Cute Lace Bunny Ears Headband Craft (Video Tutorial)

Easter isn’t complete without a cute bunny ears headband! This lace headband is just a super fun and easy option for adding something cute to your outfit around Easter. While it’s made more for the little ones to wear, you can definitely add it to your own Easter ensemble if you prefer. I’d definitely wear it while hiding eggs for the kids this year!

Lace bunny ear headband collage

Lace Bunny Ears Headband

For as long as I remember, I have had pretty long hair, and part of having long hair is keeping it out of your face. Right away, I can tell you that headbands have been one of my favorite ways to do that. In fact, you are more likely to find a headband in my purse than a hair tie. They just end up working better and well, I like the way they look.

Easter bunny headband on burlap

For Easter this year, I wanted to make something cute to add to my granddaughters Easter care package. She has beautiful long curly hair, and loves wearing headbands, so, this idea was born.

A few simple clips of scissors and addition of glue, and voila, an adorable headband just in time for Easter was created. Adding a few flowers and a bow just made it that much cuter. I love that it was such an easy craft to make and that it will make her smile when she opens her package!

Easter bunny headband on brunette

This can also be used as a fun addition to your kid’s homemade Easter baskets this year. I love the idea of tucking it in with some other fun hair accessories as a part of a non candy Easter treat!

Can I Add This to Barrettes Instead?

A few adjustments can make this work on barrettes instead of a headband. The ears themselves can easily be added to barrettes individually. The only thing you would need to change is instead of adding the larger flower to the center, you would only add a few smaller ones on each barrette. If you choose to make a barrette, I highly recommend the basic clasp barrette for this so it goes on and off your hair with no struggle.

To secure a barrette, you will follow the same methods, only make things slightly smaller if needed to keep the look similar. Some of these short hair hacks work well to go along with this barrette.

Easter bunny headband on woven mat

What Type of Headband Works Best?

For this Easter headband, you can use any hard headband. The only kinds that won’t work are the soft cloth style or the ones that also double as a hair tie. This thinner headband is widely available in bulk at Dollar Tree and other stores, so easily affordable.

If you prefer a thicker plastic headband, it would probably work even better. The thicker width would give you more room to secure the lace ears and the flowers. I know that the wider headbands work better on me now as an adult, but were a bit too bulky when I was a child. So, keep that in mind when making your choice.

Lace Easter bunny ears headband on green table

For little girls, you might prefer to adjust this no sew hair bow to make it look more like ears. This would clip into a toddler’s hair much easier, and be less likely to shift around or fall out of their hair while out hunting eggs.

I also recommend making this with a pretty inexpensive headband. There is no need to buy something pricey as it will only be worn a few times each year if that often.

Bunny ears headband on pink surface

Supplies Needed

Supplies for making Easter headband

How to Make a Lace Bunny Ears Headband

First, you will fold your pipe cleaner into a loop like an ear and twits together at the bottom.

Folding pipe cleaner

Now, you will cut out tulle the same size as the ear, and glue in place.

Cutting tulle to fit around ear

Next, you will add a strip of lace to the middle of the ear and glue in place.

Gluing lace to bunny ears

Now, you will glue the ears onto either side of the headband.

Gluing lace bunny ear to headband

Now, you can decorate the headband with flowers. I used one larger flower in the middle, then 2 smaller flowers on each side in different colors.

Adding flower to each ear on headband

Once you have your flowers arranged and glued in place, you can add a small ribbon bow to one ear, or other embellishments like beads, pearls, or rhinestones if desired.

Adding bow to one bunny ear on headband

Now it’s time to wear your cute little Easter themed headband!

Lace bunny ears headband on brunette

There are so many amazing crafts for Easter that you can make and display around your home, but this fun idea is one you can wear everywhere! If you also want to add an extra element of beauty to your Easter ensemble, you need to check out this easy way to curl your hair with paper towels. It gives you tons of extra body in your hair that will look beautiful on Easter morning.

I also love this headband with this beautiful fishtail ponytail style. So easy to make and gorgeous for Easter. Add this finger knit necklace to the style, and you have a gorgeous look to go with your Easter dress!

Amazon Easter Crafts:

Crafter’s Tip

This headband will look even better with some glitter! I like to grab rainbow glitter online from Today Glitter to use in crafting. It’s so much easier and better to get just what I want there and I know it’s quality and comes in different sizes.

Along with that, I highly recommend buying your headbands from Dollar Tree. The price can’t be beat, and when you are using them for a project like this, the cheaper option is more than enough as it doesn’t have to last for years.

Yield: 1

Cute Lace Bunny Ears Headband Craft

Make this adorable lace bunny ears headband to wear this Easter while hiding eggs for your kids! An easy Easter craft great for all ages.

Active Time 10 minutes

Total Time 10 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $2


If you have a shorter hair style that doesn’t work well with the headband, you can add the individual ears and flowers to a barrette instead.

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