Cute Plastic Spoon Easter Bunny Craft

This cute plastic spoon Easter bunny the cutest Easter craft ever. They are so easy to make and they make an adorable decoration. Add a twist to each one for a slightly different look. Make these as a great addition to your Easter traditions. Kids will love making these and adding to their baskets this year.

Plastic spoon bunnies in flower pots

Plastic Spoon Easter Bunny

Once you turn a plastic spoon into an adorable Easter bunny, you’ll never look at them the same again. With inexpensive crafting supplies, you can make these into the cutest little bunny craft ever!

Use these as a decoration around the house or let the kids use them as puppets. There are so many ways to change up this fun project. Draw a variety of faces on the spoons, use different colors for their eyes, or even give them freckles. They are a perfect craft for kids to really show their personalities. You can even add yarn and ribbon to create hair, bows, and more!

Plastic spoon bunnies in white vase

For the older kids, you may want to grab supplies to make these rice filled sock bunnies. They are also super cute, affordable, and perfect for gifting. Another simple and fun idea is making this simple paper Easter bunny. So many cute ideas for Easter!

Can I Make These With Wooden Spoons?

These can absolutely be made with wooden spoons. Using the plastic spoons to make this an inexpensive project but using wooden spoons will help them last much longer. You can leave the wooden spoons brown or continue the white theme and paint each spoon first. If you are painting the spoons, look for acrylic paint or another wood approved paint to make sure to get the best effect possible.

A wooden spoon will be a bit larger, but can also be a great way to add to potted plants, a centerpiece, or even out in your garden. Since they are sturdier, they will also definitely last longer and be something you can keep for several years to add to your Easter decor.

White plastic spoon bunny with burlap bow

More simple Easter crafts you might like include this method for making an Easter bunny out of a towel, and of course, my favorite, making an Easter bunny out of a clothespin. Both are great simple ideas to add to your decorations.

Ways to Display an Easter Bunny Spoon

There are tons of ways to display this craft. Of course, I love adding them to Easter baskets, but you can do so much more with them! Below are a few of my favorite ideas for using these fun little bunnies.

  • Secure the spoons around the house with the tops peeking over the edges of counters, mantles, and more. This will make it look as if the bunnies are behind it or as if the bunnies are poking up from the ground.
  • Add the spoons to plants so that the bunny heads are showing. Because why not add a cute bunny to your favorite Iris or Lily plant?
  • Set the bunnies up in the yard so that the bunnies are popping up all over the yard.
  • Add the bunnies to an Easter basket for your kids.
  • Use the bunnies on your Easter table and around the Easter dessert.
  • Slip them into your napkin ring and place settings as a fun decoration at your Easter table.
  • Use them as puppets to put on a fun Easter skit with your kids.

Easter bunny spoons on grass with Easter decor

Check out this cute idea for how to repurpose a planter into an Easter bunny. You could add this alongside your spoon bunnies to your mantle or even outside on a front porch ledge. Both ideas fit great alongside this easy paper bunny garland, but of course, I really just like anything that is cute, bunny related and festive for the holiday.

Supplies Needed

Supplies for plastic spoon bunny craft

How to Turn a Plastic Spoon into a Bunny

Cut 2 ear shaped pieces of white paper out for each spoon.

Cutting bunny ears from white paper

Using the pink marker, fill in the middle of each of these ears with pink to look like bunny ears.

Filling in ears with pink marker

Glue these to the spoon so that what is normally the bottom of the spoon is now the front and the ears are glued to the “bowl” of the spoon as shown.

Gluing bunny ears in place on plastic spoon

Use a black marker to draw on a simple bunny face. Make each face a little unique to create a fun variety of bunnies.

Drawing faces on spoon bunny

Cut a small strip of burlap and shape into a bow.

Creating burlap bow

Glue the burlap into the shape wanted, then add a small ribbon bow to the center where it folds.

Adding ribbon to burlap bow

For the boy bunny, you will glue this bow in place right below the base of the face/spoon.

Gluing bunny bow in place

On the girl bunny, you will make the same type of bow, only fold off centered so that one end of the bow is longer than the other to create a dress. Then, you will glue a Q-tip in place right below the face, then glue the bow in place vertically so it looks like a dress.

Gluing bow and q-tip onto spoon to make girl bunny

Add these to potted plants, on your mantle, in a centerpiece, or just inside your kids Easter baskets.

Easter bunny spoon character with burlap dress

Pro Tip: I buy large rolls of burlap on Amazon for a better cost than what I would find in craft or hobby stores. This gives me a large amount on hand at all times and makes it more affordable to craft. Additionally, if you plan to use wooden spoons instead of plastic for this project, I recommend using craft paints like the DecoArt or Apple Barrel acrylic paints to add your face to the spoon. The spoons themselves can be found in wooden spoon multi-packs on Amazon, but I also love these simple wooden tasting spoons as a different choice.

Yield: 2

Cute Plastic Spoon Easter Bunny Craft

Turn ordinary spoons into this adorable plastic spoon Easter bunny craft! A great project for kids of all ages to make for decorating this Easter.

Active Time 5 minutes

Total Time 5 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1


Add different colors of ribbon to distinguish between boy and girl bunnies, or simply add ribbon dresses and burlap bows.

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