Adorable Wine Glass Bunny Decoration (Video Tutorial)

I am in love with how adorable this wine glass bunny decoration turned out! Literally, one of the fastest and easiest crafts I have ever made, this is one that will become a favorite for you. It is super easy, cute, and easy for kids to help you make. Plus, it can be used in various ways for Easter, which makes it a hit for every crafter.

Wine glass bunny collage

Wine Glass Bunny Decoration

Wine glasses aren’t just for drinking your favorite pinot at dinner. I happen to prefer crafting with them instead of using them for wine! This is just one of many of my favorite wine glass creations, and probably one of the easiest. I wanted a simple addition to a centerpiece at Easter, and this came to me when I remembered how much I loved the way my wine glass chicks and wine glass candle holders have turned out in the past.

Even though this works with glass, I still find it to be one of the easiest kids crafts on my list this year. With the right precautions, you can easily make this safe for your kids to help you create. Just make sure they are careful and watch them as they work so nothing gets broken.

Easter bunny wine glass in front of colorful background

Where Can I Find Inexpensive Wine Glasses?

In the past, I have ordered glasses online from places like Dollar Tree. Otherwise, I recommend checking out your local thrift shops, eBay, or even good sales at housewares stores.

Of course, I’ve been known to ask family members to send over anything like this when they decide to downsize or clean out cabinets. Many times you’ll find that others have sets where a few glasses have been broken, so when they buy a new set, they are willing to part with the leftovers from an old set. It never hurts to ask!

Wine glass bunny on yellow mat

You can also use this for a candle holder as shown. I love this rustic wine glass candle holder also. So cute!

How do You Paint Glass?

For making this wine glass into a bunny, I did what I find to be the easiest, and yes, a bit lazy approach. I used spray paint!

If you don’t want or don’t like using spray paint, you can use a sponge paintbrush with some craft paint and brush along the inside of your wine glass. Let it dry, then paint on the face as directed.

You can really use any kind of paint you want for this. The only kind that wouldn’t be advisable is the watercolor style paints. Otherwise, it’s a super easy craft to paint.

Wine glass bunny by easter decorations

How to Store Wine Glass Decor Between Holidays

One question I get on my wine glass crafts is how to store them between the holidays. Breaking glass in totes is one of the biggest fears and frustrations. I totally understand that, so have some easy ways you can keep your wine glass decor safe, and convenient for the next season.

  • Save boxes that the glass comes in, and simply slip them back into the dividers like they were when you purchased them.
  • Wrap them in bubble wrap and only store in boxes you’ve marked well showing they are fragile.
  • Add a wine glass rack in your home decor storage area of the basement or attic, and hang them there. If doing this, you may want to cover each one in a piece of plastic wrap, or even slip through an old grocery bag to keep them clean and safe from dust year to year.

Wine glass bunny in front of potted plant

Use your leftover wine glasses for that glass of wine after you make this craft. You can even make this cute wooden wine glass holder bath tray to make it easy to relax after a long day of crafting.

Supplies Needed

Wine glass bunny supplies

How to Make a Wine Glass Bunny Decoration

Start by spraying the inside of the wine glass with white spray paint.

Spray painting the inside of a wine glass

Add black eyes.

Adding eyes to bunny

Then a nose.

Adding nose to bunny

Then whiskers and a mouth using paint pens and set this glass aside to dry.

Adding mouth to bunny

Now, while the glass is drying, you will cut out 2 ears from the burlap.

Cutting ears out of burlap

Then cut 2 years from the fabric, slightly smaller than the burlap ears.

Cutting ears out of fabric

Glue the fabric onto the burlap.

Gluing ears together

Now you will glue the ears on top of the dome of the glass by the stem.

Gluing ears on glass

Lastly, add a small ribbon bow between the ears.

Adding bow to bunny glass

Now, you can display your wine glass bunny!

Glass bunny in front of pastel background

If you still need more Easter craft ideas, don’t miss this giant list of Easter decoration ideas. Of course, I also love this list of outdoor Easter decorations, and my favorites are these Easter wreaths. The kids will love helping you decorate Easter eggs with these ideas, and make some cute Easter centerpieces.

Crafter’s Tip

If you don’t want to mess with fabric, you can use these cute Easter bunny SVG files I found on Etsy and print them out on paper instead!

Yield: 1

Adorable Wine Glass Bunny Decoration

Paint this wine glass bunny decoration in just a few minutes to add to your Easter centerpiece!

Active Time 15 minutes

Additional Time 10 minutes

Total Time 25 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1


Add a bowtie to the bottom if you want to make this a boy bunny instead!

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