Cute Handprint Chick Easter Card Kids’ Craft

Wait until you see how adorable this handprint Easter card turned out! I love how easy this is to make, and of course, it’s a classic kid’s Easter craft that is ideal for keeping as a keepsake. There is nothing cuter than receiving a little handprint from the little ones in your life. This idea is great for making and giving to friends and family, or just for adding a date to and filing away as a keepsake of your kid’s childhood.

Easter handprint card chicken displayed

Handprint Easter Card

Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, all love to look back on when the kids were small. Creative crafts like handprints, footprints, and fingerprints are a great way to make a keepsake that everyone will love. As a bonus, with this handprint craft, you are also creating a card you can send to those who don’t live nearby.

This is the type of kids craft that I remember well from when my children were small. In fact, I probably have a few of these tucked away in my filing cabinet right now! Make this yourself to decorate with or send to others, but grab the kids for making more to use as a keepsake or send to the grandparents this Easter.

Yellow and white Easter handprint chicken card

If gifting to grandparents, you may also want to make this adorable paper flower photo card to include a snapshot of your child. Your kids may also want to make this Easter bunny out of cardboard to show off to guests at Easter brunch.

Variations for Decorating This Chicken

This is such a cute little chicken as it is, but you might want to do something a little different. This is especially true if you are making a lot of them or just want to add a twist to them, you can try these ways of switching it up. I also like these ideas for when kids are making them as they love being unique and having more options.

  • You can use different colored construction or craft paper for the body.
  • Add glitter glue around the edges for more sparkle.
  • Use a variety of different feather colors to make it look a bit more realistic.
  • Make with white craft paper and then let your kids can color in the handprint. Another option is to use paper for the eyes and let the kids draw on the mouth.

I like the idea of setting up a craft table with different colors of paper, feathers, sequins, glitter, googly eyes, paint pens, and markers so your kids can really have fun and use their imagination making this card.

Chicken card in front of yellow flowers

We love making fun projects for holidays, and Easter has tons of incredible ideas including this cute plastic spoon Easter bunny craft. You may also want to make this DIY cotton swab lamb spring craft. So cute and fun to make!

Ways to Display or Use This Kids Craft

Of course, after the kids put so much work into it, you are going to want to display it. You can put the card on a mantle or shelf to celebrate Easter. If you want to be able to use the card year after year as a decoration, you can put the card in a frame. To give it a more festive look, use a piece of spring or Easter scrapbooking paper behind the card. Be sure to add the year it was made somewhere in the frame so you can always remember when it was made.

I also love the idea of adding a few of these to a piece of twine and hanging from the mantle as a unique Easter bunting or garland!

Chicken handprint card on pink paper

Supplies Needed

Supplies for chicken handprint card

How to Make a Chick Easter Handprint Card

For this craft, you will begin by tracing your hand (or your child’s), onto the yellow paper.

Tracing a hand on yellow paper

Cut out the hand, and set it aside.

Cutting out hand shape

Now, you will fold a white piece of paper in half, and then trace a half circle onto one end.

Drawing egg shape on white paper

Cut out the half circle so that it opens like a card. You want this to be open on 3 of the four sides, but keep that 4th side in tact so it opens up like a card.

Cutting out egg shape

Then trim little notches out so it looks like a broken or cracked egg.

Trimming paper into cracked egg shape

Now, you will glue the egg onto the hand, by placing the hand inside the fold of the paper, so one side is on the back and one folds over the front of the hand.

Gluing egg onto hand

Glue googly eyes in place below the “fingers” of the hand.

Adding googly eyes to handprint

Draw or cut and glue, an orange beak onto the chicken hand right below the eyes.

Adding a nose to handprint

Glue feathers onto the back of the chicken behind the “fingers”.

Gluing feathers to top of handprint

Using a pencil or pen, add accents around the nose if desired.

Adding accents to face of chicken

Add a message on the bottom inside the flap.

Creating a message on card

Send or gift to friends and family!

Paper easter card against yellow flowers

Crafter’s Tip:

When mailing homemade cards, the best method is to put inside a small 6×9 manilla envelope. These are just a bit bigger and typically sturdier so they fit unique handmade cards better. They may require extra postage, so make sure you stop by your post office to verify before dropping them in the box to mail.

We also like to make various garlands and buntings to hang around the house. This yarn bunny bunting is so bright and colorful. My favorite though is this simple paper carrot and egg Easter garland. So easy to make and just beautiful on the mantle. If your style is more farmhouse and rustic, you might prefer this old book page Easter garland instead.

Yield: 1

Cute Handprint Chick Easter Card Kids' Craft

Turn your handprint into this adorable Easter chicken handprint card! A perfect way to have kids help you create a unique gift for friends and family.

Active Time 10 minutes

Total Time 10 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1


Feel free to make these in various colors and add different colors of feathers, sequins, gltiter, and more!

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