Cute DIY Cotton Swab Lamb Spring Craft

This adorable cotton swab lamb is a perfect kids craft for spring. I usually see these around Easter, but they are truly great fun and easy craft any time of year. Simple supplies you already have on hand easily turn into a fun little lamb decoration in minutes!

Cotton swab lamb pictures

Cotton Swab Lamb Spring Craft

This really takes me back to my childhood. I loved when the teachers at school would bring out the craft supplies. A simple piece of paper, glue, and some cotton swabs suddenly become an adorable little lamb.

Who could have imagined that what normally resides in your bathroom cabinet can easily turn into a beautiful little kids craft for Easter?

Cotton swab lamb laying in a basket with fake grass

If you are looking for more Easter decorations, here is a great list of Easter crafts for kids and toddlers. Another fun and easy option is this rice filled sock Easter bunny decoration. Super fun to make and always a hit with the kids.

Cotton swab lamb on grass with colorful buttons

Can I Make the Lamb Different Colors?

I recently discovered that you can sometimes find cotton swabs in pink and blue. How cool would it be to use those instead of the classic white ones to create a cute little lamb?

In answer to the question, you can easily use different colored cotton swabs if you find them. Other options are to dip each cotton swap in paint then let them dry before gluing onto the paper.

Most lambs are white, but kids use their imaginations for everything, why not change up the colors of a project like this?

Cotton swab lamb in front of easter background

Will This Stand Up On Its Own?

This really depends upon the clothespins you have for the project. Some have flat shapes that are easy to stand up and stay sturdy. Others are more rounded or uneven, so those wouldn’t stand up easily on their own.

If you want your cotton swab lamb to stand up instead of lying flat, you can prop it against something or add extra support on the backside with a craft stick.

Lamb craft on pink paper

Supplies Needed

  • White craft paper
  • Multiple cotton swabs
  • Clothespins
  • Pink ribbon
  • Black marker
  • Ink pen
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue

Supplies needed for cotton swab lamb craft

How to Make a Cotton Swab Lamb

Draw a large oval and a smaller circle on the white paper then cut them out and set aside.

Cutting lamb body out of white paper

Cut your cotton swabs in half (start with 10-15 and cut more if needed later).

Cutting cotton swabs in half for lamb

Begin gluing the cotton swabs onto the large oval using craft glue or hot glue and placing them close to each other to appear like “fur” on a lamb.

Gluing together the cotton swab lamb

Once the entire body has been covered in cotton swabs, you will draw a face on the smaller circle and add a few more cotton swab tops around the top and sides of the face as shown.

Creating the face for the cotton swab lamb

Glue the face piece onto the body of the lamb along with the pink ribbon tied into a bow.

Gluing face onto cotton swab lamb

Next, you will glue the paper lamb onto the two clothespins.

Gluing cotton swab lamb to clothespins

Display or use as desired.

Cotton swab lamb leaned against white flower pot

More Fun Spring Crafts for Kids

I love having fun with the kids crafting, and when spring hits there are tons of amazing ideas for keeping them busy creating. This colorful spring butterfly craft is one of my favorites.

It’s ideal for getting kids to create their own patterns, and work on cutting skills. If you prefer to get your kids outside when the sun starts shining, you’ll love this list of garden crafts for kids. Some can be made indoors, but all are perfect for your garden.

Speaking of the garden, these painted rock garden markers are great for kids to help you make. Every kid I know loves to get their hands dirty in a little bit of paint.

And if the little ones are tired of playing outside, use this Easter printable matching game to keep them busy instead.

Cotton swab lamb on green check paper

Printable Step by Step Tutorial:

Yield: 1

Cute DIY Cotton Swab Lamb Spring Craft

Turn a few cotton swabs and paper into this adorable little kids craft cotton swab lamb! A great craft for preschoolers and excellent decoration for Easter!

Active Time 10 minutes

Total Time 10 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1


  • White craft paper
  • Multiple cotton swabs
  • 2 Clothespins per lamb
  • Pink ribbon
  • Black marker
  • Ink pen


Have your child write their name and the date on the back to preserve when they were made then bring them out year after year to decorate.

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