Decorative Repurposed Paper Roll Flowers

This upcycled toilet paper roll flowers project is the perfect craft to decorate this spring! It is simple enough for the kids to make but beautiful enough to display. Grab your favorite color of craft paint, an empty toilet paper roll, and have fun making these gorgeous flowers!

Collage of toilet paper roll flowers

Upcycled Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

My obsession with flowers continues with this fun craft idea that is easy for kids! If you are like me and save those empty toilet paper rolls just in case a craft comes along, this is a perfect choice!

Looking at these, you’d never know they came from a toilet paper roll! My favorite part of these flowers is how many cool ways you can use them to decorate!

If you have extra toilet paper rolls after making flowers, you might want to check out this tutorial for how to make fairy houses from toilet paper rolls. Such a cute idea for your garden or just for kids to play with indoors!

Toilet paper roll flower in small planter


You already know I love flowers, and making paper flowers has become a regular occurrence. Paper isn’t the only way to make cute fake flowers, though!

I have a great tutorial on how to make fabric flowers, and have made flowers out of old jeans as well. Of course, you can’t forget about this adorable yarn pom pom flowers bouquet.

Add flowers to every room of your home with these ideas!

Paper flower laying on Easter background

Can I Use Any Cardboard for These Flowers?

While I am sure you can use any cardboard or card stock to make flowers, for this project the paper roll is the best option. You can use a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll.

Just cut down to size. Since these are so easy to find, it shouldn’t be hard to grab some to use for this project.

If you don’t have supplies for this but still want to make beautiful flowers, then check out how to make this paper flower ball. This method is a bit more time consuming but results in a beautiful floral piece.

Paper roll flower on picture frame

What Paint Should I Use on Cardboard?

I find simple craft paint works best for this project. Avoid watercolors or anything too thin and watery as it will take longer to dry. Since this is just a paper product, you will want to use something that doesn’t make the cardboard dissolve.

Acrylic craft paint, paint pens, or spray paint in small amounts works best. You can also look for colored card stock to cut and shape into a flower, but that will be a different project and more time-consuming.

Toilet paper roll flower on wooden shelf

How Should I Display These Flowers?

I’ve shown you a few ways to use these that I love. You can stick them into any small vase or jar with a bit of craft foam to create a fake potted plant. I’ve also glued them in place on a picture frame and hung on the wall as a 3D art piece.

Of course, I love the idea of making a bouquet of these and putting into a jar to display, or attaching to wood slices with hot glue and displaying on the mantle or a shelf.

Get creative with how you display these and feel free to use them as part of a gift! They aren’t just for decorating your home, but also for sharing with others who need a pick me up!

Paper roll flower in potted plant

For more beautiful flowers worth giving to others, check out my tutorial for making these simple rolled paper decorative paper flowers. Another unique flower choice is to make flowers from old book pages. You are re purposing something and making a beautiful statement at the same time!

Paper roll flower on grass

Supplies Needed

  • Empty toilet paper or paper towel roll (2 per flower)
  • Dowel or wooden skewer
  • Pink craft paint
  • Green craft paint
  • Button (I used white)
  • Craft glue or hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush

Supplies for paper roll flowers

How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Paint one of your toilet paper rolls pink on the inside and outside of the roll then set aside to dry.

Painting toilet paper roll pink

Now, you will paint a small part of another roll green and set aside to dry.

painting toilet paper roll green

Using the same green paint, coat your skewer or dowel and set aside to dry.

Painting skewer for stem to flower

Once the toilet paper rolls are completely dry, you will flatten the pink roll and begin using your ruler to mark off where to cut for each flower. You will need 6 pieces from the pink roll. These can be as wide as you wish, but I recommend measuring the roll, then dividing it by 6 to make sure you get even pieces.

Measuring and marking painted paper roll

Cut these pieces and set aside.

Cutting paper roll into pieces

Now, you will do the same with the green roll, cutting only 2 pieces.

Cutting green paper roll into leaves

To create your flower, you will use craft glue or hot glue to attach the pink pieces together. Connect each piece to the next at the pointed end/tip and hold until secure.

Gluing paper pieces together to form flower

Once your flower is glued together, you will then attach a button onto the center with glue.

Adding button to center of paper roll flower

Using craft glue, attach a green “leaf” to each side of one end of your green painted skewer/dowel.

Adding two green leaves to skewer for stem of flower

Once the leaves are secure, you will then glue the other end to the bottom center of the flower and hold until secure.

Attaching stem of flower to flower

Now you can display as you wish!

Pink paper roll flower sitting inside a wooden planter

Step by Step Photo Tutorial:

Yield: 1

Decorative Upcycled Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Upcyle that empty toilet paper roll into this gorgeous decorative paper roll flowers project! A great way to add beauty to your spring or Easter decorations!

Prep Time 5 minutes

Active Time 10 minutes

Additional Time 30 minutes

Total Time 45 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1


  • Empty toilet paper or paper towel roll (1 per flower)
  • Dowel or wooden skewer
  • Pink craft paint
  • Green craft paint
  • Button (I used white)


  • Craft glue or hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush


Use a variety of colors when painting the rolls for flowers to create a great colorful bouquet to gift!

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