DIY CD Owl Wall Messenger With Video Tutorial

If you like owls as much as I do, then you will undoubtedly fall in love with this cute little owl wall messenger craft. An upcycled CD or DVD is a great base for a cute little messenger pad that you can put anywhere. A bit of felt or foam paper, glue, and a few minutes’ time and you have a cute and functional craft!

CD Owl Wall Message holder collage

CD Owl Wall Messenger

I am always looking for something to write a note to my son on in the kitchen. It seems that every notepad and pen disappears into that junk drawer everyone has.

No matter how hard I try, I always end up scribbling notes on the back of receipts I dug out of my purse. I’ve even tried making some of these cool magnet ideas to hold paper up, and always forget to refill it.

Using an old scratched CD and a few craft supplies, I was able to create this great little messenger pad hanger that fits on the side of my refrigerator with ease.

Of course, this isn’t the only place you can add this craft. It works great in your kitchen, bathroom, office, kids room, entryway, garage, or even in your car!

Owl Message Holder against colorful background

Where Can I Find Old CD’s?

If you don’t have old scratched CDs or DVDs lying around, you can always pick up some inexpensively at your local thrift shop.

I have even put out a notice in my local Facebook swap shop group and been given hundreds by members of the community just happy to get rid of the clutter.

Owl Message Pad Holder on Grass

Another way I have found old DVD’s was at our local movie rental place. Yes, it is 2020 when I write this, but in Michigan, there are still a few movie rental businesses out there. When they have old discs that are scratched, they tend to just throw them away. I let my neighborhood store know I wanted them, and can buy a big box of them for just $5!

Upcycle CD Owl Message Pad Holder on Black Refrigerator

Need help getting focused? Check out my creative home organizing ideas. So many great ideas there and on my list of lifehacks and clever ideas to make your life easier.

Is Paper or Felt Better for This Craft?

This really is a personal preference. The felt tends to last longer and not tear or rip as easily. Foam paper is another sturdy option for coating the CD. If all you have on hand is paper, that’s fine.

Craft paper is thinner and will not hold up as long as felt, but it can be used for the bulk of this project.

Note: If you plan to hang a notepad from the bottom of this wall messenger owl, then you will want to use something sturdy and strong for the “legs” on the owl.

Owl messenger pad hanging on white wall

What Should I Use to Hold the Message Pad?

If you check out your local craft store, you’ll find a number of hooks available to add inside the legs for holding items. I, however, found them even cheaper just by digging out old broken keychains.

The keyrings are ideal for adding to this message pad holder. Any sturdy hook or ring can work in this craft to secure your notepad in place on the bottom of the owl legs.

Owl messenger against wall

Have leftover felt after this craft? Make this adorable felt hairbow!

Supplies Needed

Supplies for upcycled cd owl messenger

How to Make a CD Owl Wall Messenger

Using a CD, trace a circle onto the pink felt.

Tracing circle onto pink felt

Cut out the circle leaving the top side with extra felt to create ears.

Cutting out owl shape

Now, you will draw 2 half moon shapes for wings, and a mask shape for the face out of the yellow felt.

Cutting out yellow wings and face

Now, you will glue the pink body of the owl onto the CD.

Glue the face onto the pink body as shown.

Gluing face onto owl

Add the googly eyes and a small orange felt nose with craft glue.

Gluing eyes and nose onto owl face

Next, you will glue the wings onto the body, one on each side.

Gluing wings onto owl

Add a small bow to the bottom of the owl body.

Adding bow to bottom of owl

Now, glue or pin a small bow or flower in place on one of the ears of your owl. I found this little clip and used it for my owl.

Gluing a flower bow on ear of owl cd messenger holder

Now, you will cut two strips of felt or foam paper and fold them into loops.

Cutting legs for bottom of upcycled cd owl messenger

Add a keyring or metal loop to each of the legs, then tread that loop through a spiral notepad as shown. Once in place, glue the legs together leaving a small opening in the leg loop.

Threading felt leg through keyring and gluing together to create legs

Now, slip a pencil through the open loop of the legs.

Slipping Pencil through felt leg loops

Glue the legs in place on the bottom of the owl and hold in place until secure.

Gluing legs in place on CD owl messenger pad

Hang from the wall, refrigerator, or even in your car using a command hook, magnet, or tape.

Another great tip is to use these command center organizing ideas to keep things together in your “station” for notes, bills, and more. This homemade wall organizer is another brilliant idea I love.

Of course, for kids, I like the idea of this homemade dry erase weekly brushing schedule and pet feeding schedule. There is even an after school checklist!

Printable Step by Step Photo Tutorial:

Yield: 1

DIY CD Owl Wall Messenger With Video

Use an old scratched up CD or DVD to create this adorable felt owl that is used for holding a little notepad and pen to take notes! A perfect addition to your kitchen for grocery lists!

Active Time 15 minutes

Total Time 15 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1


  • Old CD or DVD
  • Felt in 3 colors (pink, orange, yellow)
  • Googly eyes
  • Keyrings or hooks
  • Decorative flower or bow
  • Ribbon
  • Notepad
  • Pen or pencil


  • Scissors
  • Craft glue or hot glue gun and glue


Add a heavy magnet to the back of this owl and put on the front of your refrigerator to keep track of groceries you need to replinish.

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