Why it’s worth it to visit Santorini

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There you will find the Holy Church of the Holy Cross and behind in the background, on the rocks of Mesa Vounou, is Panagia Katefiani.

To reach the chapel, you will need to cross the path that starts from Perissa, unless you are one of the brave ones, who use the steep rocks as a climbing area.

It is worth photographing the sunrise from above.


The largest village of Santorini located 11 kilometers from Fira, at the foot of Mount Prophet Ilias.

Characteristic attractions of Emporio Thira are the bell tower of Panagia Messani and the tower of Goula, which offers a panoramic view.

Opposite the tower there are 8 traditional windmills that have been declared preserved.

In Emporio it is worth seeing the way they built their houses in the past, close to each other, to protect them from pirate raids.

Santorini Winery

Although it maintains its tradition of viticulture for many centuries, it was slow to come to the fore.

Nevertheless, in recent years, it has become a top destination for lovers of fine wine.

Varieties of Santorini wines

What island has one of the oldest vineyards in the world, which, due to its unique, dry climate and the special composition of the soil, produces one of the most special and famous varieties of the Mediterranean, Assyrtiko.

Nevertheless, it also has other well-known varieties such as Athiri and Aidani (white varieties), Mavrotragano and Mandilaria from the reds.

The wines of Santorini are characterized by strong aromas and intense flavors.

The famous wines of Santorini

Vincanto: If you are a sweet wine lover, we highly recommend it.

It is a sweet wine that is served like a liqueur and has stolen impressions worldwide.

Its vinification is made from dried grapes.

Night: White dry wine whose fermentation process took place at night, which is why it got the corresponding name.

Brusco: If you’re looking to find a high-alcohol wine, brusco sounds like the ideal for you.

Brusco is red wine produced from white and red grapes.

Winemaking has developed into one of the leading economic sectors of the island and of Greece.

Where to stay in Santorini

Accommodation in Santorini is expensive but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options for all tastes.

As the well-known saying goes, what you pay for is what you get, and this is 100% true in Santorini.

Do you want a room with a caldera view? You will need to reach deep into your pocket.

The same applies if you are looking for a luxury hotel with a private pool, a suite with a private jacuzzi, and even more so if you are looking for accommodation in Santorini with the whole package.

The places with the cheapest prices and at the same time with the most amenities are Fira, Firostefani, Oia and Imerovigli, whose cheapest rooms in the high season range from around 200-300 euros per night.

However, do not be afraid, as there are many options for cheap accommodation on the island.

If you’re looking for a budget solution, Perissa and Kamari have plenty of great cheap rooms.

Especially if you prefer to be away from the crowd and close to the sea, Eastern Santorini seems like the ideal place.

If you want to experience the night life of Santorini, stay in Fira, if you are traveling to Santorini to enjoy the unique view, stay in Oia, if you want to stay away from the crowds, stay in Imerovigli or Firostefani.

Best suggestion: How about traveling to Santorini in winter for half the price and staying in the most luxurious hotels?

How to get to Santorini

Santorini has an international airport (JTR) for internal and external (international) flights.

In the summer you will find direct flights connecting Santorini with many European cities.

In winter there are no direct flights from Europe but you can travel to the island from Athens, with some airlines releasing unique offers on the Athens-Santorini route, for just 10 euros!

Also, the duration of the Athens-Santorini route is 50 to 55 minutes, while the Thessaloniki-Santorini route takes 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Many tourists arrive in Athens by air and from there go to Piraeus to take the ferry to Santorini. Piraeus is located just 10 kilometers from Athens.

The first sailings from the port of Piraeus start at 6:50 and the last sailing is at 23:55.

Make sure to be at the port at least 1 hour before boarding, as Piraeus is the busiest passenger port in Europe.

If you are traveling with a car that you will take with you on board, you must be there at least 2 hours before and have already made an online reservation otherwise you will not find a place for the car.

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Cleaning & Maintenance of Aluminum Security Doors

Cleaning & Maintenance of Aluminum Security Doors

Why is it important to maintain painted aluminum security doors – πορτες ασφαλειας – and what does the cleaning frequency depend on?

Proper maintenance plays a crucial role in maintaining the aesthetics and durability of the paint. Over time with exposure to the weather, the paint may show signs of deterioration, such as loss of gloss, chalking and discoloration.

The intensity and time of occurrence of these phenomena vary depending on the climatic conditions. Therefore, their maintenance varies from place to place. In Mediterranean countries such as Greece, where the sunlight is intense and there are many coastal areas, special care is needed. Thus, at the level of prevention, we can avoid or minimize premature fading and loss of gloss by choosing and using Ultra-resistant powder paints.

Suggested maintenance intervals in relation to the environment: Environment Description Cleaning program

  • Mild Province, away from coastal, industrial and urban areas Every 6 months
  • Moderate Urban environment, inland, away from heavy industrial activity Every 3 months
  • Harsh Coastal or coastal environment, at a distance of 1.5 km from the coast Every 2-4 weeks

What is the correct procedure for cleaning the surface of painted aluminum security doors and what should we avoid?

1. Carefully remove dirt with a damp soft sponge or cloth. Remove resins from trees, insect impurities as soon as possible, because over time, sunlight and heat harden and are more difficult to remove.

Cleaning should be done at temperatures below 30°C and not at a time when the sunlight is high and direct.

2. Use a soft brush, soft sponge or cloth and a mild household or car cleaner to remove any residue. Under no circumstances use metal brushes, wire, hard sponges, sandpaper, liquid abrasive cleaners or powder detergents, as they will permanently scratch the surface of the paint.

Please keep in mind that the use of cleaners that require the use of gloves is not recommended and should be avoided because such a label is an indication that the cleaner is too strong and therefore unsuitable for cleaning the powder painted aluminum door surface.

3. After cleaning, rinse the painted surface carefully with clean water and wipe dry. The use of water from drilling is not recommended, as its content of minerals and salts can stain and cause problems with the paint in the long run.

