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Easy DIY Chestnut Bat Kids Halloween Craft

Looking for an adorable and simple Halloween craft idea? These chestnut bat kids Halloween craft is super easy to make. Using a few basic materials, kids can create these bats to hang around the house as a fun hands-on decoration. Simple to make, inexpensive too, these bats are cute but not spooky Halloween decorations!

Yellow paper with black word Halloween holding bat decoration

Chestnut Bat Kids Halloween Craft

Making this little bat idea is easy and does not take a lot of time or materials. Kids will love being able to create these bats and then display them for everyone to see. With mostly household materials, kids will be able to make a cauldron (large group) of bats.

What is great about these bats is that there is almost nothing to buy. With the exception of the chestnuts, most people have enough of the materials or at least something that they can use, to make the bats already on hand. For many people, even the chestnuts are on hand. If you have to buy a bag, now you have a delicious treat to snack on while crafting with the kids this Halloween.

If you like using nuts or shells to craft with, you will love this rustic fall wreath. It’s beautiful and so easy to make!  You can also make these cute glitter acorns and add them to a bowl of fall potpourri for a sparkle and fun addition to your decor. 

Black bat craft laying on blue paper with fake pumpkins

Can I Use a Different Nut Other than Chestnuts?

You don’t have to use a chestnut to make these bats. It is important to use something that has a smooth surface, like a pecan. The smooth surface allows the body of the bat to look natural as well as makes it easy for the materials to stick to the shell.

Some ideas include hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, acorns, pecans, and of course, you can use things like painted bottle caps and similar if you prefer.  It doesn’t have to be made with a nut for the head if you don’t want to do that.  We’ve even used an upcycled plastic spoon bat as a decoration!  The possibilities are endless. 

Halloween background with chestnut bat in foreground on table

What Other Ways Can I Make the Wings?

If you want to make their wings out of something other than what I used, you can use pretty much anything you can cut into shape. Below are a few ideas that could work for this project.  Many of these items already come in black or could easily be painted black. 

  • Foam paper or craft foam
  • Paper plates
  • Cardboard
  • Posterboard
  • Cardstock
  • Fabric with starch or Mod Podge to stiffen 

Crafted bat on top of blue scrapbook Halloween paper background

What Should I Use to Make the Face on My Bat?

The face is key to the cuteness of this bat kids Halloween craft. So you want to make sure it looks great.  A paint pen is super handy and what I used, but you can grab whatever you have on hand and create your own little smiling or frowning bat face. 

You can use something as simple as googly eyes to make the face. Another option that is a bit messier is to use paint, with a paint brush, or you can use a paint pen as I did.

Depending upon the surface, you can use a permanent marker for this face. In addition to these suggestions, you can also use things that you have laying around like felt, yarn, and buttons. It is fun look around the house and get creative.

Purple halloween background under crafted chestnut bat

How Should I Hang This Bat?

This bat kids Halloween craft is so cute once it is hung and displayed. Hanging them can be super easy with just a few things.  You’ll want to decide if it should be sitting upright (for hanging on a wall or wreath)or with the face looking out or down (for hanging from the ceiling).  Once that is decided, you can attach one of the ideas below to create a way of hanging this from the wall or ceiling. 

  • Fishing line
  • Twine
  • Rope
  • Ribbon
  • Ornament hook
  • Command hook
  • Pushpin or thumbtack

Woman holding chestnut bat in hands

Will the Chestnut Go Bad?

Chestnuts can go bad after they have reached a certain age. While they may last for a considerable amount of time, they can also begin rotting fairly quickly depending upon location, openings in the nut, etc. 

That is the case with these little chestnut bats.  While it is special to keep the crafts that your kids create, since these chestnuts will go bad, you do not want to keep this one. It is best to throw away the chestnut bats after the Halloween decorations are taken down.

Black craft bat on white table

Supplies Needed

Black paper chestnut scissors and pen on white table

How to Make a Bat Out of Chestnuts

On a piece of black craft paper, trace the scalloped-edged batwing shape.  

Hand in yellow shirt drawing on black paper

Cut out one wing, then use it as a template to trace a matching second wing.  Set these aside. 

Cutting bat wings out of black paper using blue scissors

Using the same piece of paper, cut out two small triangles and set them aside. 

Tiny black triangles of paper on white table

On the center of a chestnut, use a white paint pen to draw a smile with two dots for fangs on the bottom and a small dot just above for the nose. 

Hand drawing face on chestnut with white pen

Using hot glue, attach the googly eyes just above the white nose. 

Woman holding chestnut with face painted on it

Fold over the bottom (not pointed) end of the triangles so you have a very small “lip”.  Glue these to the top of the chestnut with hot glue or craft glue. 

Hand gluing ears on top of chestnut to make bat

Fold the two wings in half at the same point to create “movement” of the wings.  Then, on the very edge of the widest part, fold over a small piece to create a “lip” for attaching to the chestnut. 

Hand folding black wing to attach to chestnut

Glue the wings in place on either side of the face. 

Hand holding paper wing against chestnut bat face

If hanging the bat, attach a hook using hot glue. 

Display your bat for your Halloween party!

Chestnut bat in hands

More Easy Halloween Crafts

One of my favorite seasons to decorate for has to be Halloween.  So many adorable little ideas that are fun for kids, and of course, plenty of spooky things for the adults.  Below are some of my favorites for you to make this year!

Yield: 1

Halloween bat decoration on blue table

Grab a few simple supplies to make this adorable and easy DIY chestnut bat. The perfect kids’ Halloween craft!

Active Time
10 minutes

Total Time
10 minutes


Estimated Cost


Hang the bat from the ceiling as a fun new Halloween decoration.

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Make a bunch of these and string along the mantle for a fun garland. 

Chestnut bat laying on yellow and black halloween paper

They also make great toppers for gifts around Halloween! 

Bat decoration laying on top of purple scrapbook paper

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Fast and Easy Fall Felt Leaf Wreath Dollar Store Craft

Do you want something easy to make, affordable, and beautiful for your front door this fall?  This easy fall felt leaf wreath is a perfect dollar-store craft idea that can be done in no time for just a few dollars.  I love that this is rustic and yet modern at the same time.  It makes the perfect door decoration from August to November!

Fall wreath hanging on white door with glass insets

Fall Felt Leaf Wreath

I have seen similar wreaths in various home decor stores for upwards of $50, and I just can’t justify that expense.  So, making one myself is what makes sense.  A simple wreath form, a few pieces of felt, some floral wire, glue, and scissors, and you have under $10 in this wreath and a better-looking result than you would have if you purchased the fancy version. 

If you want more ideas for other doors or mantles in your home, don’t worry, I have some great fall wreaths that are beautiful and affordable.  My favorite is this rustic fall wreath with natural elements, but this easy fall wreath with felt flowers is another gorgeous choice that is super easy to make. 

Wood and glass door with fall wreath hanging

What Can I Use if I Don’t Have Felt? 

Since you want the flowers to have depth and to stay in the shape you create, you’ll want something stiff.  Felt is ideal because it’s soft but holds shape.  Foam paper is another great option and one that is also inexpensive.  If you only have fabric, it can be used, but I recommend covering it with Mod Podge or spray starch so it is harder.  Then cut out and shape. 

I would not make this with paper if it is supposed to hang outside.  However, if it is going to be indoors, you could get the same result with cardstock or some heavier-weight craft papers. 

Close up image of fall leaf wreatha gainst white door

What is the Best Wreath Form For This? 

