Beautiful Fall Rose Decor Made from Artificial Leaves

I love how beautiful this project turned out!  You can so easily make your own fall rose decor with just items!  Using artificial fall leaves, floral wire, and glue you can create stunning bouquets or single flowers to display or add to other fall decor projects.  This is one of my favorite projects of the season! 

Fake rose made from leaves on fall themed paper

Fake Leaf Rose Decor

We have made flowers out of many different items.  From basic paper flowers to fabric flowers and even these cool orange peel flowers, there are tons of items you can turn into a floral arrangement.  Even yarn in this pom pom flower bouquet works great.  But this time, I grabbed the fake leaves leftover from other projects and turned them into a rose that is honestly, absolutely gorgeous. 

If I can’t have the real thing, fake flowers make me happy.  So why not use an artificial leaf and turn it into a flower?  Of course, the rose is a perfect choice, and these practically come to life as a fresh bloom while you make them!

Orange leaf rose and white branches in white vase

Can I Use Different Colors of Leaves for This? 

Definitely!  I was focused on making fall decor so I used orange and fake fall leaves for this project.  If you have different fresh green, orange, yellow, or dark red leaves, they can all work for this project.  Ideally, the leaf you use for your rose should be a larger leaf, similar to the maple leaf shape shown here.  Different shapes can be a bit more difficult to arrange into the rose shape you want. 

What Ways Can I Display These Fake Roses? 

Oh, the ideas I have!  You, of course, can use these however you want, but I love the idea of putting them into other decorations or using them as a stand-alone bouquet.  Below are some fun ways you can use these roses to make a unique fall decoration. 

  • Make a bridal bouquet, use it as a centerpiece at a wedding to match this fall leaf boutonniere or these fall leaf wedding glasses. 
  • Create a bouquet and tie with a large yellow, orange, dark red, or gold bow and gift to someone or place in a fall vase as a centerpiece. 
  • Place the flowers on shorter stems and add them to a wreath or small centerpiece display. 
  • Tuck into artificial flower displays that are neutral colors to make them fit the fall theme better. 

Fake leaf roses on white table

How Can I Make These Sparkle? 

Do you keep your friends close and enemies closer?  Well, that works with this because glitter is every crafter’s best friend and sometimes worst enemy.  So, obviously, that’s my first tip.  Add a bit of spray glue to the flowers, then dust in glitter.  Turn them over and tap off any excess glitter and now you have a sparkly bouquet that will twinkle in the light and make the display look even better. 

Should I Add Leaves Where the Stem Attaches? 

While you are adding leaves around the shape of the rose to give it an open flower look, you may also want to add smaller green leaves just below those where the stem attaches.  It isn’t necessary, but it is a nice addition, especially if you plan to use these by themselves rather than in a bouquet.  

Woman holding large fake rose

How Can I Clean These? 

One of the worst parts of home decor is the dust it often collects.  Since I have cats in my home, it seems like that just doubles the dust because of floating cat hair.  So, dusting is a huge part of my routine, and things like this with little nooks and crannies can be frustrating because dust so easily gets trapped inside them. 

There are three options I recommend.  The first is that when the season is over, the flowers are wrapped in a plastic bag before storing so no dust or dirt gathers over the course of the year before they are displayed again.  Secondly, the canisters of air that you use on computer keyboards are an excellent choice for use with small items like this.  Just hold them over a trash can or take them outside to spray.  Lastly, I have found that the Swiffer dusting tool is a great choice that really grabs dust from inside small spaces with no liquid cleaner needed. 

Two fake roses in hands

Supplies Needed

Fake orange leaves and floral wire on white table

How to Make a Fall Rose from Artificial Leaves

Fold the bottom edge of a fake leaf over and glue it to itself creating a flat edge that will face upwards on the flower. 

Hands folding fake leaf

Attach the side edge of the fake leaf to the top of a piece of floral wire. 

Hand rolling orange leaf over floral wire

Begin wrapping the leaf around itself adding glue every few wraps to secure.  Be careful to keep this tight and tucked evenly. 

Fake leaf on floral wire in hands

Continue with a second leaf attached to the first with glue.  Wrap around the other leaf until it is completely wrapped. 

Hand wrapping fake leaf around floral wire

Next, glue the center of a leaf onto the outside of these wrapped leaves, then fold down the top to create a flat edge and glue to secure.  Fold those edges back to create folds of the petals. Repeat this two to three times until the middle of the rose is puffed out as you want.

Flower being assembled on white table

Now, glue three unfolded leaves to the base of your flower, so the pointed edges facing up and outwards.  You can add glue to the middle against the other petals if needed to secure them into place.

Hand touching leaf on fake rose

Now you can display your roses!

Fake orange doily on flower

More Fall Decor Ideas

If you love the idea of decorating your home for fall, look no further than here for fun ideas that are going to make your home feel like a welcoming oasis this autumn.  Whether you want a pumpkin, acorn, wreath, or something entirely different, the list below has something unique for you to add to your home decor.  Make sure you bookmark, pin, or print the tutorials to make soon! 

Yield: 1

Fake orange flower on doily

Turn those leftover fake leaves into this gorgeous fall rose decor! A simple upcycling project that is beautifully displayed!

Active Time
10 minutes

Total Time
10 minutes


Estimated Cost


Make a dozen and tie them together for a large fall bouquet for a wedding.

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Finished Project Gallery

Artificial rose by wood crate on white table

These are excellent for adding to the top of gifts for the fall season!

Woman in black pants holding two fake roses

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