Adorable Easter Bunny Wreath With Video Tutorial

I love switching out my door wreaths for seasons and holidays. This Easter bunny wreath is absolutely precious and super easy to make. Not only is it Easter themed, but it appeals to my love of all things rustic. The added burlap wrap gives it a farmhouse appeal that is popular right now, but also a personal favorite. Grab your crafting supplies and make this great wreath to add to your decor.

Burlap wrapped wreath with bunny

Easter Bunny Wreath

Any craft that is simple but still turns out adorable is going to be a hit for me. I especially like ones that are pretty, but easy enough for me to make with the kids. This one is definitely all of the above. You only need a few supplies, and since it is supposed to be rustic and cute, there is no perfect template required. You can easily make this your own with a few changes.

Easter bunny wreath hanging in front of plant

I am also really in love with the idea of adding this cute pastel rainbow rag wreath or this bunny-shaped Easter wreath to my decor. Both are so pretty and fit well with this more rustic style. Of course, there are tons more ideas on this list of creative Easter wreaths. So many places to get inspiration.

What is the Best Wreath Form to Use?

For this, I chose a styrofoam wreath form. I found them at my local Dollar Tree for only $1 each, so keep them on hand all the time. If you prefer, you can use wire or rustic twig wreath for this, but you will want to add more fabric to fill in the gaps. I do, however, really like the idea of using a rustic twig wreath and skip the burlap. Use whatever you prefer, and have fun with making this bunny into a fun wreath for Easter.

Easter bunny burlap wreath in front of white background

I love making wreaths that are inexpensive. In fact, I made this adorable DIY Easter wreath from sticky notes a few years ago which is still one of my favorites. You can truly get creative and use almost anything to decorate with, and that proves it!

Can I Wrap This with Fabric Instead?

If you have some pretty springtime pattern or solid pastel-colored fabric on hand, feel free to use it instead of the burlap ribbon. In fact, you could also use any other color ribbon you wanted. Burlap adds to the rustic feel of the wreath, but it isn’t necessary for making this cute.

I love the idea of using some patterned Easter egg fabric, or a nice pink or purple ribbon instead of the burlap. Either option would look especially nice with the rustic rope or jute you wrap around the top to hang the wreath. You could even make them in a few different colors to go on every door of your house. Get creative with them, and add embellishments like tiny eggs, little birds, ladybugs, and flowers around the wreath. There are just no limits to how you can personalize this wreath.

Easter bunny wreath on hay with eggs

If you want another simple and rustic idea, check out this beautiful floral wreath. So simple but truly gorgeous. For those who want a little more pop of color, you can use this printable template to make a paper flower wreath or this other folded paper wreath. So many great ideas that really fit into Easter decor.

Supplies Needed

Supplies for Easter bunny wreath

How to Make a Rustic Easter Bunny Wreath

Start by wrapping your foam wreath with burlap ribbon starting by gluing one end in place, then wrapping and gluing as you move around the wreath.

Wrapping wreath form with burlap ribbon

Keep the ribbon loosely overlapping but covering all of the white foam.

Wrapping wreath with burlap ribbon

Once the burlap ribbon is in place, you will use the rustic rope to wrap around where the burlap is glued in place. Wrap 5-6 times and glue in place with a loop tied or glued at the top for hanging.

Wrapping wreath with rustic rope

Now, you will cut out of the white and pink paper, 2 white ears, 2 slightly smaller pink ears, 1 pink circle nose, 2 white top feet, 2 larger white bottom feet, and 2 small pink circles to go on the white feet.

Easter ears and feet

Assemble the ears and feet with pink pieces glued onto white as needed.

Making easter bunny ears

Now, you will add the googly eyes and nose to the styrofoam ball.

Making easter bunny face

Glue the ears in place on the styrofoam ball.

Adding ears to styrofoam bunny

Draw on the smile and whiskers with a black marker.

Adding smile to easter bunny head

Glue the bottom of the bunny head in place on the inside of the wreath, on the bottom opposite of the rope hanger.

Gluing bunny head to wreath

Once the head is glued in place, you will add on the front paws just under the head, and the bottom paws facing up from the bottom of the wreath.

Adding feet and hands to burlap bunny wreath

Tie a small bow with the satin ribbon, and glue in place between the bunny ears.

Gluing ribbon on bunny

Now you can hang your bunny wreath on your door!

Easter bunny wreath in front of chalkboard

Crafter’s Tip:

If you plan to make a lot of wreaths, check out the various options for wreath forms from Dollar Tree. They have a lot more products in their craft section lately, and many are full-sized items like wreath forms.

Yield: 1

Adorable Easter Bunny Wreath With Video Tutorial

This adorable Easter bunny wreath is a great rustic addition to your Easter decor this year. All you need are a few simple craft supplies and you can make this wreath in 15 minutes or less!

Active Time 15 minutes

Total Time 15 minutes

Difficulty Medium

Estimated Cost $5


  1. Wrap the burlap ribbon around the wreath form and glue in place; Wrapping wreath with burlap ribbon
  2. Now, wrap the rustic rope 4-5 times around the top of the wreath covering where the burlap ribbon ends and glue into place leaving a loop for hanging; Wrapping wreath with rustic rope
  3. Cut out 2 white ears, 2 slightly smaller pink ears, 1 pink circle nose, 2 white feet, 2 slightly larger white feet, and 2 small pink ovals; Easter ears and feet
  4. Glue the ears and feet together with pink in the center as shown; Making easter bunny ears
  5. Next, you will glue the googly eyes and nose to the styrofoam ball; Making easter bunny face
  6. Add the ears to the top of the styrofoam ball; Adding ears to styrofoam bunny
  7. Draw on the smile and whiskers below the pink nose; Adding smile to easter bunny head
  8. Now you will glue the head to the bottom inside of the wreath; Gluing bunny head to wreath
  9. Once the head is secure, you will add the two solid white feet just below the head, and the two larger feet with ink middles at angles to the side on the bottom;Adding feet and hands to burlap bunny wreath
  10. Now you will tie a small bow with ribbon, and glue it between the ears on top of the bunny head;Gluing ribbon on bunny
  11. Your wreath is ready to hang on your door!Easter bunny wreath hanging in front of plant


Feel free to add embellishments around the wreath with flowers, birds, ladybugs, and similar.

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