked up. A lot of guys go up and down, but that makes for more pressure on such a sensitive spot, which can be too intense. Side to side feels more relaxing and arousing.

Give Him a Show

Much of arousal is driven by what we see. Especially for guys. Many men love watching a woman get turned on. It lets them know what gets her going and makes them feel like they’re doing something illicit by just sitting back and enjoying the show. And it’s great for women too. Seeing how a guy reacts to watching you pumps up your desire.

Naughty move: On a night your guy is coming over to hang out, masturbate alone just before you’re going to see him, but don’t let yourself climax. To bring yourself right to the edge without going over, close your eyes and imagine your guy’s lips taking the place of your hand. Squeeze your  muscles for a count of five as you massage your clitoris, then stop moving. Stay naked until he shows up, and let him see the flush that naturally spreads over your body as you near orgasm. Then describe for him what you’ve been up to. He’ll put together an irresistible mental image of you self-pleasuring that will build his desire so that when you have sex, it’ll be an incredible release for you both.

Sneak Attack

Ambushing your guy turns you into a total sex vixen who can’t get enough and makes him feel extremely wanted. When you’re not expecting something, your senses are heightened, making it easier to enjoy every touch during a hookup.

Naughty move: Guys expect morning sex before they get out of bed, so he’ll be totally shocked if you jump him when he gets out of the shower. Slip into the bathroom, and position yourself naked on the sink so he’s surprised by the stunning scenery when he pulls aside the curtain. Then have him stand in front of you so you can wrap your legs around him.

New Positions

Nothing screams naughty like providing a view and finding new angles neither of you is used to. One tip: Do it in various parts of your house, because it’ll force you to accommodate your positions to the different obstacles.

Naughty move: Take the action to the couch. Have him stand up and enter you from behind as you kneel on the cushions. There’s something hot about standing-up sex, and doing it in a semi public room makes it feel taboo. Hell, you’re doing it where your parents and friends will be sitting. You can deepen the penetration by lifting one leg so that your foot is flat on the seat of the couch and you’re leaning back against his chest.

Even naughtier move: Stay true to the purpose of a couch: Tell him to sit back and enjoy the show. Only this time, it’s not the TV he’ll be viewing… it’s you. With him in a seated position, straddle him, then place his hands on your hips to keep you secure, and lean all the way back so that your head is down by his feet. You can put your hands on the floor for extra support, then rest your feet on the back of the couch. Your body will be completely exposed to him, giving him an incredible ‘Oh, my God’ erotic view as he moves in and out.

Role Play

When you pretend you’re someone else, you completely change the rules. For one, you both naturally become much more daring as you act. Also, you have to be creative to play the part, and that means coming up with all sorts of naughty things your character might be into. With role-play, you can more easily move outside your comfort zone and enjoy extreme sensations and positions you wouldn’t normally try together.

Naughty move: Pretend you and your guy are complete strangers. Set up a time for both of you to be at the same bar, and play out the scenario like you’re meeting for the first time. Before you approach him, flirt with a few guys (totally innocently). Then make your way over to him, and introduce yourself as whomever you want to be—like Annette, the sexy exec on a business trip. Let others overhear your conversation, since some of the fun is performing for an audience. After a bit of small talk, tell him you want him to come home with you or vice versa, and stay in character all night long.

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