Cute DIY Easter Egg Bunny Craft Alternative to Dying Eggs

I don’t know about you, but I loved decorating Easter eggs as a child. This cute little Easter egg bunny craft is a whole new way of decorating eggs! Instead of the messy dye and stickers we used as a child, this version is super easy to turn an ordinary egg into an adorable little bunny to hide in your yard or in the kid’s baskets this year.

Easter egg bunny collage

Easter Egg Bunny Craft

The older my kids get, the less they want to spend the time dying eggs, but they still want to find them on Easter. So, finding something that is fun and cute, but less work was a must.

This little idea was a perfect solution! I can prep everything in no time at all, and assemble a bunch of these bunnies in just a few minutes. Of course, that means I have more time for creating other crafts I love!

Easter egg bunny inside a purple twig wreath

If you are great at crocheting, make sure you whip up a few of these crochet Easter treat holders. They are perfect to tuck into an Easter basket right next to these bunny eggs!

Do I Have to Use a Real Egg for This Bunny?

Of course, you don’t have to use a real egg! If you prefer, you can use a plastic egg in any color you wish, or even the Styrofoam eggs that are often used for decorating. The only thing necessary for this is an egg shaped item to add the bunny decorations to!

Easter egg bunny in egg cup

You could even apply this idea to these simple yarn eggs that are another fun way to decorate for the holiday. Easter bunny eggs are so fun to make, and there are tons of variations. Of course, I also love this idea for rustic glitter eggs. So much fun to make!

Easter bunny egg leaning against stuffed bunny

Can I Still Dye or Paint the Egg if I Prefer?

If your kids like dyeing eggs then definitely let them keep doing that. Once the eggs are dry, you can then add the decorations as shown and make this just as adorable.

There is no specific way to make this bunny craft. You simply need to create a cute Easter egg bunny and let your kids enjoy gathering them on Easter morning!

Easter egg bunny in blue egg cup

If you want more ideas to keep them busy, check out this list of Easter crafts for kids and toddlers for some amazing fun. One of my favorite easy ideas is this Easter card for kids. It’s so simple, beautiful, and great for keeping them busy while you hide the eggs around your yard!

Bunny easter egg in basket with fake grass

Tip: When Easter is over – use your eggs to make this cute little Easter egg planter idea!

Supplies Needed

  • Eggs (hard-boiled or plastic)
  • Pink craft paper
  • White craft paper
  • Googly eyes
  • White pom poms
  • Pink pom pom
  • Tape or craft glue
  • Scissors

Optional: Fake flower or bow for bunny “hair”

Supplies for easter bunny egg craft

How to Make an Easter Egg Bunny Craft

Boil your egg if using real hard boiled eggs, then allow to cool completely. If using plastic eggs, skip this step and begin crafting.

Now, you will trace and cut out the ears from white paper.

Cutting out bunny ears from white paper

Then, you will use that as a template, but cut the pink ears pieces slightly smaller.

Cutting out the pink ears for bunnies

Attach the pink to the white with tape.

Taping ears together for bunny egg

Attach the ears to the back of the top of the bunny with glue or tape.

Attaching ears to egg for Easter bunny craft

Now, you will glue in place the googly eyes, the pink nose, and the two white pom poms for the mouth/fuzzy face.

Adding face to the bunny with eyes and pom poms

Add a flower or little embellishment between the ears if desired.

Adding a flower between ears on Easter egg bunny

NOTE: If you are using a real egg, note that you will need to keep these refrigerated if you plan to eat them later.

Easter egg bunny in hands

Yield: 1

Cute DIY Easter Egg Bunny Craft

Decorate your Easter eggs this year with this super cute Easter egg bunny craft idea! A perfect way to use up those eggs and scrap craft supplies for a fun and adorable little bunny!

Active Time 10 minutes

Total Time 10 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $3


  • Eggs (hard boiled or plastic)
  • Pink craft paper
  • White craft paper
  • Googly eyes
  • White pom poms
  • Pink pom pom


  • Tape or craft glue
  • Scissors


Feel free to substitue the real hard boiled egg with colorful plastic eggs to use and keep these eggs year after year!

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