4. Do not use hard solvents based on hard solvents. If it is necessary to remove materials from the surface, such as paint or glue, and the use of a solvent is necessary, then as mild a solvent as possible should be used, such as white spirit, turpentine, isopropanol or alcohol.

Try for the minimum contact time and at the end rinse with clean water. We, Alfino Doors always recommend a test on a small, not very visible surface, to make sure that no damage or discoloration will occur.

5. Carefully remove dirt with a damp soft sponge or cloth. Remove resins from trees, insect impurities as soon as possible, because over time, sunlight and heat harden and are more difficult to remove.

Cleaning should be done at temperatures below 30 ° C and not at a time when the sunlight is high and direct.

6. If lubricant is used on the mechanisms during maintenance, immediately clean the lubricant from the painted security door surface with a damp cloth. Otherwise, there is a risk of discoloration if the surface painted with the lubricant is exposed to the sun.

7. One of the advantages of super durable powder paints with a sandblasted texture is easy cleaning, due to the specially designed surface. The use of abrasives, mild or hard is not recommended. Clean the door surface according to the instructions above.

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Signs He Wants To Marry You In The future

So you think that your relationship is going amazingly well, but you’re still wondering and asking yourself this question, “will he marry me?” What are the signs he wants to marry Me? How can I be sure that he will marry me someday? Well, fear not! There are visible signs he wants to marry you in the future. These signs may be there even as early as the first couple of months of dating with him, and I will show them to you. So use the signs to know if you are wife material for him? so that you will understand the signs he sees himself marrying you as his wife

I want you to keep in mind within the first 90 days or early days of dating, that a man is evaluating and looking more on you and your actions. He is checking to see if you are genuinely a wife material for him.  Especially if he has passed the age of 30, and he is earnest about settling down with a woman.

So the more signs he fulfills or, the more he is doing any of the things on this list, the more likely he sees himself marrying you shortly and the more for you to stop bordering much. You can also read one of my posts on 6 clear signs he wants to marry you for you to learn more if you are still confused.

Signs He Wants To Marry You In The Future or Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You

Sign #1 – He will happily bring up living together & getting married

Whenever a man sees a future with you, then he won’t be going to beat around the bush. He will talk about it and discuss it more often. He will always bring up the kind of wedding he would like, and also how many kids he wants to have and how being married to you would be.

Just know that men are NOT shy to talk about this. The truth is if he sees you as wife material for him, then he will be excited and happy to talk about these things with you!

Signs He Wants To Marry You In the future.

Sign 2 – He Will casually or always ask what kind of “wedding/engagement ring” you will like

Let say that is he is sending you pictures of wedding rings, then know that what it means is that he is thinking seriously about proposing you. He may even, at times, drag you to a few jewelers to look with you!

The truth about this is that most men don’t want to screw up their proposals. If he is thinking about getting married to you, the next step is that he will be planning for the proposal. And when that happens just count it as one of the signs he sees himself marrying you as his life partner

Sign 3 – He will then start a sentence with “If we are married…”

Or let say if he starts a sentence with “If you are my wife…” or “If I were to be your husband…”

… it means he is seriously considering you as a wife material to him. Just relax because men will not play these kinds of games with any girl they are not planning to live with as a wife.

“Signs He Wants To Marry You In The future”

Sign 4 – He will tell you that he wants to get married on the first date.

Okay, now let say, if you know for sure he wants to get married anytime soon, and he is committed to you, then know there is a VERY high chance he sees himself marrying you in future.

Men who are ready for marriage will not waste there time dating around. If he had the objective to meet someone to marry and his also dating, you then know that you are his number one candidate!

Probably he may need more time dating you to know “for sure” that you are all he needs as “wife.”

Sign 5 – He is happy and free to join his finances with you

Marriage is a huge commitment, as we all know. It also involves financial commitment with your partner. If a man is happy and free to combine resources and in particular share a large chunk of his income with you as his lady. Then it means he is considering making you his future wife. So relax if he is not disturbing in joining his one or things with you for is one of the signs he sees himself marrying you.

19 Signs He Wants To Marry You In The future
19 Signs He Wants To Marry You In The future

Sign 6 – He talks highly or more of you to his friends and family

If a man is always boasting about you and how amazing you are to him, or Does he act like a super proud partner? If he enjoys showing you off and being publically pleased to be with you in front of his family and friends, then it is also a sure sign he wants to marry you in the future or signs he sees himself marrying you.

“Signs He Wants To Marry You In the future”

Sign 7 – Your friends or family and people around notice the way he looks at you

Have your friends or family, and even people about mentioned the particular way he looks at you? Outsiders are usually very good at picking up signs of love and devotion between lovers. If they are telling you things like questions below:

“I can tell he loves you a lot by the way he looks at you all the time I see you too.”

“He always looks at you like he is very in love with you.”

These are signs that a man is wholly devoted to you and sees you firmly in his future as his wife.

“Signs He Wants To Marry You In the future”

Sign 8 – He will tell you that you will make a great wife and mother

If he is giving you a compliment that you will make a great wife and mother, it means he hopes you will be HIS wife and mother to HIS kids in the future.

Men are always very logical when it comes to building a family. Of course, they want a woman who would make a great wife and mother for their kids. Try also to take this as the ultimate compliment is also part of signs he sees himself marrying you.

Sign 9 – Whenever you bring up getting married issues, HIS eyes light up

It is clear that a man who wants to marry you, he is excited when you bring up marriage things or issues. He will not be neutral, avoidant, or go quiet when the subject of weddings and proposals come up in your discussions. He should be more interested in your thoughts and share his own opinions as well.

“Signs He Wants To Marry You In the future”

Sign 10 – You will not remember the last time you had a fight

Men always want to marry women they get along with. If you are still fighting or going through a rough patch, he is then going to put all “marriage” thoughts on hold.

But this doesn’t mean he will never marry you, but it is a good measure of how “soon” he will want to marry you. But if things are normal between you two, it is one of the signs he sees himself marrying you in the future.

