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What are the specs of the Realme 7?

What are the specs of the Realme 7?

Realme 7 is an affordable smartphone –θήκες κινητών– that covers the basics that a user needs. With the large 6.5-inch screen, the 90Hz refresh rate and the glamorous new MediaTek Helio G95 chipset, it shows good features, beating the competition with other phones at comparable prices such as the Samsung Galaxy A21S and the Honor 20e.

Turn it on and the 90Hz display is a great introduction to the Realme 7 experience, even if combined with LCD technology. No, it is not the best screen we have seen and it loses when we put it next to the screen of Realme 7 Pro. However, for the asking price of € 219, the mobile has everything it needs.

Add to the mix a huge 5000mAh battery and 30W fast charge and you will not find many phones at this price and build quality. Realme 7 is a phone that breaks them and could be the best in its class for a certain type of user. Here it is worth noting that Realme is so confident in its mobiles that it gives us 3 Years … Yes 3 year warranty and extends the free replacement policy from 1 month to 2 months for DOA mobiles.

Realme 7 Design

There is a matte finish around the back that looks rich and feels less sticky than that of the Realme 6 and X50 Pro. The vertical stripe that penetrates the camera environment looks impressive and leads the eye to the brand logo on the back of the phone and yes when you look at the back of the phone you feel that this glossy phone has a premium feel.

Yes, there is a camera frame on the back of the Realme 7. It is tall and slim and while it is not very visible, when you place the Realme 7 in the included case, it disappears completely. Realme typically uses a non-metallic material in mid-range devices. Realme 7 is no different. The back is polycarbonate, shiny and elegant. I have no problem with the polycarbonate back, although a metallic finish would not be bad in any case as long as there is no wireless charging.

On the right of the device we find the Power button which also works as a fingerprint sensor and of course is very fast and quite accurate. On the left are the volume buttons and the tray for SIM and microSD cards.

Finally at the bottom of the device we find the 3.5mm socket for the headphone jack, the USB-C port and a speaker which we can not say has a very good or loud sound, but it sounds ok despite the dolby digital sound.

Realme 7 Screen

The Realme 7 and Realme 6 have the same 6.5-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2400, so there is nothing revolutionary here. But here Realme maintains the refresh rate of 90Hz, and of course helps it outperform the 60Hz competition from other manufacturers.

The screen comes with Gorilla Glass 3 protection to keep the Realme 7 screen free of scratches and on the top left there is a selfie camera in a small hole in the screen. All of these combine to create an exciting, competitive on-screen experience, even if it’s the one we’ve seen in the previous model.

Realme 7 Performance

With the support of the new MediaTek Helio G95 chipset, the power of the Realme 7 is actually very comparable to that of its more expensive brother, the Realme 7 Pro (REVIEW) powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G. With a Geekbench 515 rating of single-core and 1625 multi-core, the Realme 7 is in the same category as the Poco X3 NFC, which starts at € 269, so it is quite competitive with all other phone brands.

We were able to play Genshin Impact for an hour at 60fps with just a few stutters – and that’s quite impressive given the scale of the game. Increase the graphics settings to the maximum and the game is still playing, but it gets a little slower. The Realme 7 also keeps its temperatures low, with the phone’s carbon fiber cooling system seem to be doing a good job.

Realme 7 Camera

The main difference between the Realme 7 versions in Europe and India is the phone that was released in India and has a 64MP camera, while the European Realme 7 comes with a 48MP sensor – an analysis that we see in everything from the Honor View 20 of 2019, to OnePlus 8 in 2020. Not all implementations of a 48MP sensor are the same and there is no OIS, of course we do not expect the performance of the OnePlus 8 camera here.

Fortunately, the Realme 7 camera is at least quite good. Its primary sensor is combined with an f / 1.8 lens and comes with an 8MP ultrawide camera with an f / 2.3 lens. There’s also a fixed focus macro camera and a depth sensor – both at 2MP.


Battery for the Realme 7

The Realme 7 comes with one of the largest batteries in its class, a 5,000 mAh cell. Also, Realme Dart charging makes its comeback, with 30W speeds that provide full charge in just over an hour and 50% in less than 30 minutes.

There is really a lot to be said for the battery as it is so reliable. With 90 minutes of video playback at maximum brightness, the Realme 7 lost just 11 percent and in normal use, the phone lasts a comfortable day and can be extended to two if used sparingly. Dive into the energy-saving modes in the settings and you will not be surprised if you could stretch it to a third day of use for sure with fairly moderate use.

Phone cases and accessories from

After making up your mind to purchase this new smartphone, you will really need to protect this gorgeous display! So, your new phone case should be from! There are a bunch of phone cases that you can choose from and a lot of accessories. You will be able to keep your smartphone safe while giving it a facelift!


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Should I repair my TV or buy a new one?

Should I repair my TV or buy a new one?

Do you need a technician for your TV that is not working properly? Is your TV screen broken or cracked and you can not enjoy your favourite movies and series? Many wonder if they should spend money on TV service or just buy a new one.

