Decorative Mini DIY Easter Egg Basket (Video)

Isn’t this little miniature Easter egg basket adorable?! I confess to being absolutely in love with anything miniature, so this cute basket is ideal for my crafting during Easter. All you need is some craft paper, glue, and a few fake flowers to make this cute little basket. This will be a perfect addition to your Easter table or a great kids gift idea!

Collage of eater basket display

Mini Easter Egg Basket

When I see something miniature I just want to squeal! In fact, miniature items are one of those things my husband and I are often on the hunt for when shopping or traveling. We’ve gone so far as to plan an anniversary weekend around visiting a miniature museum. So, when Easter rolls around, this little mini Easter egg basket is a must on my list of crafts to make.

Easter egg basket on orange surface

I’ve seen cute little mini Easter baskets crochet patterns on Etsy for years. While I love those, I knew I wanted something a bit faster. This was the result. I think these are just adorable, and am super proud of the result!

For a more traditional Easter egg idea, check out this rustic glitter Easter egg. It may be my all time favorite Easter craft I’ve ever made!

Glitter Easter egg basket on woven mat

Can I Make This Bigger?

While this takes up the better part of a traditional piece of craft paper, you can definitely make it larger. Just grab some poster board at your local dollar store. Use the same process, only on a larger scale.

Note: While I think it would be great to make bigger ones, I wouldn’t necessarily trust them to hold a ton of items to carry around. Fill them up on the table, but don’t use these to carry eggs the kids have hunted. They just aren’t sturdy enough to not fall apart if too heavy an item is placed inside.

Eater egg basket filled with mini eggs

Another great bigger craft for Easter is this easy tutorial for burlap Easter bunnies. Super cute and great on the mantle next to this easy Easter bunting.

Do I Have to Use Glitter Paper?

No, it’s not necessary to use glitter paper. I definitely love to add glitter to any project, so it’s a given that I will grab it first. This little glittery pink flower basket is another one I made recently that is of course, all glitter paper. It’s just a personal preference.

Feel free to use any type or color of paper you want for this basket. I do recommend a heavier card stock or foam paper for durability.

Eater egg basket on grass next to bunny toy

How Can I Use My Mini Basket?

I love it for giving little mini candies, but it’s also great for decorating your table. Actually, these mini Easter egg baskets are great next to my little lifelike birds nests to fill with candy. Such a great way to decorate your Easter dinner table. Fill them up with mints, chocolates, or other candies and let your guests take one home at the end of the day!

Eater egg basket on white surface

What Should I Fill My Basket With?

Well, the foodie in me says candy or chocolate. In fact, these cute little miniature chocolate bunnies or these white chocolate Easter bunnies look great! I also have my favorite carrot cake cookies that will just fit into this basket if I make them the right size. These Easter bunny and chick sugar cookies are a bit larger, but I bet you could adjust them to fit if you wanted.

Eater egg basket in front of Easter background

Now, if you are thinking more along the lines of non food items, there is a great list of non candy Easter egg treats to check out. I also love personalized carrot name tags, and of course, these gorgeous little handmade swirl mini Easter eggs are perfect. If you are gifting to your girlfriends, then these bunny bath bombs are awesome!

Mini basket filled with mini eggs

Supplies Needed

Supplies needed for mini Eater egg basket

How to Make a Mini Easter Basket

Begin by folding a piece of white paper in half to form a triangle.

Folding paper to create a templte

Fold that paper in half again.

Folding paper to create a template

And again.

Now, trace around the outside of the paper to create a rounded edge.

Folding paper to create a template

Trim off the excess paper following your rounded lines.

Trimming around paper for template

Unfold and set aside to use later.

Opening up template for basket

Follow the same process, on a second piece of paper only tracing and cutting into a pointed edge rather than rounded.

Cutting template for base of mini Easter egg basket

Now, use the rounded template and trace onto the first color (gold) glitter paper.

Use template to trace onto foam paper

Cut out the gold piece, and set aside.

Cut shape out of foam paper for base of mini easter basket

Use the pointed template and cut out of your second color (green), and set aside.

Use pointed template to cut out second color of foam paper

Use your scissors to cut between each rounded “petal” of the first color of paper as shown. Don’t cut all the way through, just down to the base of each curve.

Cutting slice into each side of basket paper

On the gold side of the rounded piece, you will add double sided table or a bit of craft glue on one side of each rounded petal as shown.

Adding double stick tape to patterned side of paper for basket

Now, you will flip the gold paper upside down with the white being on top, and fold in each “petal” and connect to the one next to it as shown.

Folding basket upward to form bowl

Once all are connected, you will attach the bottom piece.

Attaching base to basket bottom

The pointed piece will attach with white side down and colored side up and attaching to the bottom of the basket base.

Next, cut out a long strip of both colors of foam paper to create a handle.

Cutting strips of paper out for basket handle

Attach the green to the gold as shown.

Glue or tape the handle in place with colored side out.

Gluing handle inside Easter egg basket

Glue a few fake flowers on top of the handle, and on sides as desired.

Add flower embellishments to mini basket

Fill with fake grass and treats then gift!

Easter basket in front of Easter background

Yield: 1

Decorative Mini DIY Easter Egg Basket

This adorable miniature Easter egg basket is a great addition to your Easter decorations this year! Fill with treats, toys, or just add to your table as a decoration!

Prep Time 10 minutes

Active Time 10 minutes

Total Time 20 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $2


  • Glitter foam paper in 2 colors
  • White craft paper
  • Miniature flower decorations
  • Fake grass


  • Pen or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape or craft glue


Make these in multiple colors and use as a table decoration on Easter Sunday!

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