Cute DIY Easter Bunny Wall Art Decoration

How adorable is this Easter bunny wall art decoration? I love how cute and so easy this is to make. It’s a great addition to any room to help decorate for Easter and springtime.

Easter bunny wall art displayed in various ways

Easter Bunny Wall Art

Easter bunnies are an iconic symbol of springtime and new life. This adorable bunny is a super easy and fun idea to add to your home decor for Easter. I love that it can be made so fast, and mostly, that it fits my love of farmhouse rustic styles.

While this wall art is something that is easy enough for most kids to create, I find this to be more for adults to create. The different steps take a bit more precision, and working with fabric can just be frustrating for kids. For this project, you can have fun personalizing the bunny for your home decor, and that makes it another great choice for any home.

Bunny wall art leaning against wall on table

Make sure you also check out our latest Easter bunny wreath tutorial for another fun idea. You might also like this bunny shaped wreath that is super rustic and reminds me of springtime.

Can I Use Different Colors Fabric?

Of course, you can! I love this beautiful blue floral fabric, and the light blue paired wonderfully. You can choose any color or colors you prefer. I think it looks great with two options. Having one pattern and one solid color gives this a bit more pop when hung on a wall. Of course, if you prefer to use all solid-colored fabric, that will look just as beautiful.

I used burlap for the bow and ears as it has that rustic farmhouse appeal that I love. You could use any thick ribbon you prefer for these needs. Match your home color scheme, party decor colors, or just favorite springtime colors.

Fabric bunny wall art on table by lamp

I love this wall art hanging above this little upcycled flower pot bunny, or even this fun Easter bunny pallet project, alongside this yarn bunny bunting.

How do You Hang this Easter Bunny?

Since this uses embroidery hoops to create the bunny, it is super easy to hang from the wall. You can simply add a nail or a Command hook and slip it onto that. If you prefer, you can attach ribbon or string to either side of the back of the embroidery hoop, then hang it from a hook on the wall.

Other ways to display it include propping against your mantle, sit it on a bookshelf, prop on top of a dresser in your bedroom, or sit against the wall above the buffet in your dining room. It’s so cute and easy to display!

Easter bunny wall decor hanging in window

I love these little burlap covered wooden bunnies, and think they would look adorable next to this! Add that next to this party ball turned into a bunny and you have a wonderful Easter display for your mantle.

Supplies Needed

Supplies for Easter bunny wall art

How to Make Easter Bunny Wall Art

Start by measuring your fabric to fit in the embroidery hoop.

Measuring fabric on embroidery hoop

Place the fabric inside the embroidery hoop, and trim off any excess.

Cutting fabric to fit embroidery hoop

Repeat this process for both hoops.

Now you will hot glue the two hoops together, one on top of each other.

Gluing hoops together

After you have glued them together, use a needle and thread to sew them together with a few stitches as shown below.

Securing embroidery hoop

Wrap the yarn around your hand and create a pom pom for the bunny tail.

Making pom poms

Trim the edges of the yarn pom pom to make it a nice fluffy tail.

Making yarn pom pom

Glue the bunny tail pom pom in place.

Gluing pom pom on bunny

Next, you will cut two large ears shapes from burlap.

Cutting burlap ears

Cut two slightly smaller pieces of fabric to fit inside the burlap ears, and attach them with glue.

Gluing fabric to burlap ears

Attach the ears on the back of the top embroidery hoop with glue.

Attaching ears to top of bunny

Using burlap ribbon, create a bow for the bunny.

Making burlap bow

Glue the bow in place covering the seam between the two embroidery hoops.

Gluing burlap bow to hoop

Display the bunny on a wall or your mantle.

Fabric bunny wall art in front of pallet

Crafter’s Tip

Pick up scrap fabric at your local fabric store or fabric bundles on Etsy to keep on hand for projects like this. They are excellent for small projects where you don’t need large amounts of matching fabric pieces.

Yield: 1

Cute DIY Easter Bunny Wall Art Decoration

Create this beautiful bunny wall art using just embroidery hoops and fabric. This step by step tutorial makes this a fun and easy Easter decoration project.

Active Time 20 minutes

Total Time 20 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $3


  1. Measure the fabric and cut to fit inside your embroidery hoops; Measuring fabric on embroidery hoop
  2. Place the fabric inside the hoops, and trim off any excess; Cutting fabric to fit embroidery hoop
  3. Repeat this process with both hoops, then glue the two hoops together with hot glue to form a bunny shape; Gluing hoops together
  4. Using needle and thread, secure the hoops together with an extra layer of stitching in the middle; Securing embroidery hoop
  5. Now, you will make a yarn pom pom for the bunny tail by wrapping yarn around your palm, sliding it off an tying in the middle, then cutting the loops on each side to fluff out into a ball; Making yarn pom pom
  6. Glue the pom pom on the bottom hoop to form a tail; Gluing pom pom on bunny
  7. Next, cut two large ears shapes from the burlap; Cutting burlap ears
  8. Cut two slightly smaller ears from your fabric;
  9. Glue the fabric ears onto the middle of the burlap ears; Gluing fabric to burlap ears
  10. Attach the ears to the back of the top embroidery hoop; Attaching ears to top of bunny
  11. Now, you will make a bow out of burlap ribbon and glue to the middle of the hoops to form a bow-tie for the bunny; Making burlap bow
  12. Hang on the wall, sit on the mantle, or display! Fabric bunny wall art in front of pallet


You can use any combination of fabric or burlap for this project to suit your style and decor styles.

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