Cute Lollipop Bunny Easter Kids’ Craft

Easter and candy go hand in hand, and this adorable lollipop bunny Easter kids’ craft is a fun way to hand out treats. A simple lollipop is a perfect choice for creating this little bunny decoration and treat. This all in one project is ideal for popping into Easter baskets, or just handing out to kids at class parties or Sunday School!

Lollipop bunny on table and on green plate

Lollipop Bunny Easter Kids’ Craft

When I was a little girl, my mom worked extra hard to make every holiday special. Sometimes, we didn’t have a lot of extra money, so she had to get a bit more creative making presents or treats. This idea was inspired by some of the things she made through the years. She often would scrounge around the house for random items to figure out how to turn them into something fun for us.

Ping pong balls are one of those totally random things that can so easily be turned into anything you can add a face to with a marker. This bunny is just adorable, and kids will probably love taking it apart to enjoy their treat.

Lollipop Easter bunny sitting on top of white stand

Alongside things like this craft, my mom also always made tons of homemade treats. This list of Easter treats and desserts has a lot of great ideas that your kids will love. You can also check out this list of Easter decorations you can make yourself to add some inexpensive and fun ideas to your home that are beautiful.

What Kind of Lollipop Works for This Craft?

I grabbed some Tootsie Pops, and know that Blow Pops are another good idea. The larger lollipops ae a better base as they are a bit heavier and won’t topple over when attached to the ping pong ball.

That said, you could really use any rounded lollipop for this craft. Even little Dum Dums work, but may need a bit of a sturdier stabilization on the bottom for feet.

Lollipop bunny with pink ears on table

One idea for making Easter treats even more special is to take a basic cake and turn it into this Easter bunny cake. This is one idea that my Granny made every Easter for our grandkids. I loved adding the jelly beans to it to create the eyes and smile. You could also make an Easter egg out of string to stuff full of candy treats as a really unique and pretty treat that is also a decoration.

How do I Put a Hole in The Ping Pong Ball?

While I used a drill with a small bit to make a hole in mine, you don’t have to use a drill. A small nail and a hammer can do the job just as easily. You may even want to use a thicker needle that has been heated so it melts the plastic enough to push through easily. I’ve even seen projects like this done simply by taking a craft knife and making an “x” shape then pushing the lollipop stick through the hole it creates.

Lollipop bunny sitting by paper straw vase

If you want some more great ideas, check out this list of mason jar Easter decorations. They fit easily into the farmhouse decor style I love. Rustic decorations are great, and this simple bunny shaped wreath is a favorite. Another idea that fits that style is this carrot wall art made from buttons. Such great ideas to add charm to your home for Easter.

Supplies Needed

Supplies for lollipop bunny

How to Make a Lollipop Bunny

First, create a hole in the ping pong ball with a drill or nail and hammer.

Drilling a hole through a ping pong ball

Now, you will slide the lollipop into the hole you just created in the ping pong ball.

Pushing a lollipop into a ping pong ball

Use the black marker to draw a face with smile and eyes onto the ball.

Drawing a face on the ping pong ball

Next, you will trace and cut out a foot shape on the white paper

Cutting feet out of white craft paper

Glue the foot to the bottom of the lollipop to create feet.

Adding feet to bunny

Next, trace and cut out 2 ears on white paper and then 2 slightly smaller ears on pink paper.

Cutting out bunny ears from white paper

Attach the ears together so you have two sets of white and pink ears.

Gluing pink paper on white paper

Glue the ears in place.

Attaching ears to lollipop bunny

You can now add this to tables as a place setting, or gift to your kids in their Easter basket.

Easter bunny lollipop on green plate

Crafter’s Tip

While you don’t have to have a drill to create the hole in the ping pong ball for this lollipop bunny, I have found this precision hand drill to be a wonderful crafters tool. For under $10, it comes with many bit sizes and is ideal for projects like this one.

Yield: 1

Cute Lollipop Bunny Easter Kids' Craft

You’ll love this adorable lollipop bunny Easter kid’s craft! It is such a fun way to add a cute treat to your Easter table!

Active Time 5 minutes

Total Time 5 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $0


Feel free to use various colors of ping pong balls to make an even more unique decoration and treat!

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