A grapevine wreath works best for this since you want to tuck the flower stems into the wreath to look natural.  It could be done with a foam wreath that has been wrapped in ribbon, fabric, or burlap, but wouldn’t look as natural.  

Another option that would work well with this are the hay wreath forms.  It fits the fall theme and can be used with the flowers to look natural.  If nothing else is available, you can always wrap a wire form in raffia and then attach the leaves with glue to create a similar look for your fall wreath.  

Orange and yellow fake leaves on grapevine wreath hanging on white door

Where Can I Hang My Fall Leaf Wreath? 

This can go almost anywhere but the most common places to hang your wreath are the mantle and the front door.  This could also be laid flat on a table with a candle in the middle as a centerpiece, or hung on a wall above a dining table, or as part of your living room decor.  There is no specific way to use or display this that is correct.  Use it for what you want in your home. 

Woman holding fall colored leaf wreath

How Can I Hang My Wreath? 

One of the best things about the grapevine wreath is there are so many areas you can slip a hanger through it.  If hanging on a wall or above a mantle, the open spaces between the vines can be ideal for slipping over a hook or nail on the wall.  When hanging on a door, you can use a traditional over-the-door hanger, or the same nail or hook.  

Of course, you can also add a loop of twine, ribbon, rope, or similar around the wreath form or through the grapevines to use to hang from the said hook but dangle further down on the door or wall. 

Fall leaf wreath on orange rug

Supplies Needed

Colored felt on table with grapevine wreath and scissors on top

How to Make a Fall Felt Leaf Wreath

Fold a piece of felt down 2″, then cut a rounded shape about 3″ long from the felt.  Trim the edges to create a leaf shape with a rounded end and pointed end. 

Orange felt being cut

Use this leaf as a template to cut out more leaves from the other colors of felt until you have around 10 to 12 in each color.

Hand cutting a leaf out of orange felt

You should have between 50 and 60 leaves.

Add a bit of hot glue halfway up the side of one of the leaves, then fold the other side over, sealing it against itself.  Creating a leaf that is open on one end but slightly pointed and closed on the opposite end. 

Gluing felt leaves together at bottom

Repeat this with all of the leaves. 

Piles of felt leaves on white counter

Cut 3″ pieces of floral wire, one for each leaf. 

Add a bit of glue to one end of the felt leaf.

Gluing felt leaf above wreath

Then slip the floral wire inside the closed end of the leaf.  

Adding floral wire to leaf

Then, add glue to the other end, and place it inside the wreath form to secure. 

Putting floral wire leaf into wreath

Bend the wire slightly so the leaf faces either toward the middle or outside the wreath form. 

Adding leaves to grapevine wreathj

Repeat this, alternating colors every 1 to 2 inches,  and moving around the wreath form until it is mostly covered with leaves.  You will still see the wreath form underneath, but it will also show mostly leaves. 

Fall leaf wreath on white table

Attach a ribbon or string and hang as desired. 

Woman in black pants holding leaf wreath

More Fall Decor Ideas

Fall is definitely my favorite season to decorate.  You can put something up in August and it works until November.  What’s not to love about that?  Plus, it’s my favorite season with nice cool breezes, warm colors everywhere, and the smell of wood smoke in the air.  So, of course, I love making crafts to honor those things.  Below are some more of my favorites for you to bookmark, pin, or print to make soon!

Yield: 1

Fall leaf wreath on orange rug surrounded by fake leaves

A combination of a naturally rustic grapevine wreath and a bit of felt and you can create this gorgeous fall felt leaf wreath!

Active Time
45 minutes

Total Time
45 minutes


Estimated Cost


  1. Fold a piece of felt down 2″, then cut a rounded shape about 3″ long from the felt.  Trim the edges to create a leaf shape with a rounded end and pointed end. 
  2. Use this leaf as a template to cut out more leaves from the other colors of felt until you have around 10 to 12 in each color. You should have between 50 and 60 leaves.Hand cutting a leaf out of orange felt
  3. Add a bit of hot glue halfway up the side of one of the leaves, then fold the other side over, sealing it against itself.  Creating a leaf that is open on one end but slightly pointed and closed on the opposite end. 
  4. Repeat this with all of the leaves.  Piles of felt leaves on white counter
  5. Cut 3″ pieces of floral wire, one for each leaf. 
  6. Add a bit of glue to one end of the floral wire, and slip it inside the closed end of the leaf.  Adding floral wire to leaf
  7. Then, add glue to the other end, and place it inside the wreath form to secure. 
  8. Bend the wire slightly so the leaf faces either toward the middle or outside the wreath form. Adding leaves to grapevine wreathj
  9. Repeat this, alternating colors every 1 to 2 inches,  and moving around the wreath form until it is mostly covered with leaves.  You will still see the wreath form underneath, but it will also show mostly leaves. 
  10. Attach a ribbon or string and hang as desired. Fall wreath hanging on white door with glass insets


Add greenery around the flowers for a different look.

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Finished Project Gallery

Wood and glass door with leaf wreath

This could also be made using green and yellow felt for springtime or even blue and white for winter. 

Leaf wreath hanging on white door

Add a burlap bow to the top for an additional look. 

Fall wreath hanging on white door

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Cute Stuffed Sock Pumpkin Fall Decoration

I love upcycling stuff, so why not use an old sock or sweater to create a pumpkin? This stuffed sock pumpkin is beautiful, easy to make, affordable, and most of all, it is super simple to customize. Make this little pumpkin decoration as a gift, to put on your table, mantle, or to top a package with for a fun fall creation!

Seasonal paper topped with white doily and striped pumpkin

Stuffed Sock Pumpkin

When you look to what you have on hand to create with, sometimes inspiration hits and you find yourself using items that might otherwise never make it into your crafting. An old sweater with a hole but cute striped arms can be turned into a pumpkin when stuffed with rice. No sweater around? Check that bin of socks without mates!

This easy craft is just one of the many ways I like using old socks. In fact, here is a list of frugal ways to use mismatched socks, and even a whole list of sock toys you can make for the kids! We have even made rice-filled sock Scandanvaian gnomes and sock bunnies for holidays!

Red and blue plaid fabric underneath whole pecans and striped fabric pumpkin

What Should I Stuff the Sock With?

For this, I used rice to stuff the sock. Rice is a great choice since it is so cheap and probably already on hand. Other options include dry beans, lentils, or styrofoam beads. When using foodstuff, remember that sometimes those items can get weevils, so if keeping the pumpkin for the long term, you may want to invest in the styrofoam beads.

Another option is to stuff it with scrap fabric, yarn, or even some newspaper or scrap paper crumpled into a ball. While a softer material is nice, it just needs to be filled to a rounded shape. Even a styrofoam ball could work inside the sock if you wanted something more solid.

Orange and white striped pumpkin on seasonal themed paper

What Are the Best Socks for Making Pumpkins?

The best socks are the ones you already have that don’t have a match. Of course, when making a pumpkin, you might automatically think it should be orange, but that’s not the case. There are tons of gorgeous pumpkins in a number of colors. I love the rich jewel tones of fall and have seen beautiful displays that included forest green, navy, maroon, and even shades of black with gold accents.

The only other thing to consider is if the sock is thick enough that items won’t fall out of it or through cracks. The sweater shown for this has a looser weave, but it is still thick enough no rice falls out. A solid fabric may be better than hand crochet or knitted choice if using small items like rice as stuffing.

Orange and white striped fabric pumpkin sitting on yellow paper

What All Can I Use for the Pumpkin Stem?

I tend to go for natural elements when doing fall decor projects, so I grabbed a small branch and cut a piece to use. That’s not the only option, however. Below are some ideas that make perfect stems on your pumpkin!

