Adorable DIY Diaper Cake Butterfly Baby Gift Tutorial

There are many craft projects that look more difficult than they really are, and this DIY butterfly diaper project is one of those. Although it looks complicated, this project can be completed in less than an hour from start to finish, and you do not need any sewing skills to complete it! A few diapers, some random craft supplies, and a bit of time then you will have a perfect diaper cake gift!

Butterfly diaper cake sitting on wood table by wood wall

DIY Diaper Cake Butterfly

Whether it is a baby shower or just a fun idea for a new parent gift, the diaper cake is a standard. Rather than the stacked-tiered cake, we have created tons of unique ideas that add whimsical items to the gift while keeping that diaper base.

If you want more inspiration after you make this butterfly option, check out the owl diaper cake, tricycle diaper cake, royal diaper cake castle, or even this fun diaper cake bassinet idea!

Purple butterfly made of diapers in front of its a girl chalkboard message

Why Diaper Cakes Make a Great Gift Idea

Diapers are expensive and there is no better gift than a handmade one. They make great baby shower gifts, especially if you know the sex of the child ahead of time, first birthday presents, and even adoption gifts. Since they are both fun to look at and functional once taken apart, they are always welcomed by parents.

You can make them in theme or nursery colors, fill them with fun baby gifts and goodies for the child to open when they are a little older, or just give it as-is if you want. It’s a great decoration for a baby shower or a baby nursery decoration.

Purple butterfly made from diapers on table

Fun Diaper Cake Variations

Butterflies are such happy, colorful creatures and there’s no limit to the different kinds you can make. Here are a few ideas to customize and make your baby gift unique.

  • Use baby bodysuits or t-shirts instead of diapers. If you use baby clothes, you’ll want to use removable glue dots instead of hot glue so you don’t damage the outfits.
  • Make rainbow-colored butterfly wings by purchasing and dyeing cloth diapers instead of using Pampers or Huggies disposable diapers.
  • Add flowers to your butterfly diaper. Use tulle, ribbon, or any other fabric you like and attach it to the wings.
  • Use four baby blankets (two thin, two thick) instead of diapers for an extra fluffy, oh-so-soft version of this butterfly baby gift.
  • Instead of a butterfly body made of a diaper, attach a cute stuffed animal with a ribbon for a cute touch.

Diaper butterfly in purple and yellow in front of blue wall with clouds

How Should I Wrap a Diaper Cake?

The best part about diaper cakes is that they really don’t need to be wrapped. They are so unique and decorated already, they are a perfect gift without the fancy wrapping paper.

If you want to make it a surprise, you can easily tuck this into an extra-large gift bag with some tissue paper over the top. Another great idea to keep the gift clean until they are ready to use it is to put it inside a large cellophane bag or wrap and tie clear cellophane around it and tie with a coordinating ribbon.

Purple body of diaper cake butterfly

Supplies Needed

Diapers purple paper scissors and ribbon on green table

How to Make Diaper Butterfly Wings

Line up four diapers so they are facing the same way and overlap each other about halfway.

Roll the diapers up until they look like a toilet paper roll, then secure them with a rubber band.

Hand rolling stacked diapers

Repeat to make a second bottom section of the butterfly wing.

Follow steps again with six diapers to make larger rolls for the bottom of the wings. Repeat so there are 2 larger rounds of diapers.

Stand the diaper rolls up on their side with the two larger ones next to each other, then the smaller ones beneath them.

4 rolls of diapers stacked by each other

Cut 4 lengths of purple wrapping paper approximately 4″ wide and long enough to wrap around the 4 diaper rounds. Two shorter and two longer.

Cutting strips of purple paper

Use a length of the purple paper to wrap around the rubber bands on the center of each diaper roll. Attach with dots of glue and trim any excess paper from the ends.

Wrapping rolled diaper in purple paper

Place the diaper rolls on their ends so the larger rolls are below the smaller, then attach with hot glue.

Four rolls of diapers wrapped in purple next to each other

Wrap the rhinestone or other decorative ribbon around each wing section, trimming to size and gluing it to the wider ribbon.

Gluing beaded ribbon around the outside of the butterfly diaper cake body

How to Assemble Butterfly Diaper Cake

Roll a single diaper and secure it with a rubber band.

Place the diaper onto purple wrapping paper and roll to cover it completely, then adhere the edge with glue creating a purple tube.

Rolling a diaper into purple paper

Wrap a length of thin yellow ribbon around the top of the purple tube. Move about 3″ down on the tube, then continue wrapping the ribbon approximately 1″ apart until the bottom, securing with glue.

Glue two rhinestones or buttons in the 3″ opening between the ribbon on the body to create eyes.

Gluing button eyes onto purple tube with yellow stripes

Bend floral wire into a “V” shape to create butterfly antennae.

Twist the wire to form a sturdy base, making each antenna curve away from the center.

Glue pom-poms to the end of each side of the wire antennae.

Gluing pink pom pom onto end of floral wire

Attach the antenna inside the butterfly body and glue it into place, being careful to only add glue to the paper and not the diaper inside.

Gluing antennae onto top of butterfly body

Wrap the sheer ribbon around the middle of the body of the butterfly and tie it into a bow and trim the ends.

Hands tying sheer white ribbon around middle of butterfly body

Combine the thin yellow and purple ribbon together and form a small bow.

Glue the bow into the center of the sheer ribbon bow.

Hand gluing purple and yellow bow on front of butterfly body

Display as decor or wrap in clear cellophane to gift to the new parents.

Woman in jeans holding diaper cake butterfly

More Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The ideas of how to make a special newborn gift are really endless. Whether you want another diaper cake idea or to create a gift that will last longer for the new baby or parent, below are some of our other popular ideas. Make sure you bookmark, pin, or print these to use for your next baby shower!

Yield: 1

Woman in sweater holding butterfly diaper cake

Follow an easy tutorial to create your own beautiful DIY diaper cake butterfly that makes an adorable $10 baby shower gift!

Active Time
30 minutes

Total Time
30 minutes


Estimated Cost


The colors used can be swapped for any baby shower theme or gender.

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This can be made with onesies or blankets instead of diapers is preferred!

Red and white polka dot wall behind purple butterfly diaper cake

I love that you can use truly any color paper and ribbons to customize your butterfly.

Diaper butterfly with purple body and yellow accents

This can even be used as nursery decor long term!

Purple diapers made into a butterfly in front of chalkboard

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