Cute Carrot and Egg Easter Garland Tutorial

One of my favorite things to do for holidays is to hang a garland or bunting from the mantle. This carrot and egg Easter garland is a favorite since it is so easy to make. In fact, this is an excellent kids Easter craft.

All you need is paper, twine, and a stapler to get this started. This can be made with your favorite colors or a special Easter-themed paper.

Carrot and Egg Easter Garland Collage

Carrot and Egg Easter Garland

The first things that come to mind when I think of Easter are bunnies and eggs. What’s reminiscent of a bunny? The classic carrot we think they eat, of course!

So, while I wasn’t sure I could easily make a bunny shape, I knew I could use this idea to create both egg and carrot shapes, and thus a simple paper garland was born.

Easter garland hanging in front of wall

This is a perfect Easter kids craft as it is mostly cutting and stapling. It’s ideal for helping them with cutting skills, and of course, following directions. Even though my kids are older now, I never skip a chance to reinforce those skills they need on a daily basis.

Your kids will also love this fun yarn eggs craft, easy craft stick chickens, and of course, my personal favorite, the craft stick bunnies.

Easter garland hanging against chalkboard

Can I Make This All Carrots?

You sure can! I’ve made this same garland with all carrot shapes, all egg shapes, and as shown, a combination of both. Do what works better for you and your decorating needs. If carrots are preferred, you can even make the colors a bit more prominent.

I love picking up custom scrapbook papers for holidays, but those solid scrapbook pages in different shades of orange could be a great way to make this a truly unique and rustic looking garland. Plus, what’s not to love about that crunchy veggie?

Carrot and egg easter garland on grass

What’s better to serve while crafting a carrot Easter garland than these carrot cookies? They are so delicious and easy to make, but if cookies aren’t your thing, you might prefer these double chocolate carrot cupcakes instead.

If you have extra paper after this craft, you can let them make these cute Easter cards for kids. So much fun to create and everyone loves receiving them.

Easter garland hanging on white shelf

How Do I Keep the Paper Strips Even Sizes?

Ultimately, I recommend always using a paper cutter for the evenest cuts. In fact, I cannot say how much I love my Swingline paper cutter. It’s a bit pricier than some, but the result is worth the investment.

It never fails to give me precise even cuts, and that is a must with some of my crafts.

If you don’t have a paper cutter to use, then place your paper onto a cutting mat, and use a ruler to create lines. Then you can use scissors or a craft knife to cut the paper in even strips.

For those who don’t have either option, I suggest using a fan folding method on the paper to get even measurements, then just cut along the folded lines.

While this may not be as precise, it is an easy method that gives overall good results. And if you want to keep folding paper, you can make this adorable paper bird kids craft. So easy and super fun for kids!

Easter garland laying in basket with fake grass

How do You Fold Paper Garland for Storage?

I spend so much time making things that I often forget about what to do after the holiday is over. For this garland, you can simply throw it away or recycle the paper if you wanted, but I prefer to reuse items year after year.

Below are a few of my favorite ideas for storing paper garland that is easy to damage.

  • Hang hooks or pegs in your garage, attack, or basement to hang the end of garland onto for easy storage hanging up. I love this peg board and use this set of pegboard hooks and baskets for projects like this.
  • Gently roll around a piece of cardboard or a holiday light holder and place inside a craft storage box.
  • Fold or roll and slip inside a large Ziploc bag or a large envelope and store it in a plastic bin.

If you need more storage ideas, check out this list of space saving storage ideas for every room. Tons of ways to tuck items away for later without creating clutter.

Easter egg and carrot garland on white surface

Supplies Needed

Supplies for easter egg garland

How to Make an Easter Garland

Using a paper cutter, cut the paper into even strips.

Cutting craft paper evenly

Now you will take the pink or patterned craft paper, and fold it in half, then roll the ends inward toward each other and staple together.

Making egg shape with craft paper

Now, fold the green paper strips in two, then doubled over to create a stem.

Folding green paper to create stme of carrot

Attach the stem to the egg shape.

Attaching stem to paper carrot

Next, you will fold the orange paper in half, then fold the ends inward forming a heart shape.

Staple the heart shape in place, then attach a stem with the stapler.

Attaching stem to carrot

Now, you will use a hole punch and add a hole through each of the stems.

Hole punching stem of carrot

Thread the twine or ribbon through the stems, and hang on your mantle.

Easter egg garland on grass

This technique of rolling the paper reminds me of a lot of paper quilling. Rolling and folding paper to create unique designs is a great papercraft. I learned everything I know about quilling from this great class on Bluprint called Quilled & Sculpted Cards. Check it out and use those techniques to make this garland even more beautiful!

Yield: 1

Cute Carrot and Egg Easter Garland Tutorial

Turn scraps of paper into beautiful paper carrots and eggs for this simple paper Easter garland craft that is ideal for kids to create!

Active Time 10 minutes

Total Time 10 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1


  • Green, orange, and pink patterned scrapbook paper
  • Ribbon or twine


  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter


  1. Choose how many eggs and carrots you will be making, then use your paper cutter to cut a strip of paper for each one.; Cutting craft paper evenly
  2. Now, you will cut a strip of the green paper for each carrot or egg;
  3. Take one strip of paper, and fold it in half first, then roll the open ends inward forming a heart shape stapling the ends together; Making egg shape with craft paper Stapling egg paper
  4. Now, fold the green paper strips in two, then doubled over to create a stem; Folding green paper to create stme of carrot
  5. Attach the stem to top side of the egg shape leaving the rolled pieces on the bottom and the folded end on top; Attaching stem to paper carrot
  6. Next, you will fold the orange paper in half, then fold the ends inward forming a heart shape and pressing the folded end tight to form a point for the carrot; Creating egg paper
  7. Attach the open ends together into a heart shape with the stapler, then attach the green stem within the fold of the heart using a stapler;
  8. Using the hole punch, you will add a hole in the center of the stems of each of your carrots or eggs; Hole punching stem of carrot
  9. Now, you will thread your twine or ribbon through the holes in the stems, and hang on your mantle or doorway as desired. Stringing twine through carrot and egg garland Carrot and egg easter garland on grass


Use different colors of scrapbook paper to create a unique look. They can be patterned, solid, or even odd colors not normally found in carrots or Easter eggs.

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