Cute Upcycled Flower Pot Easter Bunny Decoration

If you are looking for the perfect Easter bunny decoration, then look no further. This adorable upcycled flower pot Easter bunny is simple to make and simply adorable.

With just a few supplies, it can make its appearance all over your house. I love that this is a great repurpose and upcycle craft, but mostly that it is so kid-friendly!

Flowerpot bunny with pink bow collage

Flower Pot Easter Bunny

I love flowerpot upcycling crafts because they are just so versatile. No matter what you choose to make with them, these crafts are easy crafts to make and often turn out so cute.

With only a little creativity, this plain flower pot turns into an adorable Easter bunny decoration that can be displayed all over your home.

Kids will have a blast helping you make this flower pot craft or make this an adults-only craft to be used solely as decorations.

Easter bunny flower pot decoration

If you are using this to decorate, make sure you check out this list of over 100 Easter decorations you can make on your own. Plus, you’ll love this list of egg decorating ideas to do with the kids.

Easter can be so much fun with all of the Easter treats, egg hunts, fun decor, and just the beautiful springtime colors!

Can I use a Plastic Flower Pot?

While terra cotta flower pots work best with this craft, you can certainly use a plastic flower pot instead. Just make sure you are using acrylic paint or other paint that is designed to work on plastic.

You will also want to make sure the glue you use for the pot works with the plastic as well.

I’ve been known to use a number of different types of containers and pots for this kind of project. While I prefer my terra cotta pots, you could use really any container to make a cute bunny.

Flower pot bunny with pink bow on grass

If you want a craft that doesn’t include painting, make this rice-filled sock bunny, or how to make a bunny out of a towel. Both are super fun crafts that are ideal for Easter decor.

Ways to Display This Upcycled Flower Pot

There are endless ways to use this as part of your Easter decor this year! With just a few adjustments, it can go from being a dining table centerpiece to a fun accent on your bookcase.

Use it to decorate windows sills or as a centerpiece for the table. Put a few of the bunny pots on the fireplace mantle. I love that these will also look adorable as decorations for the front porch or along the walkway.

Add this old book Easter garland to the mix for a fun rustic look that goes well with the burlap ears on this bunny.

Another fun idea to use this Easter Bunny decoration for is with the baskets. Easter morning when the baskets are set up, these cute Easter Bunny decorations can be placed side by side the baskets.

If adding to baskets, you may want to check out this awesome list of DIY Easter baskets you can make!

Supplies Needed

Supplies for upcycled Easter bunny flower pot

How to Make an Upcycled Flower Pot Easter Bunny

Start by painting your terra cotta flower pot white. Set the flower pot aside to dry.

Painting terra cotta pot

Now, cut out 2 ears shapes from the burlap.

Cutting ear shape out of burlap

Using the burlap as templates, cut out 2 white ear shapes slightly smaller than the burlap ears.

Cutting ear shape from paper

Now, you will glue these together.

Assembling ears for flower pot bunny

Attach the ears to the back of the flower pot as shown with the opening of the pot facing downward.

Attaching ears to flower pot

Add a pink bow or ribbon between the ears.

Adding bow to flower pot

Now, you will glue on the googly eyes.

Adding eyes to flower pot

Add a few pieces of twine with a pink pom pom for nose and whiskers.

Gluing twine whiskers to bunny

Using a black marker, draw on the smile.

Drawing mouth on flower pot bunny

Now you can use this as a table display, added to kids Easter baskets, or even on the mantle!

Upcycled flower pot Easter bunny on fake grass with yellow flowers

Crafter Tip:

To save time, you can purchase white flower pots from Amazon or your local craft center. You can also use plastic flower pots or any canister or can for this project if you prefer.

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Yield: 1

Cute Upcycled Flower Pot Easter Bunny Decoration

A simple terra cotta flower pot and some paint become an absolutely adorable Easter bunny decoration with this easy to follow tutorial!

Active Time 15 minutes

Additional Time 30 minutes

Total Time 45 minutes

Difficulty Medium

Estimated Cost $2


To make this bunny look like a boy, you will glue the bow at the bottom beneath the smile like a bow tie.

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