Generally, men always want things to be stable before making that decision. If your relationship is calm, happy, and drama-free, and it has been that way for a long time, it is also a good sign he wants to marry you.

Signs He Wants To Marry You in the future or signs he sees himself marrying you.”

Sign 11 – He will believe in marriage

A man will always need to believe in the benefit of getting married before wanting to get married. There are many men out there who don’t believe in marriage. There is nothing wrong with this provided you are in a good agreement.

Just because he doesn’t believe in marriage stuff, doesn’t mean he is not committed to you. In the

You have to decide for yourself what is important to you and what is not, have this talk early and make sure marriage is something you BOTH want.

Sign 12 – He Is traditional

Men who have a more “traditional” mindset believe in marriage and having children than those who are not. They also believe in doing these things at the right time and the right way. They believe in duty, honor, loyalty, and keeping families together than any other thing.

Have he has reached the “right” age to be married and to have kids…
Are you carrying his child?
Have you been dating him for a long time?
His friends are all married.
His family is also pressuring him for marriage,
These may be reason enough for him to marry you.

Sign 13 – He believes marriage will not “change” anything

As much as he needs to believe in marriage, he should also think that getting married will not change the relationship between you.

Some men do believe that marriage “changes” things. Perhaps they are unaware of this consciously, but subconsciously they have a blueprint for that marriage, which is different from being a boyfriend/girlfriend thing.

This is why most people change after getting married. It’s because of their blueprint or reason, and their expectations too have also changed.

Let say, for example, and a man may suddenly get lazy and expect his wife to do all of the house chores or work. His blueprint or reason will be husbands went to work, and his wife looked after the home.

So if he believes marriage changes things between you two, this may cause him to resist marriage. Especially if he likes the current relationship, you have with him.

“Signs He Wants To Marry You In the future”

Signs He Wants To Marry You In The future

Sign 14 – You are his best friend

If he always spends time with you than with his friends, or if he confides in you about all kinds of personal things, then it is an excellent sign that he sees you as his best friend. Then know that you are of luck is also one of the good signs he sees himself marrying you

Men want to marry their best friend!

It is only logical that the next step he will do is to marry you.

Sign 15 – He will not think you are controlling

Men usually don’t marry women. They think that is controlling them. If he feels trapped and caged in by you, he is then doubtful to marry you.

You know that marriage is a long time commitment. It is a significant decision to make. Men want to marry women who they get along with and also give them a sense of freedom.

Men won’t want to involve in any marriage that will make them feel like you will only further tighten your grip on them.

Signs He Wants To Marry You in future “

Sign 16 – He checks out your compatible level

Men are incredibly logical. When it gets to looking out for partnership, they know they have to choose wisely. That means there’s less concentration on things like the quality of your sex life or how facial and curved you are.

Instead, men will be interested to see if you share their same values and beliefs. Do you believe in the same political understanding as him? Do you value the same personality traits as does? Do you have the same set of life goals?

Do you share the same views of marriage?

If these things do not correspond, a man is doubtful to see you as his future partner.

Sign 17 – He doesn’t take a break during the hard times

If he’s ready to stick by you even when times are tough, it’s a sign that he sees you in his long term plans.

Men understand marriage is not always going to be a piece of cake. You will disagree and have significant conflicts. If he can’t stay with you during tough times and be willing to work out issues with you, he isn’t very ready for the relationship.

Your commitment assures the strength and quality of a relationship during hectic periods. He must be as severe as you to make it work.

“Signs He Wants To Marry You In The future”

Sign 18 – He will make a point to say he is committed to you and only you alone

You know when a man is most committed, he tells you he’s conscious not to lead other women on or makes other women understand he’s taken when talking with them.

He’s also always describing you to his female friends or other colleagues. This is a sign he is proud fo you and makes you know it!

Sign 19 – His friends and family say you could be “the one.”

A guy may not be outspoken about believing you’re “the one” for him – although he may be considering it! But if the people closest to him are convinced you could be “the one,” you should see this as a significant sign. Because it is one of the big signs he sees himself marrying you in future

That is if he is telling you about it.

He may be a bit “shy” about being romantic and forthcoming. However, if he is telling you what his colleagues think about you, it’s a sign he wants you to know what he feels about you as well.

 Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You
Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You

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10 Tips for Growing Your Own Delicious Cranberries

Want to start growing your own cranberries? You just have to follow some simple tips.

Collage photos featuring cranberry growing tips from the article.Growing cranberries can be a lot of fun in your garden. Although these fruits are normally grown in bogs, there are many modern cultivars that make it possible for any gardener to try his hand.

The fresh fruit can last a long time and will taste amazing when they are stored properly. Many beginners worry that growing cranberries will be too difficult for them and take too much time, but with a bit of hard work and knowing which tips to follow, you can easily grow as many cranberries as you would like in your own garden.

While you’re thinking about fruit to grow for your own enjoyment then why not have a look through these 30 low-maintenance fruits and veggies?

Some of the best tips to follow to start growing cranberries yourself are as follows.

1. Choose the Variety You Want to Grow

fresh ripe cranberries hanging from a tree in the garden

There are actually a few different varieties of cranberries that you can plant from home. The variety that you choose can often depend on what you specifically want to use the cranberries for when they are done. Some options to consider include:

  • Howes cranberries: These are a small and red berry found in Massachusetts most of the time. They are really easy to grow for beginners and can stay fresh for a long time after you harvest them as long as they are stored properly.
  • Stevens cranberries: This is a hybrid that has been designed to be resistant to disease and is really productive. You can recognize these for their bright red color.
  • Ben Lear and Early Black: These are a deeper red color and are more difficult to grow compared to some of the other options. First-time growers may want to go with one of the other options.

