Cute Paper Flower Made from Old Book Pages

Turn pages of an old book into this cute little paper flower. This is a beautiful and easy craft that anyone can make in just a few minutes. I love that while I can use a whole book to make a bunch of these paper flowers, I can also use scrap papers from other projects. A bit of cutting, sewing through pages, and suddenly you have a lovely flower addition to many projects around your home.

Woman holding paper flower

Paper Flower Made from Old Book Pages

I’ve made hundreds of paper flowers over the years. Potentially thousands if you count the many quilled flowers I have made through the years. I love flowers in general, and knowing I can make my own out of paper just makes me happy. These simple flowers are ideal for adding to many projects and creations around your home, but also absolutely beautiful on their own.

If you’ve been hesitant to work with old book pages, this is a great beginner craft. While there is a bit of folding and cutting involved, it really is a simple process that virtually anyone can create. It’s even simple enough for your kids to help you make to give to friends and family.

Paper flower in front of stack of books

Can I Use Any Paper for These Flowers?

Yes! I love using old book pages for crafts, so this is my go-to for almost any papercraft. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use any paper you prefer to make your own flowers. Below are a few ideas for making these with different items.

  • Craft paper
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Cardstock
  • Newspaper
  • Wrapping paper
  • Greeting cards
  • Coloring pages
  • Magazine pages

Old book page flower against red book

Can These be Painted?

If you’d like to make sure your paper flower matches a theme or your home decor, don’t hesitate to paint it! If you are using old book pages instead of craft paper, you can easily paint them with a bit of watercolor, some stain, or any acrylic craft paint. I prefer to paint them prior to making the actual flower so all edges are covered, but that’s not necessary. You can easily paint them just a little around the edges after you have assembled the flower.

It may be easier to use colored craft or scrapbook paper instead of painting, but I also love the rustic look that comes from painting these vintage papers. There is something special about the aged look a bit of watercolor gives to the paper. So, if choosing to add paint, I highly recommend trying that method.

Woman holding a paper flower

How Can I Use My Paper Flower?

Once you’ve made these flowers, what should you do with them? Well, anything you want, of course! Honestly, these work beautifully for a number of different uses. My favorite is to add them as table scatter in place of confetti or other items around a table. They make a beautiful addition to the tables at Thanksgiving.

There are almost as many ways to use these as there are ways to make them unique. I love adding them to gifts in place of a bow. You can add them to a hair tie or a barrette for a simple hair accessory for special occasions. I’ve even used them on a wreath frame for a unique and rustic looking wreath idea.

Glue them onto a picture frame as an accent. Add them to a gift bag, or even to your holiday packages. Use them on top of a basic napkin ring at your holiday table. Just get creative making them fit into your daily life and decor needs.

Paper flower in front of stack of books

Supplies Needed

Paper flower supplies

How to Make a Paper Flower from Old Book Pages

Tear multiple pages of paper out of an old book.

Tearing paper out of old book

Cut each page in half.

Cut book page in half

Fold that page one corner down into a large triangle, and trim off the excess page.

Trimming edge off book page

Fold that triangle in half.

Folding paper into petals

Then fold it in half again.

Folding paper into petals

Fold the triangle in half a third time.

Folding paper into petals

Now, trim a rounded edge on the open edge of the paper.

Trimming edges of paper flower petals

Unfold slightly and set aside. Continue this process for all of your pages making 6-8 of this per flower you wish to make.

Stack of old book page paper petals

Thread a needle, and then begin running the needle and thread through the pointed edge of the flower petal bundles.

Sewing paper flower together

Continue this until all are on the thread, then pull it tight so that it comes together to form a circle.

Sewing paper flower together

Tie off the thread and trim the end then fluff out the petals.

Cutting thread off paper flower

Glue a bead on the middle top of the flower.

Adding a bead to the middle of a paper flower

Use your flower as a decoration in your home or on presents for friends and family!

Woman holding an old book page paper flower

Woman holding a paper flower

If you want more amazing book page crafts and flower ideas, we have a ton to share! Start with this great list of DIY ways to make paper roses. Along with this list, I’ve made literally thousands of flowers through the years and recently have been sharing favorites with you here. Here are some beautiful handmade paper flowers to start your flower making journey.

Here are tissue paper flowers, or you can make these cute paper flower photo cards. Of course, you can also make more paper flowers from old book pages using this tutorial, or add them to a wreath or bouquet. Check out this paper rose bouquet and this old book page rose wreath.

Crafter’s Tips:

If you don’t have old books to use for this craft, check out the many options for vintage book page bundles found on Etsy. There are always a nice variety of options in styles and sizes for your crafting needs.

Yield: 1

Woman holding a paper flower

Grab your old books and turn their pages into this cute paper flower! A perfect easy to make craft anyone can put together in a matter of minutes!

Active Time
10 minutes

Total Time
10 minutes


Estimated Cost


  1. Remove pages from an old book; Tearing paper out of old book
  2. Fold and then cut each page in half; Cut book page in half
  3. Take each of those halves, and fold it down into a triangle, there will be an extra paper on the bottom of the triangle, trim off the excess paper at the bottom; Folding paper into triangle Trimming edge off book page
  4. Fold that triangle in half; Folding paper into petals
  5. Then fold it in half a second time; Folding paper into petals
  6. Finally, fold it in half a third time creating a very small triangle; Folding paper into petals
  7. Now, using scissors, trim a rounded edge onto the open ends of the triangle; Trimming edges of paper flower petals
  8. Once unfolded slightly, it looks like a stack of flower petals; Trimming edges of paper flower petals Stack of old book page paper petals
  9. Now, thread a needle, and on the inner pointed part of the petal bundles, thread the pages through the needle and onto the thread; Sewing paper flower together
  10. Continue this until all 6-8 bundles are on the thread, and then pull them together to form a circle; Cutting thread off paper flower
  11. Tie off the thread and cut any loose ends;
  12. Glue a bead onto the top of the flower; Adding a bead to the middle of a paper flower
  13. Now you can display or use your paper flower as desired. Woman holding a paper flower Old book page flower against red book


Use any craft or scrapbook paper in place of old book pages if desired.

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Old book page flower against red book

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