Decorative Spring Paper Tulips – With Video

I love flowers so this cute little paper tulips craft was, of course, a hit with me. When it’s too cold outside for the flowers to bloom, I am always reaching for my paper or pom pom flowers.

This adds a new fun addition to my flower collection, and is a super versatile paper craft to make for Easter decorations!

Collage of paper tulip flowers

Paper Tulips Craft

Flowers are my love language! These paper tulips are so cute, and so very easy to make. I love the idea of making flowers that will last forever. Since one of the first flowers I ever planted was a tulip, these are especially sentimental to me.

Thinking about how to create a little bit different artificial flower as a craft, I decided to see how I could replicate my favorites, and this was the result!

Paper tulips displayed in flower pots on wire shelf

If you want more DIY flowers then make sure you check out my pom pom flowers as well as these decorative paper flowers. I even have some gorgeous quilled paper flower ball decoration tutorials and a tip for how to make paper flowers from old book pages. As you can tell, I truly am obsessed with flowers in all forms!

Yellow paper tulip on grass surface

What Should I Use for my Paper Flower Stem?

For this project, I used some extra straws I had on hand. These are sturdy enough to stand up straight and hold up the tulip itself in a vase or craft foam, but still inexpensive.

You can use any sturdy item you prefer as a stem. I’ve used dowel rods, skewers, chopsticks, paper straws, sticks from the garden, and even pencils! All you need is to make sure your flower will stand up straight however you choose to display or use it.

Paper tulips in flower pots on shelf with herbs

How Can I Display These Flowers?

It’s probably easier to say how you can’t use these! They are super cute and versatile that you can add them to probably hundreds of different decorations in your home. Below are a few of my favorites.

  • Add them into this wall vase to display as wall decor.
  • Use them as a gift tag on an Easter basket, baby shower gift, or similar event gift.
  • Place inside one of these DIY vases to show them off on your table or a shelf in your home.
  • Fill a plastic window box with craft foam and fake moss, then stick these inside it to add a fun artificial decoration on your kitchen window sill.
  • Make them smaller and add a magnet to the back to put on your refrigerator.
  • Glue them into a shadow box with other springtime items like fake grass, paper butterflies, and similar for a unique spring wall art.
  • As mentioned above, replace the stem with a pencil and gift it as a fun pencil for a student.

Paper tulips on a striped pink surface

Supplies Needed

  • Green craft paper
  • Colored craft paper in other colors and patterns you like
  • Green paper or plastic straws
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch

Supplies for paper tulips

How to Make a Paper Tulips Craft

Begin by drawing a tulip flower shape onto your chosen paper. Cut out the tulip shape.

Cutting tulip shape from yellow paper

Fold the tulip back and forth in a fan style horizontally three times.

Folding tulip into fan

Now, you will hole punch through the center of this folded paper.

Hole punching paper

Unfold the paper and slide the straw inside the holes weaving back and forth as shown.

Sliding straw through holes in paper

Next, you will draw and cut out green paper leaves.

Cutting out leaves for paper tulips

Glue the leaves onto the bottom of the straw stem.

Attaching leaves to stem of paper tulip

Now you can display as desired.

Paper tulips in flower pots on white shelf

Yield: 1

Decorative Spring Paper Tulips Craft

Turn paper and straws into an adorable paper tulip that is ideal for decorating your house, adding to gifts, or using as a fun Easter decoration.

Active Time 5 minutes

Total Time 5 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1


  • Green craft paper
  • Colored craft paper in other colors and patterns you like
  • Green paper or plastic straws


  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch


Make these in multiple colors and display as a bouquet.

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