Cute DIY Flower Pot Chicken Craft With Video

If you are looking for a fast and easy decoration, you will love this little flower pot chicken craft. It is seriously one of the easiest ideas ever! All you need are flower pots, craft paper, scissors, and glue. Just a great little idea to make with kids and add to your Easter decor this year.

Terra cotta flower pot chicken

Flower Pot Chicken Craft

I’ve been a fan of upcycling flower pots for many years. From the first flower pot person I saw in a garden, I knew they would become a go-to medium when crafting. This year, I have really had fun turning them into cute decorations for Easter. This little chicken is the easiest one yet, and definitely the kids favorite.

Since you just need a few supplies, this is ideal for making with a group of kids. I can definitely see this idea being a great classroom project for springtime, used in Sunday School as a craft around Easter, or just for a fun party with your kids. Grab a few supplies and make your own unique birds!

Flower pot chicken on grass in front of white fence

You may also want to make this cute upcycled flower pot Easter bunny. Such a cute addition to your Easter decor! My upcycled flower pot ladybug, and this super cute flower pot frog garden decoration are some other great ideas for adding to your craft project list.

Can I Use a Plastic Container Instead?

If you prefer to use plastic, you can definitely do so. This would be especially handy if you wanted to make these with younger children. A plastic flower pot is going to be safer than most terra cotta since it isn’t as likely to break and hurt someone.

If using a plastic container, you can buy them in brown or orange if desired. You could even paint them a different color if desired. Just remember that plastic will require a bit more paint or a different type of paint than you would typically need for the terra cotta. In fact, I find that painting plastic containers are easiest when using spray paint versus acrylic craft paints.

Flower pot bird on hay

What Are Some Ways to Use This For Easter?

This is just a cute little bird that goes easily in your decor. I love the idea of adding this to a platter or tray and surrounding it with little wrapped Easter candies. You could even make a family of flower pot birds and put them on the mantle. Surround them with plastic eggs, pom pom chickens or bunnies and it becomes a whole new decoration.

If you want to do something a bit bigger, you could glue another pot on the bottom to create a larger body of a chicken. Add some extra felt or feathers to make it really pop and look like a real bird.

Terra cotta flower pot bird with yellow feathers

Check out this great list of mason jar Easter crafts to use as gifts, and this list of outdoor Easter decoration ideas to pull the theme together at your home for Easter.

Supplies Needed

Supplies for flower pot chicken

How to Make a Flower Pot Chicken Craft

Trace 1 heart-shaped piece, 2 wing piece with 3 curves, and 1 slightly smaller piece that is also wiggly on one side to be the wings, wattles, and comb onto the red paper.

Cutting out red pieces for chicken

Cut these out and set aside.

Wings for flower pot chicken

Trace and cut out a small yellow diamond shape to fold in half and become a beak, then set aside.

Cutting out yellow beak

Glue the googly eyes in place on the chicken.

Gluing googly eyes on flower pot

Now you will glue the heart shaped piece on the bottom of the flower part to be the wattle.

Adding red comb to chicken

Attach the yellow beak just below the googly eyes with the middle fold attached and the beak open.

Gluing yellow comb in place

Glue the large red wings on the sides of the flower pot with the pointed end facing forward.

Gluing wings on flower pot chicke

Now, you will add the other red wiggly piece to the top of the flower pot with wiggly side up.

Gluing red top to flower pot chicken

Lastly, glue the feather on the back of the flower pot so that part of the feather sticks out above the top of the chicken.

Adding feathers to flower pot chicken

Display as part of your Easter decor.

Flower pot chicken on woven mat

Crafter’s Tip

Instead of using craft paper or construction paper, you might want to use foam paper instead. It is sturdier and stands up better on the top of the chicken and sides.

For another fun project kids like, you can make these adorable Easter chicks out of pom poms. This upcycled bucket chicken and super cute chicken from out of a wine glass are both some of my other favorites for Easter.

Yield: 1

Cute DIY Flower Pot Chicken Craft With Video

Turn an ordinary flower pot into this adorable little chicken just in time for Easter! The flower pot chicken craft is easy for all ages and takes only 10 minutes to make!

Active Time 10 minutes

Total Time 10 minutes


Feel free to paint the chicken different colors if you prefer over the natural look of the terra cotta.

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