Country Chic DIY Paper Heart Hanging Garland

If you like the country chic style that has become so popular in the last few years, then you will absolutely love this easy paper heart hanging garland. This project is fast, simple, and ideal for upcycling. There is nothing better, in my opinion than finding something that is easy to make, stylish, and beautiful. Hang this on your mantle, on a doorway, or use it as party decor.

Paper heart garland against chalkboard

DIY Paper Heart Hanging Garland

I grew up in the South and country chic was definitely something that was the norm there before it gained popularity elsewhere. It’s just a natural romantic and simple style that is comforting. In fact, this little heart garland really reminds me of my childhood and the decor that was popular in my home.

I love this for a fun project the kids will love making. It’s so easy to get them started cutting paper hearts out of old book pages, and then stringing them up with glue. If you want something pretty but fun for them to make, this is the project to choose!

Paper heart garland against chalkboard

Where Can I Hang This Garland?

This can be hung so many ways around your home. Add it to the mantle above your fireplace, in a doorway, or even hanging on bookshelves. I also love the idea of making enough of this to attach all around a table for a party. Sure, it fits the romantic tones of Valentine’s Day, but it could work for many other parties.

Think about using this for an anniversary dinner, engagement party, wedding shower, baby shower, or just a romantic meal for your spouse. It’s so simple and affordable you will add it to decor on a regular basis.

Heart garland hanging by bookshelf

Can I Use Different Paper?

Definitely! You can use anything you want to make the hearts. Old book pages are a favorite of mine, but you can use craft paper, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, newspaper, or even foam paper if wanted.

There really is no paper you can’t use to make the hearts for this project. You could even use this same design with a fabric heart, crochet heart, or even paper hearts printed and cut with a Cricut machine. It’s just so versatile!

Old book page paper heart garland on white wood

Can I Hang Paper Hearts with Ribbon Instead of Twine

You can string and hang this garland with anything you want! Add unique color and style with a variety of ribbons, or pick up some rope for a sturdier look. You can even add braided twine or fabric strips. All are excellent options to make the look unique and new.

Want to add sparkle? Pick up some lengths of beads or even a strip of sequins to use as the garland base for your hearts.

Hanging heart garland on brown wood table

How do I Store Garland Between Uses?

One of the biggest struggles with using any garland or banner as part of your decor is how to store it after use. It’s so easy to see these get tangled in a box, so what to do?

I highly recommend setting up an area in your attic or holiday decorations storage area with hooks on the wall to keep these hung up between use. This keeps them from tangling and makes them super easy to find. Another tip I love is to use a plastic garbage bag to go over them on the hook so they don’t collect dust between using them.

Supplies Needed

Supplies for paper book heart garland

How to Make a Paper Heart Hanging Garland

Tear pages from an old book.

Tearing pages from an old book

Fold a page in half vertically, and trace half a heart onto the page at the fold. You can fit 2-3 per page depending upon the size you make them.

Cutting hearts out of old book pages

Cut the hearts out.

Holding a heart cut from paper

You’ll want 4-5 per string of garland you plan to hang from the main runner.

A stack of paper hearts

Now, fold your hearts in half so they are creased along the center.

Combining two paper hearts

Glue the crease of two hearts together so that the hearts flutter out on both sides creating a 3D look.

Adding glue to the fold of a heart

Next, glue the hearts 4-5″ apart on a length of twine or ribbon and repeat this with 4-5 runners of hearts.

Gluing paper hearts to twine

Now, tie the runners of hearts to a long length of twine to hang from the mantle.

Woman holding paper heart garland

Display as wanted on a mantle or throughout your home.

Woman holding a book page heart garland

You’ll also love this rustic paper vase decor. Such a simple project using old books but a real show stopper. Making an old book page wrapped wreath is another favorite project. It’s so simple, but looks so beautiful hanging on your door. I also love this origami old book page wreath. Super easy to make and simple.

You may want to add this old book page star wall art decoration, or even a few of rustic old book page flower bouquets to go on your tables. And if fashion is more your forte, make this upcycled old book purse to carry out and about!

Crafter’s Tip

If making a lot of these garlands, you can pick up pre-cut heart shapes in a multitude of colors on Etsy. I’ve even found these in foam paper at my local Hobby Lobby. It cuts the project time in half.

Yield: 1

Old book page paper heart garland on white wood

Turn that old book on your shelf into a gorgeous paper heart hanging garland in a matter of minutes! A beautiful addition to your home decor!

Active Time
15 minutes

Total Time
15 minutes


Estimated Cost


Create these in multiple colors to add to your home, a party, or even as a holiday decoration.

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Paper heart garland against chalkboard

Old book page paper heart garland on white wood

Heart garland hanging by bookshelf

Old book page paper heart garland on white wood

Heart garland laying over end table

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