2. Pick the Right Time to Plant

sprout of cranberry growing in a container, cranberry seedling

Cranberries like to be grown in some cooler climates so take a look at the plant hardiness zone map available from the USDA. Cranberries need to be grown somewhere between the second and fifth zone to get the most out of the harvest. There are a few different times when the gardener should grow their cranberries and these include:

The seedlings and cuttings can be planted through the whole autumn, usually sometime between October to early November. If you miss the fall, you can also plant them from April to the end of May. The three year old rooted plants that still grow actively, can sometimes be planted during the summer. You need to have these purchased in pots though to make it work.

I recommend checking out, The Complete Guide to Growing Your Own Fruit and Berries, book as a nice tutorial on timing and locations that are best for different varieties of fruits and berries. 

3. Prepare the Soil

digging the soil in the garden bed to prepare the soil for planting

Now we need to focus a little bit more on the soil and how to get that ready. Cranberry plants will have some unique requirements to work with. They must have a soil with a lower pH level and a higher level of organic matter compared to other plants. You may need to alter the current soil in the garden to get them to make it work.

The average plot size for your cranberries will be about four feet by eight feet. If you only want to do one plant though, two foot by two foot will be plenty.

You can prepare the soil by digging out the existing soil in the necessary area to a depth of six inches to eight inches. Add some peat moss to the plot along with half a pound of bone meal and one pound of blood meal.

If you would like, adding a cup of Epsom salt and a pound of rock phosphate may work well for this. Before you plant the cranberries though, you need to make sure the soil is thoroughly wet. Mist the plot with your garden hose to get this done.

4. Plant the Cuttings

cranberry cuttings and fresh harvested cranberry lying in wood in the garden

Most cranberry plants are not going to be grown straight from the seed. Rather, they are cut from either a cutting or a seedling that is several years old. Most cranberry plants will not start to give any fruit until their third or fourth year. Do not be surprised if you do a cutting and it takes a few years before you see fruit.

If you choose to plant one of the cranberry cuttings, which are often a year old, make sure to plant them directly into the prepared wet soil. If there is more than one plant in the plot, make sure that there is about a foot of space between each one so they do not overcrowd. The root ball of these plants needs to also get buried around two inches below the surface of the soil.

However, if you want to plant three-year-old seedlings, then you must make sure there are three feet of space between the plants.

5. Consider Growing in a Container

cranberries in a pot with picked cranberries around

Another option that some people may prefer is to grow their cranberries in a container. Keep in mind that the cranberries will often do the best in a garden plot so they have lots of extra room to spread out the runners.

However, if you have a large enough pot, you may be able to add a cranberry plant inside. A good rule of thumb is to go with a pot that is no less than twice the size of the root ball of the plant.

When trying this method, you can fill the pot with some peat moss and then add the three-year-old seedling inside. Allow the plant to develop some runners inside the pot so it can grow, but you should trim off any that tend to go beyond that point. Fertilize the soil so the plant does better with a low-nitrogen fertilizer. This will keep the plant strong but limits how many runners are allowed to grow.

If you like growing in containers, then make sure you check out this huge list of vegetables that thrive in containers for your garden!

6. Keep Up On the Weeds

holding a pulled weed from the garden

Now that the plants are all in the soil and ready to go, it is time to take care of those cranberry plants. Cranberry plants do need a little bit of extra love and care compared to some of the other plants available. But when the care is done well, you will get some tasty plants you are sure to enjoy.

Cranberry plants are not going to do well when there are a ton of weeds all around them. The weeds will often win that race so it is best if you are able to get rid of the weeds as often as possible. This is even more important during that first year. The peat moss that we discussed earlier will help inhibit the growth of most garden weeds. But check in on this often to ensure the cranberry bushes are not overwhelmed.

Here are some tips from experts on how to have a weed-free garden – and you don’t want to miss this list of weeds you can actually eat!


7. Water Them

wet cranberries after rainfall hanging from ta tree in the garden

During the first year, your new plants are going to need a lot of water to make sure the soil is kept moist. If the roots get dry at all, the plant will die out. It is a myth that the cranberry plant has to be submerged in water or saturated during growing.

You do want the soil around it to be at least damp all the time, it doesn’t need to be soaking in water to be healthy. Just like with any other type of plant, too much water can really make the root growth slow down and may make it impossible for the roots to get to the right depth that they need.

Here are some great ideas for creating a self-watering garden that may apply to growing berries!

8. Fertilize the Soil

flowers of cranberry plant, flowering cranberry plant

It will not take long before this plant is able to put out some runners, which are able to grow along the ground. The runners will grow until they will fill and cover the bed. If this does not happen, then it is a good idea to bring in a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen.
Only try this if you notice that the runners are struggling to grow. If you do this too much or too early, then there may be too much growth in the garden.

During the first year, you should fertilize the soil three times. Do this at the beginning of the growth, once you see flowers, and once the berries form.

To control where the runners go, consider adding a little edging around the garden.

After the first year, you will need to cut the nitrogen away from the runners. This will stop the spreading so that they start to take run and form uprights instead. You can then rely on a non-nitrogen fertilizer for that second year.

Here is a great post on how to make bone meal fertilizer.  Plus, you might want to check out this list of great organic fertilizer options that might work in your berry garden. 

9. Control Diseases and Pests

cranberries with crawling spider in the garden

No matter what type of plant you are working with, there will be some issues with diseases and pests. Cranberry plants are going to be the same as all the others. There are a few steps that you can take to keep these under control and to ensure the plants will not get eaten up before you can enjoy them.

Cranberry fruit-worm is a fairly common problem with your cranberries. This is where grey moths will try to lay their eggs inside the berries and let them grow. If you start to see some grey moths near the plants, it is time to use an insecticide to kill the moths and their eggs off.

If you do not find these fruit worms in time, the eggs can potentially hatch and they will start to eat through the cranberries, when this happens, the berries will start to turn red before they ripen. Simply pick off those berries and any of the nearby fruit and then throw them out.

Some other diseases that are common with cranberries include red spot, which is when bright right spots start to show up on the leaves of the plant, and berry fruit rot. The treatment for this is to spray the plant with an organic, copper-based fungicide between June and August.