There are trained and specialized technicians that undertake the repair of televisions of the largest manufacturers. They restore your TV to full functionality if possible, or they advise you to buy a new one if it cannot be repaired.

So whether you use your TV for personal and home use or in your business, a non-functional TV is definitely a cause for concern, stress and in some cases a waste of money. Don’t worry, though. Technicians will take care of your TV service with affordable packages.

What are the indications for TV service?

In case your TV needs service, it will give you some indications that there is a problem somewhere. Some of the most obvious signs that you need TV service are the following:

1. Dead pixels

Perhaps one of the most annoying problems on a TV is especially when the pixels are in the middle of the screen and prevent you from watching your favourite program. Sometimes these dots are black or green.

Before we get to the worst case scenario, we need to see if they are burnt pixels or just stuck. The difference is that the latter happens because there is a problem with the transistor. In this case the pixels often have different colours and are in different positions. Otherwise, your TV needs service.

2. Colour distortion

If the colours on your screen appear distorted, your TV may not be working properly. This usually happens gradually, which means you will not notice any difference immediately. Fortunately, the distortion is relatively easy to correct in most cases. Do not despair! Call and a professional will come to your place for a diagnosis.

3. Lines and bars and blurry screen

If your TV starts showing lines and bars, this is generally a sign that there is a problem with the connector. This can usually happen when something magnetic is placed near the TV, demagnetizing it. It is also very common when the picture on the TV seems to be blurred, which makes it difficult for you to enjoy.

It is often difficult to know if your TV is not working properly and needs service or the problem is with the signal or the connection. However, there are some signs that help you diagnose your TV. Get in touch and contact an electrician – ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΛΟΓΟΙ ΑΘΗΝΑ – either by phone or by filling out the online form on their website. Discuss your needs together and they will find the appropriate solution. They have a huge range of TV products and services to choose from, even if your TV warranty has expired.

TV service with speed and efficiency

Find a company that has long experience and modern equipment. technical service and technicians are constantly informed and trained about the rapid developments that are taking place in the field of television. It is a fact that new models and new types of televisions are constantly being developed.

After making the first contact they will arrange an appointment at a time that suits you. A member of their team will come at your place for a diagnosis. If it is something that can be repaired on the spot, they will proceed to the TV Service in your area and you will return to the enjoyment of your TV without hassle.

If, however, the TV needs to be transferred to the repair centre of the company, the TV technician will take it with him for diagnosis and service. The technicians will make all the necessary repairs and will fix your TV. They will return it to your place as soon as possible.

TV Service for professional use

Especially when it comes to professional facilities such as a store or a company that uses televisions for various purposes, TV technicians fully understand that if one or more do not work properly it can cost you money as well as customers. That is why authorized technicians come to your place quickly to repair any damage and restore functionality.

How much does TV service usually cost?

When presented a problem with your TV technicians know exactly how you think. Four things come to mind mostly.

  • When will it be repaired?
  • How long will you need to stay without a TV?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How much will the service cost?
  • Is it worth repairing the TV or should I buy a new one?

Our company covers you in Athens in all cases. With excellent organization and planning, we have clear schedules regarding TV service. You will know exactly if it is worth repairing or buying a new one. And in terms of the price for the service of your own TV, due to experience and previous service, they provide:

  • the most economical packages on the market
  • combine quality of service
  • speed and efficiency

Get an offer for TV Service

If you wish to receive an offer for TV Service you can call or fill out the form that you will find on their page with your details. They will contact you immediately. They are committed to providing financial and reliable services for your electrical  and TV problems.

Need TV service and can’t decide?

TV technicians consider it perfectly understandable to devote a lot of time and thought to the decision to repair your TV or buy a new one. They have all been confronted with bad and unreliable craftsmen in other services who have done more damage than before.

You turn on your TV to relax on the couch. But you can see anything because your screen shows vertical lines along its entire length. You cannot watch programs with these lines. Call a TV service and repair it!


Supply & Need – Stop Attacking Excellent SEO Companies!

As I check out the current news online about what Google has actually done to lots of webmasters all over the world, I am left gone over towards a few of the comments individuals are making against SEO Companies.

Please do not hurry to blame seo business. We are likewise loosing online search engine ranking simply as much as you are in locations that aren’t even associated to seo.
Let’s have a look at SEO companies … Who created the need for seo companies? Browse engines and webmasters did. The really same individuals who produced a need for seo business are sometimes the same people who are trying to discredit them.

Here’s how I concern that conclusion: I keep reading that seo companies are attempting to manipulate websites, title’s, descriptions, crucial phrases etc in order to get a better ranking. Well why not?

In the off-line world of marketing, there are 1000’s of marketing teams all over the world trying to find out what people want! Aren’t they trying to determine what seo companies are attempting to figure out in the end? how to get more sales?

Without overdoing it with keywords and key expressions, creating a quality page is what we should all strive to do! Ideally those who do fill their pages with essential phrases and key words get punished and ideally somehow in the future, search engines can tell them why they are being penalized. The unfortunate part is that considering that search engines don’t tell you why your site has been punished, you’re left to blame someone, and like what many people carry out in that circumstance, you forget to blame yourself also.