  • Small piece of wood, twig, or a branch.
  • Wine cork.
  • Pecan, walnut, or almond in its shell.
  • An extra-large bead or pom pom.
  • Raffia wrapped together to create a thick “stick”.
  • Small drawer knobs or pulls.

Fabric pumpkin on brown table with fake leaves

How Can I Decorate Using This Pumpkin?

Throughout fall you see pumpkins used everywhere for home decor. Whether it’s on the wreath at your front door or you find it sitting on a table with other fall elements, it’s the classic fall seasonal decor item. This pumpkin can easily fit into all of those things, and below are a few of the ways you can decorate using your stuffed sock pumpkin this year.

  • Add to the mantle, bookcase, or shelf, along with other fall-themed decor items.
  • Use as part of a side table or dining table centerpiece. Great if you make multiple similar in different sizes.
  • Attach to a wreath.
  • Hang from the ceiling with fishing line as part of a fall-themed party or event.

Orange and white striped fabric pumpkin on white table

How Can I Make This Pumpkin Look Fancier?

While I adore the rustic look most of the time, there are some days when something a bit more upscale is needed. In this case, the pumpkin may look a bit rustic now, but a few changes can make a huge difference. Especially if you swap out the colors.

I love the idea of using different fabrics of socks. A velvet texture from a sweater sleeve would be excellent, while an argyle sock would present a whole new look or style.

Other additions are to dip the stem, vine pieces in glitter so they sparkle, spray the entire thing with glitter spray, or add sparkling twine over the rubber bands as accents.

Orange and white striped pumpkin on checked tablecloth

Supplies Needed

White sweater bowl of rice and scissors on orange table

How to Make a Stuffed Sock Pumpkin

If using a sock, skip the first step.

Cut an 8″ length of the sleeve from a sweater.

Hand cutting sleeve from sweater with blue scissors

Using needle and thread, sew up one end of the sleeve creating a “sock”.

Hand cutting thread with blue scissors

Fill the sock with rice until it is large enough to form a ball shape.

Hand stuffing rice into orange and white striped sock

Sew, through the sock just above the fil line for the rice, then tie yarn or additional thread around to secure.

Stuffed sock being tied off at top with thread

Trim off any excess fabric.

Blue scissors cutting extra fabric off top of sock

Wrap the ball with rubber bands creating the indentations of a pumpkin. Press and flatten down until a pumpkin shape forms.

On a piece of brown foam paper, draw a leaf shape. Cut this out and attach it to the top center of the pumpkin with glue.

Hand using blue scissors to cut leaf shape from brown paper

Use a pencil to wrap pipe cleaners or moldable wire to create a “spring” shape for the vine.

Twisting wire around pencil

Add a short twig to the center of the pumpkin for the stem.

Gluing stick to top of pumpkin

Then, glue the wire springs beside the twig.

Gluing spring vine to top of fabric pumpkin

Display as desired.

Woman in black pants holding orange and white striped fabric pumpkin

More Pumpkin Crafts for Fall

Whether you want pumpkin decor or just love the flavor of pumpkin spice throughout the season, this fall your life is going to be overflowing with pumpkin everything. Below are a few more of my favorite pumpkin home decor ideas. Make sure you bookmark, pin or print these tutorials to make this fall for your own home!

Yield: 1

Orange and white striped fabric pumpkin sitting on yellow paper

Grab that unmatched sock and turn it into an adorable little stuffed sock pumpkin just in time for fall decorating!

Active Time
20 minutes

Total Time
20 minutes


Estimated Cost


Instead of sewing the top of the sock closed, use a rubber band and ribbon to tie off securely.

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Finished Project Gallery

Blue plaid fabric with pecans in shell and stuffed pumpkin

Make these in various sizes to create your own unique pumpkin patch on your mantle.

Striped fabric pumpkin sitting on fall seasonal paper

Use socks, sweater sleeves, or scrap fabric to create your pumpkin.

Striped fabric pumpkin on tan burlap with fake leaves

These can be used from August to November as decor for fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Stuffed sock pumpkin on gold surface

Add to natural elements as a centerpiece at your Thanksgiving table.

Fabric pumpkin sitting on wood slice

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Beautiful Fall Rose Decor Made from Artificial Leaves

I love how beautiful this project turned out!  You can so easily make your own fall rose decor with just items!  Using artificial fall leaves, floral wire, and glue you can create stunning bouquets or single flowers to display or add to other fall decor projects.  This is one of my favorite projects of the season! 

Fake rose made from leaves on fall themed paper

Fake Leaf Rose Decor

We have made flowers out of many different items.  From basic paper flowers to fabric flowers and even these cool orange peel flowers, there are tons of items you can turn into a floral arrangement.  Even yarn in this pom pom flower bouquet works great.  But this time, I grabbed the fake leaves leftover from other projects and turned them into a rose that is honestly, absolutely gorgeous. 

If I can’t have the real thing, fake flowers make me happy.  So why not use an artificial leaf and turn it into a flower?  Of course, the rose is a perfect choice, and these practically come to life as a fresh bloom while you make them!

Orange leaf rose and white branches in white vase

Can I Use Different Colors of Leaves for This? 

Definitely!  I was focused on making fall decor so I used orange and fake fall leaves for this project.  If you have different fresh green, orange, yellow, or dark red leaves, they can all work for this project.  Ideally, the leaf you use for your rose should be a larger leaf, similar to the maple leaf shape shown here.  Different shapes can be a bit more difficult to arrange into the rose shape you want. 

What Ways Can I Display These Fake Roses? 

Oh, the ideas I have!  You, of course, can use these however you want, but I love the idea of putting them into other decorations or using them as a stand-alone bouquet.  Below are some fun ways you can use these roses to make a unique fall decoration. 

  • Make a bridal bouquet, use it as a centerpiece at a wedding to match this fall leaf boutonniere or these fall leaf wedding glasses. 
  • Create a bouquet and tie with a large yellow, orange, dark red, or gold bow and gift to someone or place in a fall vase as a centerpiece. 
  • Place the flowers on shorter stems and add them to a wreath or small centerpiece display. 
  • Tuck into artificial flower displays that are neutral colors to make them fit the fall theme better. 

Fake leaf roses on white table

How Can I Make These Sparkle? 

Do you keep your friends close and enemies closer?  Well, that works with this because glitter is every crafter’s best friend and sometimes worst enemy.  So, obviously, that’s my first tip.  Add a bit of spray glue to the flowers, then dust in glitter.  Turn them over and tap off any excess glitter and now you have a sparkly bouquet that will twinkle in the light and make the display look even better. 

Should I Add Leaves Where the Stem Attaches? 

While you are adding leaves around the shape of the rose to give it an open flower look, you may also want to add smaller green leaves just below those where the stem attaches.  It isn’t necessary, but it is a nice addition, especially if you plan to use these by themselves rather than in a bouquet.  

Woman holding large fake rose

How Can I Clean These? 

One of the worst parts of home decor is the dust it often collects.  Since I have cats in my home, it seems like that just doubles the dust because of floating cat hair.  So, dusting is a huge part of my routine, and things like this with little nooks and crannies can be frustrating because dust so easily gets trapped inside them. 

There are three options I recommend.  The first is that when the season is over, the flowers are wrapped in a plastic bag before storing so no dust or dirt gathers over the course of the year before they are displayed again.  Secondly, the canisters of air that you use on computer keyboards are an excellent choice for use with small items like this.  Just hold them over a trash can or take them outside to spray.  Lastly, I have found that the Swiffer dusting tool is a great choice that really grabs dust from inside small spaces with no liquid cleaner needed. 