Here are some insecticides for keeping your garden bug-free that are easy to make on your own at home!

10. Prune the Runners

red and green leaves of cranberry plant in the garden

The final thing that you should consider doing when growing your cranberry plants is to prune the runners from the third year of growth. You should repeat this every year that you plan to have the cranberries. This is going to make sure that you can control the runners while also encouraging more of the uprights to happen.

This is a simple process to do. You can start by combing the cranberry plot using a landscape rake if you have it. The goal is to get all of the runners to go in the same direction. This can make it easier to find the runners that are the longest so you can cut them back a bit. You should not try to prune the uprights that are already in place or it can ruin the plant.

As time goes on, the plants may try to go beyond the bounds that you set up for the original plot. If this is something that happens and you want to keep them in the plot, you just need to prune each of the plants back a bit in the spring so there are only about two inches of the growth above the soil line.

The plant will not produce any fruit during that year if you do that, but the production will come back in the following year and you can regain some control over the area.

Growing Cranberry Plants

Many beginner gardeners assume that it is too hard to grow the cranberry plants and they walk away before even giving it a try. While these plants do take a few years before you get any kind of berry to enjoy, they do not require a ton of extra work compared to some of the other plants that you may favor.

If you want to start growing cranberries in your backyard, just take a look at the simple steps above and you are set to go! follow some of the 10 tips for growing cranberries above. You’ll have a sauce-worthy harvest in no time! And you can find out how to store your produce with our tips here.

If you’ve caught the fruit-growing bug, why not think about what other jams and jellies you can make from your own home-grown fruit?

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DIY Rustic Pinecone Bear Kids Nature Craft

It’s that time of year when pinecones are everywhere around Michigan.  That means that they come into the craft closet as the perfect fun craft.  This little rustic pinecone bear is an ideal nature craft for kids.  Help them gather supplies and create their own little bear characters for pretend play and fun outdoors at the same time! 

woman in sweater holding pinecone bear

Pinecone Bear

Gather up the pinecones that have fallen in your backyard and have fun making them a fun new craft!  These little pinecone bears are just precious.  Not only are they easy to make, but they are practically free.  You just need a few items you already have on hand in your craft kit. 

In the past, I have used pinecones for a number of projects.  Recently these little pinecone hedgehogs were a hit with the kids.  Last year, I used them on a plastic bottle to make a different little hedgehog decoration.  Of course, they have also been known to be perfect for Christmas with some great pinecone crafts and even pinecone ornaments on my crafts list over the last few years. 

pinecone animal on wood table by fake leaves

Do I Need to Clean the Pinecones Before Using? 

If you are gathering pinecones from the outdoors, it is a good decision to clean them before using them.  It’s not about sanitation as it is about making sure there is no excess dirt or even little creatures or insects on the pinecones.  

  1. Shake off any dirt or debris outside before bringing them indoors. 
  2. Fill a 1 gallon bucket with water and 1/2 cup vinegar.  
  3. Place the pinecones into the bucket of water and vinegar making sure to submerge them as best you can.  Let them soak for 30-minutes before draining and rinsing the pinecones with clean water.  
  4. Next, place them on paper towels to dry out before using in crafts.  

If you are buying pinecones at a craft store, there is no need to clean them as they have been processed through a facility that takes care of them for you.  When buying from other people on sites like Etsy or eBay, you will want to clean them, just in case for safety. 

pinecone bear sitting on clover with mini toadstools

What Can I Use for the Feet of My Pinecone Bear? 

For this version, I used acorn caps.  They are always on the ground around our house and yet another free and easy-to-find craft supply.  Since I wanted this to stand up and be sturdy, it has a base from a bottle cap so it can stand without falling over.   

The arms on the sides are made from a split almond or pecan shell.  You can use any long and flat surface nut shell for this if you prefer.  Of course, it doesn’t have to be that.  You can also use any of the items listed below if you prefer something not a natural item for the feet or arms on your bear. 

  • Painted bottle caps.
  • Brown pom poms. 
  • Pipe cleaners/chenille stems. 
  • Buttons or snaps. 
  • Marker caps from old dried-out markers or pens. 
  • Pecan, almond, macadamia nut, pistachio, hazelnut, or Brazil nut shells. 
  • Painted cotton balls or pillow stuffing. 

bear made of pine cone and nuts on top of fake leaves

Can This Be Used for a Kids Classroom Activity? 

If you are a teacher or happen to homeschool your children, then this is an ideal option for a fun kids classroom activity.  Not only does it include things like nature walks where you can have kids look for specific items on the ground, but it is great for their motor skills. 

This can also be used alongside books as a unit study, or even just for pretend play with your own kids while you read something like the classic, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, book.  It could even be part of a lesson about bears and the different types and their regular homes or way of life. 

Of course, it can also just be fun to sit on a shelf or include it alongside some decor in a kid’s room! There are so many possibilities with this cute little pinecone bear idea!

pinecone bear on green base sitting on white table

What Glue Can I Use That is Safe for Kids? 

If this project is for making alongside the kids, you’ll want to be safe.  That means you won’t be using hot glue guns for this unless working with teens and adults.  So, you need a good glue that will stick to the pinecone but be safe if little ones get it on their hands. 

I prefer Aleene’s Tacky Glue for projects like this.  It’s affordable and easy to find, as well as being non-toxic.  While you could use a basic Elmer’s school glue or similar, you will find that the pieces are more likely to fall off easily as it won’t be as good a hold.  

mini mushroom toys by pinecone bear on grass

Supplies Needed

pine cone green paper bottle cap and acorn caps on white table

How to Make a Pinecone Bear

Cut an 8″x3″ strip of tissue paper and crumble it into a ball.  

