Adorable Paper Bunny Easter Craft – Free Printable

If you are looking for a cute craft that doesn’t involve a lot of painting or drawing, then you will love this absolutely adorable paper bunny Easter craft. This printable bunny is a great choice for making a 3D bunny to decorate your home. I love that this can be used in multiple ways. My kids love helping cut this out, and of course, it looks great when added to your home!

Paper Easter bunny craft collage

Paper Bunny Easter Craft

Sometimes, I just want to make a super fast craft for decorating around a holiday. Instead of pulling out paints and stencils, I like to print something and use it for creating a new craft that requires minimal work. This super cute idea can be ready in just a few minutes! Since it’s a sizable bunny, it’s great for decorating both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Paper Easter bunny on blue background

For more adorable bunny ideas, make sure you check out this big list of Easter decorations. I’ve also shared a great list of Easter wreaths and Easter centerpieces that are perfect for adding to your Easter decor!

Paper Easter bunny outside in garden

What Stick Should I Put This On?

For this bunny, I like to use a simple wooden dowel. You can sometimes find these in the craft department, but I typically buy them at my local hardware store. In fact, the small ones like this are usually 2 for $1 at our small local hardware store. Shop around for them and usually they are under $1 for the smallest size.

If you want to make this and don’t have any on hand, you can really add this to any stick. Even one you’ve grabbed out of your yard can work if you trim it down to size and remove any extra branches.

Easter bunny stuck inside plant in front of wall

Do I Need Special Paper for Printing My Bunny?

You don’t need any special paper for this craft. I like the idea of using card stock so it stands up a bit straighter and lasts longer, but the oy of this craft is it is so easy you can make it with any craft paper, construction paper, or even just a simple piece of copy paper.

If you want to add a bit more variety to your Easter bunny, you can even use various patterns of scrapbook paper. The idea is the same but will have a little unique background. A perfect way to add something unique to your decor that is truly personalized.

Paper bunny on a stick in front of chalkboard

When you are done making this, head over and check out this tutorial for how to turn a party ball into an Easter bunny. While you are making it, then you can put the kids to work making these plastic spoon Easter bunnies.

Paper Easter bunny on pink surface

Supplies Needed

Supplies for making a paper bunny

How to Make a Paper Bunny Easter Craft

Start by printing the bunny body HERE. Then, you will cut out the head shape and set aside.

Cutting out the bunny head

Now, you will cut out the bunny body.

Cutting out the bunny egg body

Once the body has been cut out, you will fold it according style.

Folding the bunny body

Use your hole punch to punch through the accordion folded body as shown.

Hole punching the bunny body

Next, you will weave your dowel rod through the holes you just punched, going back and forth as shown. Once it is on the stick, glue or tape the top in place.

Threading the dowel through the bunny body

Now, you will glue your bunny head onto the top of the dowel rod.

Gluing bunny head to egg body

Use the twine to make a small bow, and glue it in place just below the head of the bunny.

Gluing the twine bow to the buny

Now, you can add a small bow or flower embellishment to one of the bunny ears.

Gluing a flower to the bunny ear

Stick this bunny into your potted plant or garden!

Paper Easter bunny inside flower pot

Crafter’s Tip

If you feel like this bunny is just a little too plain, feel free to add your own unique spin. I love the idea of using some of my rainbow glitter from Today Glitter and adding it around the bunny ears and edges of the body. You could also print this in different colors of paper, or make your bow out of an Easter themed ribbon.

This DIY pom pom Easter bunny wreath is another great decoration to add to your craft list for Easter. I love that it can be made with different colors of yarn if you want. Of course, this absolutely precious flower pot Easter bunny is definitely the best on the list. So cute and fun for kids to create.

Yield: 1

Adorable Paper Bunny Easter Craft - Free Printable

Make this adorable paper Easter bunny using our printable to add to your Easter decor this year!

Active Time 5 minutes

Total Time 5 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1


You can print the bunny on any color paper you prefer to make this more unique.

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