Two fake roses in hands

Supplies Needed

Fake orange leaves and floral wire on white table

How to Make a Fall Rose from Artificial Leaves

Fold the bottom edge of a fake leaf over and glue it to itself creating a flat edge that will face upwards on the flower. 

Hands folding fake leaf

Attach the side edge of the fake leaf to the top of a piece of floral wire. 

Hand rolling orange leaf over floral wire

Begin wrapping the leaf around itself adding glue every few wraps to secure.  Be careful to keep this tight and tucked evenly. 

Fake leaf on floral wire in hands

Continue with a second leaf attached to the first with glue.  Wrap around the other leaf until it is completely wrapped. 

Hand wrapping fake leaf around floral wire

Next, glue the center of a leaf onto the outside of these wrapped leaves, then fold down the top to create a flat edge and glue to secure.  Fold those edges back to create folds of the petals. Repeat this two to three times until the middle of the rose is puffed out as you want.

Flower being assembled on white table

Now, glue three unfolded leaves to the base of your flower, so the pointed edges facing up and outwards.  You can add glue to the middle against the other petals if needed to secure them into place.

Hand touching leaf on fake rose

Now you can display your roses!

Fake orange doily on flower

More Fall Decor Ideas

If you love the idea of decorating your home for fall, look no further than here for fun ideas that are going to make your home feel like a welcoming oasis this autumn.  Whether you want a pumpkin, acorn, wreath, or something entirely different, the list below has something unique for you to add to your home decor.  Make sure you bookmark, pin, or print the tutorials to make soon! 

Yield: 1

Fake orange flower on doily

Turn those leftover fake leaves into this gorgeous fall rose decor! A simple upcycling project that is beautifully displayed!

Active Time
10 minutes

Total Time
10 minutes


Estimated Cost


Make a dozen and tie them together for a large fall bouquet for a wedding.

Recommended Products

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Finished Project Gallery

Artificial rose by wood crate on white table

These are excellent for adding to the top of gifts for the fall season!

Woman in black pants holding two fake roses

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Rustic Burlap Wrapped Owl Wreath Decoration

Owls are so popular as a decor item and I see why! They are just too cute! This rustic burlap-wrapped owl wreath is a great idea for fall but can be hung any time of year. It uses only a few simple supplies, is inexpensive (think dollar store craft), and can be customized with different colors to make it fit any season of the year. Now THAT is the kind of craft I like to make!

Burlap owl on plaid fabric

Burlap Wrapped Owl Wreath

Whether you use this on the front door as a door wreath, hang it on a wall, or hang it on your mantle, this owl is a cute and easy idea to add to your home. I love the versatility of this wreath. It looks like fall when you use the warm shades of brown, but could easily become a springtime, summer, or winter wreath with different colors of burlap and foam paper wings!

Owls have made an appearance in many of our crafts over the years. They are just too precious not to include, plus super easy to make. Like this easy owl diaper cake idea for baby showers, or this simple upcycled plastic cup owl for kids to make, there are many ideas using this theme. I even have a tutorial for making a wine glass owl!

Rustic wreath looking like an owl on red and white table

What Else Can I Use to Wrap the Wreath Form?

If you don’t want to use burlap ribbon, that is okay! I like using what I have on hand, so look to your craft supplies and find something different. Ultimately, it needs to be easy to wrap and secure with glue to the form. Below are some ideas that would work great in place of the burlap ribbon.

  • Any type or color of ribbon that is at least 2″ wide except for lace. Avoid lace as it will show through the form below and won’t look as nice.
  • Felt or fabric cut into 2″ strips and wrapped around the form.
  • Colorful or plain raffia that has been unraveled and flattened some.
  • Old shirt, blanket, or sheet that has been cut into strips and wrapped around the form.
  • Tissue paper, wrapping paper, or tulle.

Yellow background behind owl wreath

What All Can I Use to Create the Owl Eyes?

For this, I used what was on hand and looked cute. Lids to baby food jars, some artificial flowers, and beads. You can do the same thing with other items. You mostly want to make sure that you have a 2″ or more round item for the base of the eyes, then something smaller inside for the middle of the eye to pop and make it look more like a real eye. Below are a few ideas that could work.

  • Bottle caps, condiment jar lids, baby jar lids, or mason jar lids for the base.
  • Artificial flowers, round craft foam, construction paper, or paint for the middle.
  • Paint, beads, sequins, or marker for the smallest part of the eyes.

Rustic owl wreath on door

How Should I Hang This Owl Wreath?

Since you are using a foam wreath form, it is a bit different to hang than something like a wire or grapevine form would be to hang. For this, I recommend using a length of ribbon tied around the top (behind the eyes) as part of the way you attach to a hook or wreath hanger.

Alternately, wreath hangers work well to hook underneath the wreath and could slide up under the eyes and beak fairly easily. You might also be able to attach a more traditional picture frame hook to the back, loop of twine, or even ribbon with hot glue. And, since the form is styrofoam, it may be easy to simply push the head of a nail between the ribbon and into the form to hold it into place on a wall or door.

Burlap owl wreath being held by woman in black

Can This Stay Outside in Fall Weather?

This is a yes and no question. A lot of times, front door wreaths don’t stay out in weather conditions because they will be ruined. If you have a porch or awning that will keep the wreath from getting wet or damaged, then sure, leave it outside. For those who have a lot of severe weather, wind, or no protection over the door the wreath will hang from, you may want to keep this as an inside-only craft.

The main concern is that the burlap ribbon getting wet would look bad. The wings, eyes, beak, and overall form won’t be damaged by rain, but the fabric or burlap part just might look bad for a bit until it dries. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice and could easily be outside or inside.

Burlap wreath looks like an owl on white door

Supplies Needed

Foam wreath form raffia paper and ribbon on white table

How to Make an Owl Wreath

Attach the end of the burlap ribbon to the foam wreath form with glue.

Hand wrapping burlap ribbon around white foam wreath form

Then wrap the wreath keeping the ribbon slightly overlapping itself so the wrath form is completely covered. Secure with glue at the end, then set aside.

Hand wrapping wreath in burlap

Cut approximately 20, 4″ lengths of raffia.

Hand holding black scissors cutting raffia

Turn a bottle cap or lid over so the top is facing upwards, and begin gluing pieces of raffia in a criss-cross fashion until the lid is covered and the excess is hanging off the sides.

Raffia being layered on top of lid

Turn the lid over, and pull the raffia against the sides so it is facing the empty side of the lid.

Secure the raffia on the edges of the lid with glue.

Hand gluing raffia around side of jar lid

Place a small ribbon or piece of twine around the outside of the raffia as additional security and color.

Trim the ends of the raffia to an even length (around 1″ above the bottom of the lid).

Hand holding lid with raffia trimming edges with scissors

Glue black beads onto the center of two fake paper sunflowers.

Hands placing beads in center of sunflowers

Then, glue the flowers, one inside each lid. Set these “eyes” aside.

Hands placing beads in center of sunflowers

Cut a triangle of foam paper out.

Glue it on top of the burlap-covered wreath, with the pointed edge pointing downward.

Hand putting triangle of foam onto burlap covered wreath

Attach the two eyes over the top of this next to each other to create the owl beak and eyes.

Hands gluing eyes to owl wreath

Trace a wing shape onto the back of a piece of folded foam paper, then cut them out.

Hand holding black scissors cutting foam paper

Attach to the sides of the wreath with glue.

Hands placing wings on sides of owl wreath

Now you can hang or display your wreath!