Glue the tissue paper inside a medium bottle cap. 

hands pushing green paper into lid

Glue the flat end of the pinecone on top of the tissue paper. 

pinecone standing up on green base

Attach two acorn caps to the bottom front of the pinecone with glue. 

hand gluing acorn cap on bottom of pinecone

Also, add two acorn caps on the very top of the pinecone sides, to look like ears. 

hands holding acorn caps on top of pinecones

Glue a single acorn cap about 1″ down from the top.

hands gluing acorn caps onto pinecone

Add googly eyes just above and on either side of the acorn cap on the pine cone. 

hands holding googly eyes on top of pinecone for eyes

Glue a black bead to the front of the acorn cap to create a nose.

hand holding bead on pinecone bear nose

Cut an acorn in half, discard the nut.

hand holding knife and cutting pinecone shell on blue paper

Using just the shell, attach with glue on either side of the bear, halfway down the body as arms. 

hands holding pecan shells on sides of pinecone

Now you have a cute little bear made of natural elements!

woman holding animal made from pine cone

More Fun Kids Crafts

If you are looking for more ideas to keep the kids busy and happy creating, don’t worry – we have plenty!  Along with some of the other pinecone crafts we listed above, I have tons of fun ideas to share that are perfect for making with your kids.  Below are a few of my favorites for you to pin, print, or bookmark to make soon! 

Yield: 1

pinecone bear on wood table by fake leaves

Make an adorable little pinecone bear with just a few supplies! An excellent kids nature craft for fall and winter!

Active Time
15 minutes

Total Time
15 minutes


Estimated Cost


Can replace googly eyes with beads or buttons for a more unique look.

Recommended Products

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Finished Project Gallery

blue cloudy background behind pinecone bear

Use these in kids’ dioramas to learn about bears and other woodland creatures. 

monster paper beneath pinecone bear

Add a scarf or hat to make them look even cuter. 

Yellow table with fake leaves and a pinecone bear

A pink bow on top or a blue bow tie can be used if you want!

hand holding pinecone bear

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5 Reasons to Take Boric Acid Suppositories

You may perhaps know boric acid as a powder used to offer with cockroach infestations. If so, it would be comprehensible for you to be careful about placing boric acid in your body. But the actuality of the issue is that boric acid can be an powerful cure for some women’s health and fitness challenges. 


Below are some surprising added benefits that boric acid suppositories like the Killer can have for your over-all well being.

  • Combating Yeast Bacterial infections

The principal cause that gals get boric acid suppositories is to fight yeast bacterial infections. This homeopathic treatment performs primarily by denying the conditions which enable yeast to grow. It does that by the two advertising the advancement of valuable bacteria in just the vagina and anti-oxidants like natural vitamins E and C. And even though suppositories are terrific at slicing down the size of a yeast infection, they can also aid you offer with some of the most widespread and irritating indications of a yeast an infection. These include things like itching and burning.

A yeast an infection doesn’t typically come from nowhere, but we generally do not expend plenty of time contemplating about our entire body as an interconnected selection of ecosystems, but undertaking so can assistance us figure out that yeast bacterial infections just characterize the in the vicinity of-worst situation circumstance. Vaginal odor and bacteria development can transpire without having getting a yeast infection—and that is especially legitimate right immediately after sex or during or directly just after a period. If you are sensation not fairly clean down there, introducing a boric acid suppository to your regimen can assistance with that. And getting in the pattern of keeping matters new can help protect against the possibility of yeast infections or other problems additional down the line.

  • A Harmless and Confident Option

If the imagined of placing acid inside your human body even now has you a little bit anxious, continue to keep in head that boric acid has been applied this way for about a century. Professional medical investigation on boric acid as a suppository is a minor gentle, but all of it points toward this sort of pills being a protected treatment method method. Also, they’re just one of the most available and responsible choices all over heritage. You can even make them at dwelling, though we propose going through a dependable name so you know you’re receiving the proper dosage and you are not running the threat of absorbing chemical substances you really do not require to.

  • Conscientious of Your Time

When a suppository may perhaps seem like a genuine suffering-in-the-rear to consider, boric acid pills are essentially just one of the most efficient methods to offer with a yeast an infection. They only want to be taken after a working day, and they can normally very clear up an difficulty inside of a several times to a week. In addition, you don’t will need to be anxious if your tempo of taking the treatment falls a little out of line. Whilst you should not choose a boric acid suppository orally, you really do not need to have to fret about any overdose outcomes if you consider way too much. And if you neglect to choose a dose, you can more or much less correct the course by getting a further remedy as shortly as doable. And though there are occasionally aspect consequences attributed to boric acid, they commonly are inclined to be the two mild and uncommon.

  • It’s Readily available by Membership

It can be simple to eliminate keep track of of time and close up operating out of vital treatment. You do not have to fret about that with the Killer. This boric acid suppository can be requested to offer with a precise infection, or it can be shipped by way of membership if you are owning recurring challenges with yeast infections or other vaginal bacterial infections. 1 pill, shipped regular monthly, can have you emotion much better and a lot more self-assured.

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Dreams Of Being In Jail: The Many Different Meanings

Individuals frequently have dreams of being in jail. This could be a fear of commitment, acquiring suppressed emotion, or because of becoming controlled.

When you wake up from your slumber in the early morning, occasionally you try to remember factors you noticed in your desires. There could be distinct types of dreams and are random. At times individuals can aspiration about the similar idea which is regular.


A lot of folks have dreamed of getting imprisoned or being in jail. This dream could be induced by various predicaments but all have the same indicating, remaining suppressed in serious lifetime.


There could be variants of this dream, and just about every could have a different that means. 


The Same Idea But Diverse Goals

The next is a modest showcase of goals that are linked to currently being imprisoned in jail.

1. A Desire Where by You Are Inside of A Jail

If you see you remaining in jail in your desire, then that could likely indicate you are about to invest in anything. Having involved in a thing, irrespective of whether it is a business or in your have enterprise.


2. A Aspiration About Seeing A Jail

If you desire of viewing a jail, it could have two meanings. 


