Cute Wooden Spoon Christmas Decorations

Does anyone truly have ‘enough’ Christmas decorations? If you’re asking me, never! These cute wooden spoon Christmas decorations are exactly what your kitchen needed! If there’s anywhere in the house that could use some extra joy around the holiday season, it’s got to be the kitchen! It’s where so many of the memories are made, between baking cookies, roasting turkeys, and playing cards. 

Add an adorable handmade accent to your kitchen with these upcycled wooden spoons and their lovely Christmas charm. Don’t be surprised if you’ve got friends and family asking where you bought them, too! These are one of those crafts that look like they came off of a home goods store shelf! 

3 Painted wooden spoons under a Christmas tree

DIY Cute Wooden Spoon Christmas Decorations 

Easily expand your Christmas decorations with something that’s totally handmade! This is the perfect craft for all of those unique wooden spoons you just knew would go to use somewhere. Give them some new life with these awesome Christmas designs. 

On the other hand, if you want to start from scratch wooden spoons aren’t exactly hard to come by! Craft stores often stock them, too. This project uses some really simple craft supplies, but there’s always room to improvise! 

Three wooden spoon Christmas craft Santa gingerbread snowman with Christmas tree

What Kind of Paint Should I use to Make These?

Thankfully these wooden spoons make the prefect surface for painting! Using some basic craft paints is the best way to go. They take well to the unfinished wooden surface, and add a bright and bold color to your craft. The paint brush you’ll want to look for is a small, narrow ended brush. And, if you’re worried about mixing your colors up, keep a couple on hand and use them for one color each! 

To create the stripes you have a couple of options, too. By using a small piece of fabric you can wrap it around one section of the spoon. Paint on either side, and then pinch it in the next position. Or, you can use a thin strip of tape, wrapping it in a downwards spiral. After that just paint the uncovered surface of the spoon and remove the tape! 

For added details and patterns, another option is a paint marker. This allows you to add small swirls, details and fun design without having to maneuver your brush. 

Christmas character wooden spoons in front of chalkboard

Is There an Easier way to Add the Faces? 

These Christmas wooden spoon decorations have little personalities of their own! Adding the cute faces at the wide end of the spoon makes for a heartwarming touch. In the detailed step-by-step instructions down below, we’ll use a black permanent marker. 

If you’re a little nervous over how that might turn out, there are other options! Stencils are just one example. Once your craft has dried, root through your plastic stencil sheets for a smiling face. Using these, you can easily paint on a friendly face without much effort or worry. Using these, the design possibilities are endless! 

Wooden spoons Christmas craft decoration Santa snowman gingerbread man characters

How Can I Personalize These Crafts? 

Add some extra character to these adorable pieces with some of your crafting accessories and decorations! If you’re looking for something a little more unique, there’s certainly options to set your craft apart. Here we’ll give you a little bit of inspiration for some touches you can make. 

  • Tie some festive ribbon through the hold on the spoon to hang these wooden pals in your kitchen 
  • Give Santa’s beard even more character with some puffy white cotton balls and glue 
  • Add some gumdrop buttons to your gingerbread themed spoon with odds and ends 
  • Bring some shimmer to the white snow on the snowman spoon with some glitter, or fake craft snow

While there’s so many options for detailing your wooden spoon decoration, we’ll start with the basic supplies needed and give you some instructions as well. 

Wooden spoons Christmas character faces on plaid cloth decorations

Supplies Needed

Craft supplies wooden spoons paint markers on table

How to Make Cute Wooden Spoon Christmas Decorations

Start with adding your first coat of paint on each spoon. If you’re making the complete set, you can apply the first coat to each while the others dry. 

Painting wooden spoon Christmas decoration craft

Painting red paint onto a wooden spoon Christmas craft

Apply the second layers of paint to each wooden spoon. To keep it simple and quick, use multiple small paintbrushes so you don’t have to wash them in between coats. 

After the spoons are painted all around, it’s time to start adding details. We used green for the snowman, white for the Santa spoon and the white paint marker for the gingerbread cookie design. 

Use the opposite end of a paintbrush and dip it in white craft paint to make the snow on Santa’s hat.

Use the white paint maker to paint the icing design on the gingerbread man themed wooden spoon. 

White paint marker painted wooden spoon craft

Once they’re dried, use the permanent marker to draw friendly faces on your Christmas themed spoons. 

Marker drawing on wooden spoon for Christmas craft

Apply red blushes with a piece of cotton, or the very tip of your paint brush on either end of the character’s smile. 

Finally, you can apply a piece of cotton swab to create Santa’s white puffy mustache. 

Santa moustache wooden spoon Christmas craft

Here’s an example of what your wooden Christmas spoon characters should look like once they’re complete! 

Three wooden spoons with faces Christmas character designs

display them in your kitchen, or anywhere else you’d like to show off your Christmas spoon crafts! 

Wooden spoons leaning on Christmas decorations

Here’s Some More Christmas Inspired Craft Ideas 

Christmas is the time for crafting! There are so many bright, colorful, and fun ideas for making your own decorations and projects. There’s something really special about decorating with handmade crafts, not to mention the Christmas magic in the air! These are a few more of our Christmas themed crafts so you can be inspired to make your next piece.

Yield: 3

3 Christmas themed wooden spoon craft characters

Turn 3 wooden spoons into an adorable Christmas decoration for your kitchen!

Active Time
15 minutes

Additional Time
10 minutes

Total Time
25 minutes


Estimated Cost


Add extra detail, or use pieces from your craft supplies to give them some unique features. Tie a piece of festive ribbon through the holes of the spoons to hang them wherever you’d like!

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Finished Project Gallery 

You’ll love decorating with these adorable little Christmas spoon characters! 

Woman holding painted spoon in front of Christmas tree

Mix and match them with some of your favorite Christmas themed kitchenware! 

Snowman character painted craft wood spoon on table

Tie them together with some of your favorite ribbon, a sprig of pine, and holly for a wonderfully festive and artful piece! 

Santa painted character spoon cleaning on present


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