Burlap owl wreath on white table

More DIY Wreaths

I love adding wreaths to my front door or above my mantle. They are so simple but can be absolutely beautiful and really turn a room into a place that is welcoming. If you want more ideas for wreaths, below are a few of my favorites that you can DIY and add to your front door. go ahead and bookmark, pin, or print the tutorials so you can make these soon!

Yield: 1

Owl wreath on white door

Hand this beautiful rustic burlap-wrapped owl wreath on your door any time of year!

Active Time
25 minutes

Total Time
25 minutes


Estimated Cost


You can use any color burlap ribbon you have on hand.

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Finished Project Gallery

Owl wreath laying on red checked tabelcloth

This is a great addition to a child’s nursery that is decorated in owls!

White door with glass panels holding owl wreath

It’s so pretty it can be gifted to friends!

Hanging owl wreath on white front door with glass panels

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Cute Painted Glass Fishbowl Pumpkin Dollar Store Craft

This painted glass fishbowl pumpkin is such a cute little decoration for fall. You can make this in no time, and it’s a perfect craft for kids to make. Add this as part of your Thanksgiving table centerpiece, or use it as a side table decoration, but know it’s going to become a personal favorite you keep year after year.

Hands holding glass pumpkin on table

Glass Fishbowl Pumpkin

You don’t have to like pumpkin spice foods to love this cute little “pumpkin spice” decoration! Simple, affordable, and definitely a dollar store craft, it’s a fun project to make with kids. I like adding pumpkins in different shapes and styles around the house and have been on our front porch as soon as August hits. Keeping them up through November is one of my favorite parts of the year. It just feels like everything is cooler, more comforting, and relaxed out.

If you like unique pumpkins, then you might also like this painted lightbulb pumpkin or this upcycled flower pot pumpkin. They are so cute and easy to make. Of course, I think my all-time favorite pumpkin craft has to be this shabby chic old book pumpkin.

Woman in white holding glass pumpkin

What Paint Should I Use for This Pumpkin?

Since you are painting the inside of the bowl, you can use whatever you have on hand, but I recommend and acrylic craft paint. It’s affordable, usually non-toxic for kids, and comes in a variety of colors.

I would not recommend using watercolor or spray paint for this project. Watercolor won’t give you the color you want, and spray paint is just going to drip and make a mess.

Painted glass pumpkin on table with candle inside

Can I Use a Different Base?

My base was a small glass fishbowl. It had a smaller base and smaller opening that made it look more like a pumpkin. If you want to use something that is plastic instead of glass, please do! It’s a safer choice if working with kids.

I recommend checking your local dollar store for options that are a similar shape. Pick as large or as small as you want the pumpkin to be, or even get a variety of sizes to make a little pumpkin patch with this method.

Wooden tray of fake fall items next to fake glass pumpkin

What Can I Use to Make the Pumpkin Lines?

To add the stem and lines down the sides of the pumpkin, I used little smooth glass rocks or pebbles. These are $1 per bag at Dollar Tree and come in a large variety of colors. So, they were a perfect option to keep this affordable.

You can use just about anything you want for the lines. Ribbon or twine could be glued onto the bowl down the sides, or you could use just a simple paint or marker. Of course, I like the texture and depth of the rocks.

Some other ideas include beads, pebbles, beaded ribbons, sequins, yarn, or strips of lace. Get creative and offer different things for your kids to choose from if they are helping you make this pumpkin.

Glass pumpkin on white table

What Can I Use for the Pumpkin Stem?

I love making things match, so for this stacking the rocks together into a stem at the top worked great. If you want to go a bit fancier or more rustic, there are other great options to choose from below.

  • For a rustic look, a wine cork, piece of twig or branch, or a bundle of raffia.
  • A fancy or upscale look could be a dowel spray painted gold, gold beads, or even a gold taper candle cut to size.
  • Other ideas include using bottle caps painted and stacked together, lids from spray bottles painted and attached, or a small pinecone.

Fake pumpkin next to wood tray on checked tablecloth

What Glue is Best for Attaching the Rocks?

If you choose to use the rocks as I did, it really is best to use hot glue or something like E6000 or Gorilla glue. Heavy-duty glue is needed for the heavier rocks. When using something like yarn or sequins, you can get away with using basic tacky craft glue, or perhaps just basic school glue if working with children.

Painted glass pumpkin on table with lights in background

How Can I Display This for Fall?

I love the idea of using a round tray filled with similar pebbles or rocks and placing the pumpkin down in the center as a centerpiece for the table. But, that’s not all you can do with this! It’s a great addition to any shelf, bookcase, mantle, or table. Display by itself or add it to an existing arrangement.

Since it is a bit larger than some, you can arrange smaller decor around it. I love the idea of using it outside in a fairy garden too! It would be a great fairy garden accessory that brings the season to life in your garden!

Glass pumpkin on yellow paper

Supplies Needed

Fish bowl on blue paper next to stack of glass rocks

How to Make a Glass Fishbowl Pumpkin

Paint the inside of a glass fishbowl or similar bowl orange using craft paint. Set aside to dry.

Hand painting the inside of a glass bowl orange

Once dry, turn it upside down so the open side is down, and begin gluing glass rocks to the top covering the flat bottom.

Hand gluing brown rocks on top of orange bowl

When the top is covered, begin gluing the rocks down the side of the pumpkin. A single line of rocks to create a “line”.

Repeat this 4 to 6 times depending upon the side of your bowl.

Hands gluing brown shiny rocks on side of glass bowl

On the top center rock, glue additional rocks (4 to 5). Stack them on top of each other with glue to create a stem.

Brown rocks stacked on top of glass pumpkin as stem

Now you can display your glass pumpkin!

Painted pumpkin on table with fake leaves

More Fall Craft Ideas

At the beginning of August, I start bringing out all of the fall decorations. From pumpkins and leaves to cute wreaths, there are tons of great ideas below that you can add to your own home decor this year. Make sure you bookmark, pin, or print these tutorials to add to your fall decor crafting.

Yield: 1

Fake pumpkin on table with twinkle lights in background

Upcycle an empty fishbowl to create this lovely painted glass pumpkin! A great Halloween or Thanksgiving decor project!

Active Time
15 minutes

Additional Time
30 minutes

Total Time
45 minutes


Estimated Cost


Make this with any glass or plastic clear bowl with a tapered top and bottom and a rounded middle.

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Finished Project Gallery

Brown and orange painted pumpkin held by person in white shirt

Add a small LED candle to the inside for a glowing pumpkin!

Painted glass fishbowl pumpkin on table with red checked tablecloth

Use this as the center of your table decor and surround it with natural elements like leaves and pinecones.

Yellow surface with fake leaves and glass pumpkin on top

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Easy Handprint Hedgehog Preschool Kids’ Craft

Every mom and dad has at least one handprint craft hanging on a refrigerator or a filing cabinet from when their kids were little. This year, you can make this adorable little handprint hedgehog with your kids! It’s not specific to a holiday or event but is tons of fun to make and ideal for the little ones in the toddler and preschool age group to help create.

Fall colored handprint animal on white background

Handprint Hedgehog

This project is a perfect preschool kids’ craft that combines two of my favorite things. Handprint crafts and hedgehogs! Hedgehogs are adorable little woodland creatures that all kids love to see. While they aren’t as cuddly as a puppy, they are adorable, so getting kids to make one out of paper is a sure win.

We’ve made a handprint chicken for springtime, and I even have a list of handprint Halloween crafts, so of course, a little hedgehog fits into the mix. Whether this is for fall decorations, a class activity, or a homeschool lesson on woodland creatures, it’s a perfectly cheap and easy kids’ craft!