If you are viewing the jail up shut, that means you have carried out a little something reckless and are about to be in really serious issues. 


On the other hand, if you are looking at the jail from much away, then that also indicates you are in issues, but it is possible to stay away from the issues. 


If you discover it difficult to interpret,  your aspiration you can visit to find out far more about goals and their interpretation.


3. A Desire The place You See Someone Near Within A Jail

If you are the type of human being who often arrives to the assist of anyone shut, then this aspiration may possibly be frequent for you.


Dreaming about someone remaining locked in jail usually means that they are in problems and you are willing to assist that human being.


4. A Desire About Looking Out From The Window Of A Jail

If you are obtaining a difficult time when you feel helpless and can not free of charge you from the problems you are in, that emotion could manifest into a aspiration wherever you have lucid goals of viewing you locked up in jail and searching out as a result of the window.


5. A Aspiration About Breaking Out From A Prison

If you desire of breaking out from prison or even attempting to get out, that could imply you are hoping to break by yourself no cost from the norm and want to do a thing distinctive, and new. This willpower could manifest into this sort of a aspiration.


Interpretations Of These Dreams

No Issue what kind of aspiration is similar to jail, they can be of a equivalent si resource from in which they manifest. 


Usually, it is when you get included in one thing, be it constructive or unfavorable, and is emotion currently being trapped. Now, what could these desires suggest?


1. You Are Concerned Of Possessing A Dedication

You may well arrive across an amazing man or woman in your life. This particular person could be your appreciate interest, business enterprise spouse, or just a wonderful good friend. But no subject how a lot you attempt, you can’t be totally dedicated to that man or woman. 


It does not even have to be a man or woman. Suppose you are pondering of beginning a organization, but you are afraid to be totally dedicated to the business enterprise as you are unsure about its good results. This panic of determination, not currently being truthful, would make you nervous.


This could manifest into a aspiration wherever you see oneself trapped or “committed” to jail, the very fear which set you in this problem.


2. You Are Hiding Your Feelings

Have you been trapping your thoughts? You want to discuss out to another person, but you are frightened to specific oneself? Are you locking you up within on your own? Then this could be a purpose for a desire of observing you trapped in a jail.


This dream is a visual illustration of what you are executing to oneself. You see by yourself trapped inside a jail. Unable to get out. And even if you see somebody outside the house of the jail, you simply cannot get in touch with for assist. Just like you can’t open up up and categorical your inner thoughts to pals and relatives.


3. You Are Trapped In A Partnership

This somewhat correlates to the to start with trigger. Suppose you are in a marriage with someone. That always does not want to be intimate, it could be among your boss, co-employee, or an individual from your family. 


But, you are emotion suffocated in that romantic relationship. You feel that you are not on your own and frequently modify your character to satisfy the other individual.


This also benefits in trapping on your own in a toxic romance and you aspiration by yourself trapped in jail, reflecting the ‘trapped in a harmful relationship’ that is happening in your lifestyle.


4. You Sense By yourself And Divided From Every person

This consistent experience of becoming remaining out and usually becoming by itself could manifest into a aspiration the place you see oneself trapped in a cage. 


You experience that you have no close friends and cannot count on anyone in your everyday living. This places you in a tough spot the place you hardly ever truly feel the heat of acceptance.


This displays into a aspiration in which you see yourself trapped alone in a cold, isolated jail. No one particular will appear for you in that jail and you also can not get out.


5. You Allow Some others Manage You

This is the reverse of the preceding interpretation. You have a lot of men and women all over you, but you are too shy and can under no circumstances be on your own. You constantly enable other people determine what you should do and you have no right or liberty and this results in severe tension.


Ultimate Feelings

There could be various reasons why you have a aspiration in which you are trapped in jail or imprisoned. Hopefully, this write-up has demonstrated you why you see these types of dreams and what you can do to get oneself out of these imprisonment.

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How To Make The Perfect Decisions Associated With Purchasing Health Insurance For Senior Citizens?

No person in the entire world likes to look at their moms and dads develop outdated but this is an inescapable process and nobody can support it. So, with old age, the mothers and fathers also get the possibilities of contracting health and fitness difficulties which is the key purpose that paying good focus to the getting of unique kinds of overall health insurance coverage procedures is very a great deal significant for them. Because of the skyrocketing health care expenditures, it has turn out to be pretty a lot essential for men and women to indulge in purchasing senior-citizen wellbeing insurance policies plan so that there is no chance to the life span price savings every time there is any variety of vital element.

Subsequent are some of the most essential elements to be taken into consideration at the time of paying for the senior citizen well being insurance policies coverage so that folks stop up building the fantastic selections:


