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Death is a reality from which no one can cover. Even when we check out to suppress the believed, day-to-day situations remind us of it. “Best Drugs For Death”

The truth of the matter about dying is this: we are human beings we shall die a person day. Dying shatters our illusions of electricity, could possibly, and greatness. A male has 1 million guards, has unlimited opportunity, has uncountable wealth, and thinks in the aspiration that he will dwell without end. But death silently penetrates his fortress of safety and will take him away. And helplessly, he follows. His body’s dumped and buried like any other mortal continues to be. What a disgrace! Dying is the great humiliator.
The simple fact that an person can breathe and shift about does not imply that he or she is alive. He or she might be lifeless. Several of the persons who walked our streets are absent. They have no self- know-how. They do not know who they are, wherever they are going, and what their destiny is. They just live aimlessly. They are ghosts. They are not alive.
We are often instructed that demise suggests the dying of the overall body. Do not be deceived. The overall body does not die. The human physique is composed of drinking water, air, fireplace, and earth. At dying, the system basically disintegrates. Water returns to h2o. Air returns to the air. Earth returns to earth. The soul returns to its supply. The human body does not die. The soul does not die. Practically nothing dies.

There is only just one Daily life – God. All other creatures are simply sharing in the exact Daily life. Lifestyle can’t die. Lifestyle manifests itself at several degrees in distinctive creatures. Items are alive to the diploma that they are in touch with Daily life. The more absent they are from Daily life, the extra Lifetime they possess.

“Best Medicine For Death”

Other creatures do not have the freedom to run absent from Existence. They generally reflect Everyday living because they continue being what they are. Just about every creature prospers in its distinctiveness. The goat stays goat. The butterfly continues to be a butterfly. The mango tree, the banana tree, the pants, and the animals carry on what they are.

One does not strive to turn into like the other. Their splendor, purity, and sacredness consist exactly in remaining what they are.

Human beings, on the other hand, have larger freedom. Liberty to be and independence not to be. Freedom to dwell and freedom not to dwell. Your vocation is to come to be 1 with Lifestyle, that is, God. Your magnificence, your holiness, your contentment is made up in remaining what you are a person totally alive in God. When you are far absent from Existence, then you are dead. You live in darkness.

You can no more time see Daily life. All that you see is dead. When you look around you, you will see almost nothing but evil and ugliness. This is demise.
Lots of individuals can no for a longer period admire the elegance of nature: the sky, the bouquets, and the animals. They are not able to relate properly with others mainly because other people are probable demons or are possessed by evil spirits. They see demons in the meals they take in and the water they drink. About sixteen years ago, when I was a schoolboy, I was traveling with a priest. “Best Medicine For Death”

When we were being on the Onitsha Bridge crossing the Niger, the attractive sight of the river, so calm, so blue, so wide, enraptured me. Not equipped to conceal my pleasure, I exclaimed: “Wait!. This river is beautiful”. “Heresy”! Shouted the priest. ” How dare you say that? There are around two thousand demons beneath that water” But is that so?

There are certainly evil forces and destructive electricity in the environment. But I suspect that we have invented most of the demons and evil spirits lurking around us. They are not realities, which we make into fact. A great deal of the Christianity of nowadays is immature and shallow. And of course, shallow Christianity breeds superficial spirituality.
What individuals refer to as spirituality today is appropriately termed piety.

Piety is the honor, respect, or adoration specified to a human being or a matter that you admire and think in and which you can feel has some remarkable powers or attributes. But the port is not spirituality. It is part of spirituality, not the full of it. When piety goes out of shallow spirituality, it potential customers to idolatry.

Spirituality is Lifestyle, and spirituality embraces just about every component of human existence. Your spirituality is your total mind-set to existence-your worldviews, your beliefs, and your principles. Your spirituality is how you attempt to cope with the realities of daily life, how you try for indicating and contentment, how you relate with other folks, with oneself, and with God. “Best Drugs For Death”

All these make up your spirituality. Christianity spirituality is a Christian way of being familiar with lifestyle, relating to oneself, other people, and God. Pagan spirituality is a pagan way of comprehending the planet. Most people, then, has spiritual. Even the so-named atheist has his spirituality.
To be a Christian is to be experienced and balanced. A spilled character or diseased intellect are not able to fulfill the Christian obligation to adore, simply because really like needs self-sacrifice, maturity, and stability. So lengthy as we neglect some essential aspects of our daily life, so long as our spirituality does not embrace each and every element of our existence, we shall not be complete in thoughts and entire body.

One particular neglected region of Life is songs. Songs belongs to the dimension of seem. In the starting, there was very little. And God stated, ” Enable there be gentle,” and ” there was light-weight.” God uttered the phrase into existence. God produced the earth via audio. When we sing, we re-echo the imaginative seem by which the world came into currently being. Songs inbound links us with our starting, with Everyday living, with God.

Therefore, it is sacred.
There is always a will need to get in touch with our commencing, our resource, our origin, to manage our stability and wholeness. This is true, specially in periods of crisis, when we need to hear the innovative seem of creation restoring us to Lifetime. But now, tunes has been misused. Audio no more time recreates.

In its place, it displays the decay and degradation of our minds. Fairly than staying medication for our soul and system, it only excites our lower senses and leaves us vacant. So often, our musicians sing just to make dollars, or to promote the senses, not to re-echo that audio of development that brings wellness and therapeutic. “Best Medication For Death”

Even in our church buildings, new music doesn’t appear to play that elegant role of linking us with the divine, the absolute, with God and enjoy. Our Christian musicians rarely compose hymns that replicate the creed in a major and reworking way. Instead, they imitate the recent pop, jazz, rock, and reggae songs and only wave their ly.
Lyrics into them, forgetting that the concept is as critical as the means of conveying it.

If you pay attention very well to the audio to the songs in our church buildings now, you can barely distinguish in between Catholic Hymns and Anglican Hymns or Church of God Mission Hymns. The two the melody and the wordings are the same. You can no longer differentiate a Catholic a liturgy from Methodist liturgy just listening to their music.

If 1 calls this ecumenism, a very shallow ecumenism, it should be. Enable tunes assume a creative role in our life. Enable new music hyperlink us with Life, and then we shall be healed, for tunes is medication.

The video clip business in Nigeria has turn into a very lucrative organization. Just about each individual 7 days, new movies are released into the marketplace. The movie sector has noticed to get in excess of the preaching operate of ministers, and they influence the people’s minds extra than homilies of clergymen.

Images are strong. Photographs penetrate our souls and usually remain there. Illustrations or photos condition our minds and souls. Whatever picture enters into your brain gets section of you. “Best Medicine For Death”

The images presented on our television screens are practically usually about witchcraft, evil spirit, sexual intercourse, and violence. The video clip business has conditioned our minds to expect the presence of witches, wizards, and evil spirits everywhere we go. But this ought to not be permitted to proceed. Allow the men and women learn to see and experience the all-pervading existence of God’s heart.

Holy spirit. Permit men and women see the magnificence and question of mother nature. Permit them know the splendor and holiness of all human people. Enable our actors and film producers condition people’s minds for great, not concern. To be enlightened is to be totally alive, to see actuality as it is. Then we shall be content in God. We shall die no additional. This is everlasting existence. This is the dying medicine.

#By Reverend Adodo

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“Best Medication For Death”

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