Handprint hedgehog in fall colors laying on plaid fabric

What Paper Should I Use for Making Handprints?

One of my favorite things about this is that the handprints can be made using any paper you want or have on hand. Of course, I grabbed some craft paper for this example, but you can mix it up and make it even more unique. Some ideas are below.

Just because this one was made with fall color and basic paper doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Turn your hedgehog into a punk rocker with purple and gold or make it natural with tan, cream, and brown. Just have fun making it!

Fall colored handprint paper craft on blue and green paper

What Should I Use to Make my Hedgehog Face?

The face is really what makes it fun. If you are making these with little ones, you want easy options for them. For those who are doing this on their own or with older kids or even teens, get creative with what you have on hand or something unique. This version uses foam paper, googly eyes, and a marker. Below are some more ideas that work great for this project.

  • For the eyes: buttons, beads, foam paper, or marker
  • For the mouth: yarn, twine, ribbon, marker, paint, or stickers
  • For the nose: buttons, beads, foam paper, marker, stickers, pom poms

This can be super artistic and have a unique look with different textured papers, glitters, or even sequins. Or, it can remain simple and childlike as shown. What you do to make it your own is truly up to you! Just have fun and don’t overthink the process.

Yellow background with fake leaves and a handprint hedgehog craft on top

How Can I Display This Craft?

Handprint crafts are typically given as a “gift” to parents and grandparents. This one can definitely be a gift for anyone, but it’s also a cute little decoration.

I love the idea of kids making these to put inside a shadowbox or frame with the date and their name. They can hang it in their bedroom as their own custom artwork. Of course, the hedgehogs also are ideal for use as decor for birthday parties or baby showers. Just add a bit of a fishing line to the back and hang them from the ceiling.

You can even just use the magnet and put it on the refrigerator. Whatever you do with them, make sure your child or helper knows how much you love it and how excited you are that they made it!

Handprint hedgehog being held by woman

What Kind of Glue Can I Use to Make This with Kids?

Hot glue is my go-to choice because of its convenience and affordability. That said, it’s not a safe choice for children. So, you want a different choice for this project.

For a longer-lasting glue, I would recommend a craft glue, E6000, or Gorilla Glue. However, depending upon the age, you may still want to avoid those items. If all else fails, good old-fashioned school glue works wonderfully for this with younger kids. Just make sure you allow the hands time to dry in place before letting the children move the project around or take it home.

Handprint craft sitting on top of stump

Supplies Needed:

Craft paper in fall colors on white table with scissors and pens on top of them

How to Make a Handprint Hedgehog

Trace a pear shape onto craft paper that is approximately 6 inches wide at the bottom.

Cut this out and set it aside.

Blue scissor in hand cutting shape out of tan paper

Trace hands onto 8 to 10 pieces of paper in various colors.

Hand being traced onto oraneg paper

Cut out the hands and set them aside.

A pile of paper hands on white table

Trace and cut out two peanut-shaped pieces for feet and one rounded nose out of the brown foam paper.

Hand holding pin over brown foam paper

Then set those aside.

Two foot shaped brown pieces on white table

Place the craft paper larger body onto a flat surface, then carefully glue the handprints around the outer edge of the body, overlapping slightly and alternating colors. Make sure the palm of the hand is glued and the fingers are pointing outward.

Hand holding blue hot glue gun above paper handprints

Glue googly eyes at the top of the body just below the hands.

Next, glue the oval foam piece just below the nose as eyes.

Glue the two feet so they slightly hang off the bottom of the hedgehog body.

Fingers holding foam feet on bottom of paper hedgehog

Use a marker to draw a smile below the nose.

Hand drawing smile on paper

Now you can display your handprint hedgehog!

Yellow leaves on rocks by handpritn hedgehog

More Hedgehog Craft Ideas

Hedgehogs are just so cute that you just can’t avoid how much you love them. The real things are my favorite, but in a pinch, a fun craft can really make your heart happy. Bring a smile to your face and have fun with the kids making some or all of the hedgehog ideas below! Make sure you bookmark, pin, or print these to make soon!

Yield: 1

Handprint hedgehog laying on fallen leaves

Grab the kids to make this easy handprint hedgehog preschool kids’ craft! A super easy, fast, and affordable option the kids will love helping you make.

Active Time
10 minutes

Total Time
10 minutes


Estimated Cost


Make the hedgehog body with heavy cardstock or cardboard then add a support piece at the back so it can stand up on its own.

Recommended Products

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Finished Project Gallery

Blue and red plaid fabric on surface with paper hedgehog on top

Experiment with different papers to make each of your hedgehogs look unique.

Woman in orange shirt holding paper hedegehog

Write the date and child’s name on the back for looking back at in years to come.

Handprint hedgehog on top of stump

Hand as the center of a garland on your mantle with other paper hedgehog ideas around it.

Fall paper hedgehog on cobblestone

Most of all – have fun making these with your kids!

Fallen yellow leaves on ground topped with handprint paper hedgehog

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Cute Paper Hedgehog with Leaf Quills {Free Printable}

I am all about using what I have on hand when crafting, and this little hedgehog was born out of a need to use up some scrap supplies.  A simple paper hedgehog with fake leaf quills is the perfect choice for using extra artificial leaves, and of course, is super fun to create.  I like the idea of customizing it to fit a personality, but you can make it simple like shown and have fun displaying this!

Fake leaf hedgehog on blue paper

Paper Hedgehog Kids Craft

Gather up the fragments of your craft box and get started using what you have on hand to make a cute little woodland creature.  This project is one of those that really costs $1 or less if you can use what you have on hand.  So, it easily fits into that cheap crafting list as well.  While I like it as a fun idea to make with kids, it can be used for decor, put inside a shadowbox, or just hang at a baby shower. 

If you have even more extra fall leaves lying around, you might like this fall leaf windcatcher or even this fall leaf smiling hedgehog face.  Last year I even made a cute little fall leaf placemat that is great for Thanksgiving dinner tables.  

Paper hedgehog with whole pecans around it laying on plaid fabric

What Should I Use for My Hedgehog Body?

I used some basic craft paper, but you can use anything you have on hand.  If you want this to be stiff and stand up or feel sturdy, then cardstock, cardboard, or craft paper is best.  You could use foam paper, felt, fabric, or construction paper for a hedgehog that doesn’t have to remain stiff.  

If you want this to stand up on a counter or mantle, you can even add an extra piece of cardboard, cardstock, or a craft stick on the back to create a brace for it to stand up.  Make something similar to what you would find on the back of a picture frame so it has a brace to lean on and hold it upright. 

Hedgehog made of paper and fake leaves laying on yellow surface

What Glue Should I use to Attach the Leaves? 

If making this as an adult or with teens, you can use a glue gun as I did.  However, when working with children, it is best to go with a non-toxic safe glue.  I like basic craft glue for this, but you could potentially attach using school glue.  Just know that those may not hold the leaves in place as long as the hot glue. 

You can use hot glue with this while working with young ones, but just make sure you are the one who is doing the gluing while they manage things like cutting and drawing the face onto the hedgehog.  

White wood surface with fake pumpkin and pears next to paper hedgehog

What Can I Use for the Hedgehog Face? 

Making faces for these kinds of crafts is so much fun!  You can really get creative with it using what you have on hand and your imagination.  Below are a few things that work well for making faces with eyes, nose, mouth, or even ears!