  1. On the lookout for significant disease benefit in the plan is very significantly crucial simply because significant ailment can contain cardiovascular problem, cancer, paralysis and numerous other varieties of factors. As a result, in addition to the higher than-mentioned factors, senior citizens will be quite vulnerable to all these types of problems and indulging in buying of proper kind of health and fitness insurance policies policies is very a lot crucial to get suitable coverage.
  2. It is really significantly critical for persons to go with that specific form of coverage approach which arrives with domiciliary treatment for them mainly because in this way the insurance policies corporations will aid in providing protection for the costs which will contain the out of household procedure. This unique variety of remedy is really frequent amid the older inhabitants and at the time of getting the insurance policy program, this is a stage to be taken into thing to consider.
  3. Searching for psychiatric care is another really essential point to be taken into consideration by the persons so that they under no circumstances deal with any kind of difficulty during the course of action and can deal with their expenses arising out of hospitalisation really quickly. Hence, it is really much essential for persons to verify out the strategy in phrases of psychiatric ailment.
  4. A extremely superior concept is to look at out the remedy of Ayush staying coated in the particular program or not since ordinarily dad and mom are really much interested to go with the option of availing the Ayurveda remedies and when the plan will help in masking this strategy it will support in making absolutely sure that over-all plans will be very easily and competently obtained.
  5. It is further extremely significantly vital for persons to test out the coverage guidelines in conditions of pre-existing health conditions and the waiting around time period due to the fact as far as the insurance guidelines are involved the persons will be identified with before purchasing the system and all difficulties before that will be deemed as pre-current problems. So, in most cases, the insurance policy businesses will appear with a waiting around interval in advance of the protection is furnished to the expenses of pre-present medical problems and thinking about this distinct stage is incredibly much essential in the complete process.
  6. It is quite a lot significant for individuals to glimpse for a increased sum insured at very affordable rates simply because placing the ideal harmony in this particular spot is quite a great deal essential to bridge the disparity of charges and get the best achievable benefit from the insurance plan. Even more, it is really significantly important for the persons to assess the system that will be very a great deal ideal for the needs of the mothers and fathers and senior citizens so that there is no stress on them and they can avail numerous kinds of strengths. For the reason that of the mounting professional medical charges in India, folks have to by no means settle for a small sum insured just to spend the decrease quality and striking the appropriate stability between coverage and premium is really much vital.
  7. It is essential to check that specific policy that arrives with protection for bariatric operation mainly because being overweight can happen at any issue of age and it is extremely a lot commonplace in the elderly inhabitants mainly because of the absence of actual physical actions. For this reason, checking this distinct inclusion is very a great deal significant and additional, it is extremely a lot very important to opt for that strategy which aids in masking the bariatric surgeries.
  8. It is crucial to appear for that particular coverage that can help in masking the day-care processes for the reason that hospitalisation for fewer than 24 several hours will be considered at this issue and most of the wellbeing insurance coverage guidelines require a least of 24 several hours to be admitted to the hospital. Hence, examining out this certain point is very significantly important so that people today make the excellent selections.

Apart from all the earlier mentioned-stated factors, it is really a great deal essential for the men and women to seem for distinctive cumulative reward factors, statements settlement ratio and a variety of other varieties of things in the course of the procedure and it is very recommended to count upon firms like Treatment insurance because the firm can help in furnishing the people with major-notch quality ideas along with several gains in the extended operate.

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Christmas Gifts For Her 2020

Christmas Gifts For Her 2020

Xmas is the most thrilling time of the 12 months. When everybody is on vacation. As properly the time we all rejoice the birth of Christ. Gifts and provides just about everywhere. In common, also absolutely everyone enjoys Xmas. Now for all those in relationships or relationship, what exactly ought to you give her for Xmas. I necessarily mean your fiancee, girlfriend or spouse.
Christmas Gifts For Her 2020


Bouquets are one the best offers for females. So get your lady a very wonderful flower.


This can be a incredibly distinctive present for Xmas to her. To make it additional one of a kind you can incorporate a pendant inscribing your identify and hers in a appreciate shape.

Her Favorite Meal

This sounds amusing but it’s really amazing. Prepare her favorite food on Xmas working day. You can as nicely spice it with candle lights building seem like a best day.

Tailored Shirt

Oh yeah! A custom made shirt will be wonderful for a Xmas gift to her. Just get a lovable selfie of both of those of you and customize it on the shirt.


Higher than all. Christmas is a time for sharing enjoy and happiness. Share accurate adore! Like her for who she is and not what she is.

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Best hoverboard Black Friday deals 2020


For those people who like hoverboard racing but just cannot pay for to obtain your preferred hoverboard for the pricey a single, the Black Friday Deal is an significant time.  Choose a search at the most effective provides of this period. The Hoverboard is a good racing activity to match on your own in smartly. This is the very best update of 2020 by making use of modern technological innovation.  But quite a few racers are unable to take pleasure in it mainly because it is a bit highly-priced.  Nicely-regarded expensive businesses established a high price tag for this item which not every single racer can manage. But Black Friday bargains as an alternate day for obtain serve as a quite fantastic profile and a great give for hoverboard riders.  You can choose the hoverboard of your option by accepting the offer you of hoverboards Black Friday Offer.


Black Friday discounts:

Hoverboards are generally vibrant, so it seems fascinating.  The hoverboard is made colourful to appeal to the consideration of the buyers.  It is pretty clean and delicately created with modern technological innovation.  So, if you are wondering of participating in a racing opposition, these hoverboards are fantastic for you. Vibrant hoverboards capture the eye of site visitors immediately.  You may perhaps be stunned to find out that these hoverboards are also terrific for youngsters.  Multi colors have been made use of on these boards for all small children.  Created with the ideal images on the boards to maintain the children intrigued in any exercise.  A hoverboard is a automobile that can entertain you.  Simply because it incorporates significant-high-quality new music gadgets.  So if you want hoverboard Black Friday promotions, is great for leisure time and it will be the only ideal products for you. 


Understand about hoverboard methods: 

Ahead of getting a hoverboard you should have a obvious thought about its use.  As this kind of, it does not crash all through use! I have mentioned in advance of that hoverboards are ideal for use by people today of all ages.  But sometimes, the journey results in being a nuisance for any rider.  Due to the fact, with out leisure, racing can be dull a whole lot of the time and for this, the rider gets angry a good deal of the time.  With that in brain, Aurora has released a wise Bluetooth technique on hoverboards.  By executing this you can quickly take pleasure in satisfaction and entertainment.  Working with Bluetooth will enhance your human energy.  You can link it to your made use of Android or Apple iphone to turn on Bluetooth.  The device is great for new music and tracks.  This is the least complicated way to join Bluetooth to your hoverboards. The hues used on these hoverboards are fully up to the riders.  Created by deciding on the finest colours for the boards.  There are also hoverboards created in different colours which includes black, blue, crimson.  These will be offered for purchase on Black Friday Deal 2020 discounts. Their charging technique is terrific.  And this battery can use charge program. The battery can protect the hoverboard for a long time.



Really don’t give up hope when you see the large top quality of your favourite hoverboard.  Black Friday deals will provide you the finest supply.  So pick out the best hoverboard of your option now. If you want to be a terrific racer, get our hoverboards and boost your encounter.

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