Cute Framed Acorn Cap Squirrel Wall Hanging Decoration

Sometimes, the simplest of items can be the most beautiful.  This fun framed acorn cap squirrel creates a unique wall hanging that is cheap, fun to make, and kid-friendly.  Since you only need a frame, paper, acorns, and glue to make this, you can do this with a large group of kids on a budget.  That makes this a perfect kids’ school craft project!  

Acorn cap squirrel framed and sitting on table with string of bulb lights

Framed Acorn Cap Squirrel

My kids always loved nature walks and exploring when they were kids.  Things like fallen leaves and acorn caps always ended up in their pockets or gathered to create a treasure with once we got home.  Now, you can use those same fun little items they gathered and turn them into art!  This 3D squirrel image can be left plain, customized with paints, or just a bit of glitter to create a fun rustic addition to your home decor. 

We have used acorns before for these cute glitter acorns, but until this year,  hadn’t really added them to crafting. I am discovering how much I love rustic items like this rustic fall wreath, so knew this had to be explored more with this project. 

Framed squirrel art on white table by lantern

Where Can I Find Acorn Caps? 

The best place is to just go outside and start gathering from your front or back yard.  However, not all areas have oak trees.  If you don’t have a way to grab some outside naturally, you can find acorns in craft stores, on Etsy, and on Amazon.  I like the bulk bags from Amazon because I know they are clean and won’t include any bugs or hidden items like some you gather from outside can. 

Wooden frame around acorn cap squirrel

What Ways Can I Make My Squirrel Unique? 

If you want to make yours a bit different and not so basic, there are some great ways to turn this project into a bigger craft.  Whether you add just a little something extra, or you turn this into a larger special wall hanging, just have fun and remember there is nothing exact or perfect about this.  It’s meant to be fun to make. 

  •  Spray paint the acorn caps before gluing them onto the template. 
  • Add glitter spray to the acorn caps before gluing them onto the template. 
  • Use glitter or unique background instead of just the white paper.  Brown, gold, or red glitter foam paper would look great. 
  • Use fall-themed scrapbook paper instead of plain white paper. 
  • Add natural elements around the picture frame like twigs, more acorn caps, pinecones, or similar. 
  • Add a bead or sequin for the squirrel’s eye to make it a bit more “alive”. 

Framed squirrel art on table by red wrapped gift

Can I Put This Into a Shadowbox? 

Absolutely!  That would be an excellent choice for keeping this as a decor piece year after year.  It would also allow you to place a few natural items like more acorns, nuts, twigs, or pinecones around the squirrel inside the shadowbox.  This look would be great for sitting on the mantle around the fall and Thanksgiving seasons. 

Rustic squirrel picture held by woman in front of Christmas tree

Could I Do This With Different Nuts?

Yes, you could do this with different nuts.  Just remember that acorn caps are great because they are a separate part of the nut that easily comes off and won’t crack or break easily when removed.  To use the shells of pecan, walnut, or similar, you would find yourself with larger pieces and the need to remove the seed from inside.  While it’s possible, acorns are just much easier to find and use for this particular project. 

Acorn cap squirrel frame on white table under red and white lights

Supplies Needed

Picture frame, acorn caps, scissors, and template for squirrel on white table

How to Make a Framed Acorn Cap Squirrel

Print out the squirrel template and the measure against the back of your frame.  Trim the edges to fit inside your frame. 

Hand using blue scissor to cut paper with black squirrel printed on it

Place the squirrel template into the frame, but do not attach or leave the glass on the frame.  Discard it safely. 

Hands placing paper into picture frame

Glue acorn caps over the template, using various sizes to fill in gaps but leaving a bit of the black shape showing.

Finger holding an acorn cap onto black squirrel in frame

Just outline the squirrel shape and fill it in so it has a similar shape.

Hands adding acorn caps to printed template in frame

Trim off any of the longer stems from the acorns. 

Scissors trimming excess stem from acorns

Carefully add small amounts of glue onto any of the black spaces shown, and between the acorns. 

Working quickly, sprinkle glitter all over the picture and between the acorn so that it sticks to the glue. 

Hands sprinkling gold glitter onto picture in frame

Once all of the areas have glittered, tip the frame over and shake off any excess glitter onto a clean piece of paper.  Use that paper as a funnel to put the excess glitter back into the jar to use later. 

Framed acorn cap squirrel on white table

Let everything dry completely then hang it from the wall or display it on a shelf or mantle.

Acorn cap squirrel in frame on wood table with holiday garland

More Fun Fall Craft Ideas

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year to craft.  It means I can make everything with warm colors and of course, items that last for a few months instead of just as short a time.  Below are some of my favorite fall craft ideas that can be used as decor or for just an added fun element around the house.  Make sure that you pin, print, or bookmark these projects to make soon!

Yield: 1

Squirrel wall art behind white lights against wall

Use natural elements to make this cute framed acorn cap squirrel wall hanging. A perfect decoration for fall!

Active Time
20 minutes

Total Time
20 minutes


Estimated Cost


If making with children, use craft glue instead of hot glue for safety.

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Finished Project Gallery

Squirrel picture on table with fake snow in front of blue wall

This is a great project to make with younger kids because they will love going out to gather the acorns.  Just use a non-toxic glue instead of hot glue for safety. 

Framed acorn cap squirrel on table by blue sofa

Hang this from August to December to fit right into the fall and winter season!

Squirrel picture in frame in front of Christmas tree

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