  • Yarn, ribbon, twine, paint, or marker for the mouth.
  • Buttons, beads, sequins, bottle caps, or pom-poms for the nose. 
  • Googly eyes, buttons, beads, sequins, or markers for the eyes. 

You can add bits of glitter, add sequins, colorful paper, use scrapbook paper in fall colors or patterns, and so much more!  While the example here is basic, that doesn’t mean you can’t get “extra” and make your little hedgehog have tons of personality. 

Woman in black pants holding paper hedgehog in front of her

How Can I Display This Kids Craft? 

I love how this looks good enough to display in your home.  Of course, kids may want to just put this on the refrigerator with a magnet, or send it to a grandparent.  That’s always a good idea.  But, if possible, you might want to display it differently.  

If using for a baby shower or party, you can use a fishing line attached through the top or back of the hedgehog and hang from the ceiling with a push pin.  It can also be used as decor to tape onto a fake tree, add to a garland with other paper woodland creatures, or attach to a banner. 

There are even more fun ideas to use as decor in a nursery or as part of your fall home decor.  The garland on a mantle is a great way to use this around Thanksgiving.  You can also put it inside a picture frame or a shadowbox and hang place onto a shelf or mantle. 

Of course, one of my favorite things is to put craft sticks on the back and turn these into puppets for kids to play with!  How much fun would that be to have pretended play for the kids on Thanksgiving while they wait for dinner?!

Paper hedgehog on green table

Supplies Needed: 

Cream paper scissors markers and orange fake leaves on green surface

How to Make a Paper Hedgehog with Leaf Quills

Trace a hedgehog body shape onto craft paper or print and use the template linked above and cut out then set aside. 

Cream paper hedgehog body shape on green surface

On the same paper, trace a small arm shape and cut this out. 

Hand holding blue scissors trimming cream paper

Attach the arm to the middle of the hedgehog body between the feet and nose. 

Fingers holding arm shaped paper on side of hedgehog shaped paper

Begin gluing the fake leaves onto the body, starting just above the nose and working your way around the outer edge of the body so the leaves pointed edge is facing outward.  

Hands holding three fake leaves on top of cream paper

Go back around the edge and fill in gaps with a second layer of leaves. 

Hands holding fake leaves down on top of hedgehog shaped paper

Glue a large red bead to the tip of the nose. 

Finger on red bead at end of paper animal nose

Attach a black bead for the eye. 

Use a black marker to draw a smile below the nose and three lines on the arm and foot. 

Hand drawing smile on hedgehog face

Now you can display your paper hedgehog!

Hedgehog made of paper and fake leaves being held by woman

More Hedgehog Craft Ideas

Are you looking for more fun crafts to make?  If you love hedgehogs as much as I do, then the crafts below are sure to please.  Make sure you bookmark, pin, or print these to use soon!  So many great ideas for kids and adults to make!

Yield: 1

Red and blue plaid fabric with paper and leaf hedgehog on top next to pecans

What a fun little paper hedgehog with fake leaf quills! A perfect fall woodland creature craft for kids!

Active Time
15 minutes

Total Time
15 minutes


Estimated Cost


Add fishing line to the back to hang this from the ceiling easily.

Finished Project Gallery

Mini paper hedgehog on blue table

I love this idea for a fun project with kids. 

Red and blue plaid fabric under paper hedgehog

You can customize your hedgehog with different colored bodies, noses, or even different colors of leaves!

Paper and leaf hedgehog laying on white wood slat

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Quick and Easy Pinecone Hedgehogs Craft Idea

Leaves are crunching, and it’s almost cool enough to get the fireplace going again! Fall is in full swing, and it’s a crafting paradise outside! With all of the foliage turning, there’s a wealth of branches, leaves, and pinecones to incorporate into some awesome seasonal craft projects! These totally adorable pinecone hedgehogs are just one way we’re ringing in the fall this year! 

Blue and orange pinecone hedgehogs on stump

Quick and Easy Pinecone Hedgehogs Craft Idea

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably given some thought to crafting with pinecones! It doesn’t have to be complicated, though! By giving them just a little personality you can end up with a really cute fall craft project! Better yet, it hardly takes any time to make at all! 

Personally, I love taking simple crafting supplies and turning them into something that’ll turn some heads! These little fellas will make a welcome part of your decor, but you’ll definitely have a blast making them! There’s really a lot you can do with the pinecones in your backyard! 

woman holding handmade natural crafts

Using Natural Elements in Your Crafts 

Fall is a celebration of the changing of seasons in full effect. Seeing the leaves change right before winter, and scavenging for things like pinecones is what it’s all about! If you live anywhere pine trees grow, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a few for yourself! 

Pinecones are a super common element in most autumn/fall-themed craft projects. They’re a symbol of the season, and they have a really interesting texture that would be hard to emulate with synthetic materials. You’ll see them in some of your favorite Christmas decorations, too! Their fanned-out petals have a dark brownish natural hue and visually interesting texture. In this case, we’re going to use them as the body of our little craft hedgehog! 

craft critters handmade pinecone activity

What if I Can’t Find any Pinecones for This Craft?

Generally speaking, they’re all over the place if you live somewhere temperate with Pine trees. If you really are fresh out of luck though, craft and bargain stores might be your best bet! Online marketplaces have a lot to offer, too. In other words, if you don’t have them in your backyard, they’re not hard to buy! 

When you’re out looking around, keep in mind you need a certain type to get the look of these little hedgehogs. Longer, slim pinecones will do the trick! Avoid pinecones that are flared out and wide, as they won’t paint well or sit right. 

Blue and orange pinecone hedgehogs sitting on cobblestone

How Can I Make This Craft Unique?

What I love about these pinecone hedgehogs personally is just how simple they are. That being said, there really is a lot you can do to add some character to them! Their adorable faces and large pinecone body is the perfect canvas for your creativity! Keep the natural theme alive and well by adding some other elements like branches or even acorns to your project. Here are some more simple, but interesting suggestions to perk your creativity: 

  • Spray paint your hedgehogs in fall colors so they can become a part of your centerpiece
  • Superglue some small acorns to use as feet if you’re out of felt
  • Using a brush, paint the tips of the pines along with these pinecones for an interesting effect
  • Make them a part of a natural fall-themed diorama
  • Trying your hand at drawing on different faces to create cute expressions 
  • Use glitter to make them even more eye-catching 

Hedghog craft sitting on stump

Where Should I Display These? 

Their charm makes them a versatile and interesting little piece you can use for your fall decorating! Personally, I love the idea of setting them up with a cornucopia table centerpiece. Or, you can place them on a shelf or mantlepiece to bring some character to any part of your home! Just make sure they’re somewhere people can enjoy their adorable faces and whimsical design.  

Blue and orange pinecone hedgehogs on white table

Materials Needed

craft supplies pinecones craft paper scissors

How to Make Pinecone Hedgehogs 

Start by laying out your pinecones on a sheet of scrap paper or newspaper. The spray paint one pinecone orange, and one blue (or any color you’d like your hedgehogs to be!) After you paint one side, let it dry well before you flip it over and spray paint the other side. You’ll know they’re dry when the paint is no longer tacky or sticky when touched. 

spray painting pinecone on table

Next, trace out a wide heart shape for the faces, two ovals for the hears, and some oblong feet. These will help bring our little pinecone critter to life. If you chose a different color for your hedgehogs, use a felt of the same color. Otherwise, cut one set of each out of blue and orange felt. 

tracing out pieces of paper

If you can find felt with adhesive backing, this process is made a lot easier. If not, you can simply use a hot glue gun, or bottle glue to apply the pieces to your pinecones. 

hedgehog shapes being cut from paper

Apply the features onto the pinecones. The ears, feet, and face should adhere to the surface of the pinecone easily. Hold them in place for a moment to ensure they’ll stay where you left them! 

adding pieces onto hedgehog

Use a small black crafting bead to add an adorable little nose to the face. A small crease should appear where you pressed the felt against the end of the pinecone. Glue this bead in place in that small indent. 

gluing decorations on to a pinecone

Afterward, all you’ve got to do is apply the googly eyes to complete our pinecone creatures! Put these on display anywhere you’d like to see some whimsical and playful fall décor. 

completed hedgehog crafts

Yield: 2

Quick and Easy Pinecone Hedgehogs Craft Idea

Make a pair of these whimsical and adorable pinecone hedgehogs to go with your fall décor!

