Adorable Owl Diaper Cake Baby Shower Gift Idea

Owls are such a fun character to add to every part of your decor and crafting.  Since I love them so much, I knew I needed to add another one to my list of projects, and this owl diaper cake came to be!  This is surprisingly easy to make and will become the star of future baby showers and gift tables.  Parents will love that they can use the items in the cake and you’ll love being able to provide an easy and fun gift that is also useful!

Owl diaper cake on green table

Owl Diaper Cake

I love diaper cakes, and as you probably already know, I make them in all different ways. These diaper cakes are so much more than the ones that first came out looking like a 3 tier cake. Over the years, I’ve learned to really make them something new and unique, and this one is one of my favorites.  

In the past, I have made basic ones like this Minnie Mouse diaper cake wreath or this adorable little diaper cake boat.  Those are simple compared to some like my royal diaper cake castle, but the point is, there is so much more than just a three-tiered cake you can make from diapers!

Owl diaper cake laying on striped bedding

How do You Wrap a Diaper Cake for Gifting?

There are a few ways to wrap this adorable diaper cake for gifting. Sometimes I like to give it exactly as it is but sometimes you want to surprise at just how cute this is when it is pulled out of the bag.  Below are a few ideas that have worked well for me in the past. 

  • Use a large gift bag to simply place the diaper cake inside.  Top with tissue paper and a card. 
  • Wrap in cellophane and tie at the top with a ribbon and bow. 
  • Place inside a larger box and surround with balloons in the gender color so when they open the box the balloons pop out and the diaper cake is inside. 
  • Wrap with a large baby blanket, baby sheet, or similar item that will also be used by the new parents. 
  • For smaller ones like this, place inside a large gift basket and surround with other baby items then wrap in cellophane or tissue paper. 

Woman holding diaper cake owl

What Gifts Can I Add to a Diaper Cake?

While this owl is a bit harder to decorate with gifts than others have been that I made, you can typically add other items into the folds between the diapers  In this case, I used a bib but you could also add things like a baby hat, sweater, or blanket around the owl. 

If you want to put this into a gift basket with other items, you can add more baby items around it like baby shampoo, booties, socks, gloves, hats, receiving blankets, pacifiers, bottles, and even more diapers. 

You could wrap another whole pack of diapers in a coordinating piece of paper and attach the owl to the top.  Alternately, you could wrap the diapers in brown or green paper and draw on it to make it look like a tree or grass. 

Of course, one of my favorite things to share alongside this particular diaper cake is books!  Books are always a hit with new parents, but they especially work with owls.  Ever since reading the Winnie the Pooh books as a child, I always look to owls as the wise book reading creature of the woods. 

Owl diaper cake on table

Supplies Needed

Supplies for an owl diaper cake

How to Make an Owl Diaper Cake

Using a plate or bowl that is the size you want the base of your owl as a guide, you will begin by rolling the first diaper then wrapping the others around it until you are happy with the size.  I used a frying pan as a guide that was around 12″ wide. 

Diaper roll in frying pan

Once you are happy with the size of the base, use rubber bands around the middle to secure this, then set aside. 

Diapers stacked together

Stack 4 diapers together so each one is overlapping the other halfway and then roll from one end to the other to create one large roll.  

Diapers stacked on top of each other

Secure this roll with rubber bands and repeat identically for a second roll.  These will become the owl eyes. 

Rolling diapers

Two rolls of diapers

Cut a square of tissue paper. 

Cutting tissue paper

Fold the paper in half horizontally. 

Next, fold the paper over into a triangle point, and then fold each side in again. 

Secure with a rubber band about 3/4 the way to the bottom so the point is on top. 

Making the owl beak

On a flat surface, place the larger roll of diapers closest to you, and the two smaller rolls on top of it above to create a body with eyes. 

Stick the tissue paper you just folded in between the two rolls and the bottom roll with the pointed end facing out to create a beak for the owl. 

Place the bib over the top front of the larger roll of diapers so it is up against the “neck” of the owl. 

Wrap a length of polka dot ribbon around the entire owl and tie at the bottom to secure.  This will hold the owl shape together. 

Wrapping ribbon around owl

Trimming ribbon

Glue the head of a flower only onto the ends of two Q-tips.

Gluing flowers on qtips

Stick those in the very center of each of the two smaller rolls to create eyes. 

Placing eyes into the owl

Fold a 3′ long square of tissue paper into a length the width of the diapers so you have a long 4-6″ wide strip of layered tissue paper. 

Folding tissue paper

Wrap this around the top of the owl over the two top rolls. 

Wrapping tissue paper around owl

Fold the sides and staple into points so you create little ears on either side of the eyes. 

Stapling tissue paper

Secure this to the top of the owl with rubber bands around the center. 

Owl diaper cake on green table

Add any additional decorations or embellishments desired then wrap or decorate as desired. 

Woman holding diaper cake owl

More Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you are attending or hosting a baby shower, you may want more ideas for gifting.  Even in the crazy COVID-19 crisis in 2020, we have had time for sharing with our friends to help celebrate the birth of a new addition.  Below are a few more of my favorite baby shower gift ideas that you will love being able to share with your friends and family. 

Crafting Tip

When making diaper cakes, I like to work with a variety of sizes of diapers.  Usually, I will create the diaper out of a larger size diaper so the parents can use it as a nursery decoration if they wish.  If you are on a budget and want this to be the main expense but want to add to the gift with other baby items, check out the collection of bibs, bottles, and other items on Dollar Tree online just for babies.  There are tons of cute items there to fit your budget. 

Yield: 1

Woman holding owl diaper cake

Turn an ordinary pack of diapers into this amazing gift! An owl diaper cake is a cute and easy baby shower gift anyone can make!

Active Time
25 minutes

Total Time
25 minutes



Add any color tissue paper or bib to match the baby shower decor.

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Finished Project Gallery

Use different colors of tissue paper to distinguish gender or to be neutral if preferred. 

Diaper cake owl on white surface

Add a base to the owl if needed so it will stand up on the table as part of the decor. 

Owl diaper cake on table

Use socks or bows for the eyes and even for the ears! 

Owl diaper cake on table

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