For the most part, getting a better ranking is normally done from having pertinent details. If we have relevant information, then what are we doing wrong? As SEO companies, we’re attempting to give you much better appropriate details than anyone else.

There’s just one strategy I see online that gets me mad. When an seo business not just saturates their pages however they fail to produce new and more content for their users. Rather they market what they have and never provide their users more details for a much better experience. A web site is never ever complete and must constantly intend on including more visitor interaction.

A real SEO Company makes every effort on giving their customers users – a more pertinent experience by using specific techniques.
Isn’t there constantly going to be a bad apple in the group? SEO Spammers – They are the business you need to be assaulting.

Baloney. Do not believe them for one second. If they could seriously get those Results all the time, then, wouldn’t everybody be in the leading 10?

Why Then Are SEO’s Making A Fortune?

People want seo business, the typical owner doesn’t have the hours, the weeks, and potentially the years it takes to find out how to advertise online appropriately.
Hense why seo companies are born. It’s like ANY market worldwide, where there is a demand; there will always be a provider for them. On that very same note, where there’s money to be made, there will constantly be fakers, scammers, scoundrels and spammers.

What I Recommend: If you are going to look for an seo business. Do not take a look at the number of testimonials they may have or do not look at how many pledges they make. I recommend discovering who their customers are and calling them directly to personally ask them questions about the seo business they chose and why!

In Conclusion: Please stop assaulting ALL Seo companies because your not just attacking the companies future however your likewise assaulting the future of the households in the house who are enduring from them.

Let’s take a look at SEO business … Who produced the requirement for seo business? The very same individuals who produced a demand for seo business are in some cases the exact same people who are attempting to reject them.

Aren’t they trying to figure out what seo business are trying to figure out in the end? As SEO business, we’re attempting to give you much better appropriate information than anybody else.
SEO Spammers – They are the business you need to be attacking.

When Should You Employ A SEO Business?

While search engine optimization is a procedure that you can do your finest to discover about, in many cases, it is most practical to hire a reliable SEO business instead. The primary question to ask is: is it worth it to work with an SEO business?

There are some pros and cons included when you do SEO yourself, there are about simply as much if you get outside help through an SEO company. It is very important that you completely consider these elements prior to you go on working with an SEO business to help you.

Do It Yourself SEO


You will conserve more and you will discover a lot about running a website when you enhance your website on your own. Aside from this, you will maintain total command and control over your website and you might feel comfy about it.


Not only that, SEO is a continuous procedure which requires continuous maintenance and routine handling. If do not know much about SEO practices, search engine standards and programs understanding however would like to increase your website ranking in no time, you may be tempted to utilize spamming strategies to make this happen.

Employing an SEO Company


Employing outdoors aid will allow you to keep your focus on the main function and core competency of your business. You will entrust the SEO part of your site to an SEO business made up of experts who are armed with the right knowledge, tools and resources that you may not have. Your SEO business will become your partner and it will help you to further achieve the most out of your financial investment.


Employing an SEO will cost you money. You also need to invest some time in describing your goals and taking part in the whole SEO process. In addition, you need to do your research study to find the very best SEO company which will be able to provide you with dependable services.

Picking an SEO Company

It is time to look around for one once you have decided to hire an SEO business. A reputable SEO company will have an excellent reputation and needs to have some market existence. You can begin your search by asking colleagues, checking out popular SEO forums, getting in touch with site owners of pages you regularly go to for great suggestions.

Make a list of all the SEO companies that turn up then do your research study about each of them. Erase the ones which have utilized black hat or spamming methods, the ones who do not offer all the services you may require, the companies which charge more than you can pay for, those that can’t provide references, or those that do not respond to your query within 24 hours. These are firms which either do not fit your requirements, are not reputable adequate or simply too busy to provide you quality customer care.

An SEO business, who has worked on a principle like yours, can most likely offer you quality services that will fit your budget. The dependability of the SEO company ought to be taken a look at with scrutiny. The relationship you will develop with your SEO company will be a long term one so make sure you just work with one that you are comfy dealing with on a routine basis.

The advantages and disadvantages of DIY and hiring an SEO business for your SEO needs can differ depending upon your company’s capacity, spending plan and objectives. As long as SEO is done well, either by you or an excellent SEO business, search engine optimization is by far one of the most efficient ways of promoting your company and generating more sales.

While search engine optimization is a process that you can do your finest to learn about, in numerous cases, it is most practical to work with a reputable SEO business rather. The primary concern to ask is: is it worth it to employ an SEO business?

You will entrust the SEO part of your website to an SEO company made up of SEO experts who are equipped with the ideal understanding, tools and resources that you may not have. As soon as you have actually decided to hire an SEO company, it is time to look around for one. The relationship you will establish with your SEO company will be a long term one so make sure you just work with one that you are comfy dealing with on a regular basis.

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