Active Time
20 minutes

Total Time
20 minutes


Estimated Cost


Make a variety of sizes to create a hedgehog family!

Recommended Products

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Finished Product Gallery 

Create a whimsical and fun diorama for these little pinecone creatures to live in! Everyone’s heard of model Christmas villages, but why not funny fall scenes? 

woman in floral shirt holding pinecone hedgehogs

These pinecone hedgehogs are also perfect for getting kids into crafting, too! They can use it as an opportunity to work on their scissor skills, and create some interesting creatures. 

Pinecone hedgehogs on stump

The colors of these spray-painted pinecones will breathe some life into any collection of fall decorations! Place them somewhere they can add a pop of color. 

Blue pinecone hedgehog on orange paper

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Adorable Toilet Paper Roll Hedgehog Fall Craft

It is certainly a rite of passage for children to craft and create with empty toilet paper rolls.  So, this toilet paper roll hedgehog is sure to be a hit!  A perfect craft for fall, or just because, it’s fast, easy, and fun.  A bit of paint and a marker and you have a perfect little critter for decorating or just to make you smile!

Paper roll hedgehog sitting on white table

Toilet Paper Roll Hedgehog

It’s time to grab that bag of toilet paper rolls out of the craft closet and turn them into something new!  Whether your kids love hedgehogs or you want to do a study at preschool on woodland creatures, this is a perfect craft.  It teaches all about painting, helps with motor skills, and while it can be a bit on the messy side, it’s also fun for getting kids ready to cut and paste items. 

If you have extra toilet paper rolls after you make this, you can create one of these recycled toilet paper roll pumpkins, or check out this list of toilet paper roll crafts for kids for a variety of inspiration. 

Fake hedgehog made from paper roll on table

Can I Use a Paper Towel Roll Instead? 

You sure can!  Just cut to size and follow the same instructions.  You can even cut the paper towel roll into 3 pieces and make shorter hedgehogs if you want. 

Or, you can follow the tips in this paper octopus craft for creating your own “roll’ to use for this project if needed. For this project, I would recommend using cardstock or a heavier paper rather than copy paper when making the “roll”.  It needs to stand up on it’s own, and being painted means you need a bit more sturdiness to the overall body. 

Womans hands holding toilet paper roll hedgehog

What Paint is Best for Toilet Paper Rolls? 

I prefer using basic acrylic craft paint for painting the toilet paper rolls.  It goes on smoothly, is affordable, and most are non-toxic if using with kids.  Finger paints are another option when working with little hands.  

The only paint I would really avoid is watercolor.  When used, the paper roll would absorb too much water and not keep the color.  It could also make it just mushy and fall apart.  So, skip that in favor of thicker paints. 

Paper hedgehog sitting on stump by pinecones

What Else Can I Use to Make the Hedgehog Face and Feet? 

I grabbed a marker that I already had on hand because it’s just the easiest option.  For smaller children or kids who don’t have a lot of skill drawing the features, you can use a number of things to create the face and feet. Below are some of my favorites to use for projects like this. 

  • Stickers
  • Foam paper cut-outs
  • Construction paper, cardstock, or similar cut to shape
  • Googly eyes, buttons, or beads
  • Yarn, ribbon, twine, or rope

Whatever you use, remember that it’s all about making it fun to create.  Nothing has to be exact.  Instead, have fun making your hedgehogs and give them personality with different features, smiles, and such. 

Toilet paper hedgehog sitting in pile of leaves

What Else Can I Use to Make Hedgehog Spikes? 

For this example, I used some brown craft paper.  Cutting the jagged edges makes it look like spikes and is super easy even for little hands to manage.  You can also use paper with yarn attached, or you could even use fake fur if you wanted.  Get creative with what you have on hand. 

I love the idea of a solid oval of paper that has been covered with lines of paper scraps as “spikes” sticking out all over the back of the hedgehog.  How fun would that look? 

Paper hedgehog sitting on rock with leaves

How Can I Hang This? 

If you want to hang your hedgehog instead of displaying him, you can easily do so.  I like using a bit of fishing line so it looks more natural, but you can use ribbon, twine, string, rope, or even ornament hooks.  Just use a small hole punch on the back “fur” of the hedgehog and string the line through.  You can also attach the string through the inside of the paper roll before you even staple and paint it. 

Light brown and dark brown paper hedgehog on stump

Can I Do This to Make Other Animals? 

Yes!  Toilet paper rolls are super versatile naturally in crafting.  Making them into animals just fits.  While we have made a paper roll butterfly and even some spooky Halloween characters from toilet paper, we don’t have a lot of examples of animals made from them.  To make something different than a hedgehog, just focus on the colors of the animal fur and any special features.  The toilet paper roll is the base to work around. 

Fallen yellow leaves with paper hedgehog in middle

Supplies Needed

Brown paper with marker and paint on white table

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Hedgehog

Fold one end of the toilet paper roll together to create a “pocket” and staple together. 

Hands stapling end of toilet paper roll

Paint the toilet paper roll light brown on all sides, then set it aside to draw. 

Hand painting toilet paper roll tan

Trace a rectangular shape onto the cardstock. 

Hand drawing on brown paper

Then cut triangles or “spikes” out on 3 of the sides leaving the bottom flat. 

Cutting spikes onto brown paper

Once the paint has dried on the toilet paper roll, glue it in place onto the brown “spikes” so the flat open end is against the flat end of the brown paper. 

Gluing dark brown paper to painted toilet paper roll

Fold the top of the remaining “spikes” down and glue over the folded part of the toilet paper roll for “hair”. 

Folding brown paper over toilet paper roll

Using a marker, draw feet, arms, and a smiling face onto the body of the hedgehog. 

Hand drawing face on paper hedgehog

Hang, display, or play with your hedgehog. 

Brown painted toilet paper roll hedgehog on white table

More Cute Hedgehog Crafts

I adore real hedgehogs, so of course, they are fun to create too!  Below are some more of my favorite ideas for turning basic craft supplies into a fun little critter.  Whether you want it for playtime with the kids or decorating this fall, this list has something to suit your needs.  Make sure that you pin, bookmark, or print these out so you can make them soon!

Yield: 1

Mini paper hedgehog on green paper with blue background

This adorable toilet paper roll hedgehog is the perfect fall craft for kids to make! Fun, easy, and cheap!

Active Time
10 minutes

Additional Time
30 minutes

Total Time
40 minutes


Estimated Cost


Hang or display your hedgehog on the mantle with similar fall decor.

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These are a perfect craft for making with kids for fall! 

Mini paper hedgehog on green paper with blue background

Customize them with different colors, beads, sequins, or more to add personality to the critter. 

Woman in orange shirt holding toilet paper roll hedgehog

These can even be sealed off on the bottom to create a little gift box for tucking candy inside as a present!

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