DIY Old Book Pages Star Wall Art Decoration

I hate seeing books be thrown away, so when one is really damaged beyond repair, I like making it into something beautiful like this old book page star wall art decoration. Sometimes, you just need to turn trash into treasure, and this adorable idea is all about rolling old book pages together to create a fun shape to hang on your wall. Tuck some flowers or other small items into this wall art to make it even more beautiful!

Book star wall decor collage

Old Book Pages Star Wall Art Decoration

I am just a huge fan of repurposing items in crafts. Using anything I can to create something new and beautiful has become a mission. This star was an idea I wasn’t sure how would work out, but it really turned out beautiful.

While this could be a perfect addition for springtime or Easter, I am loving the idea of using it for patriotic holidays. You could easily add some red, white, or blue paint, and stuff the inside with red white or blue flowers. How gorgeous would that be? A great way to add a fun star to your decor around 4th of July or Memorial Day this year!

Paper star art against lantern on table

I love the idea of hanging this next to these cute little old book page hanging birds! What a cute idea for springtime! It also compliments this old book page rose wreath so beautifully. I love how these really add a gorgeous rustic look to a room.

Where Can I Find Books for This Project?

My favorite places to find books that are in bad shape and no longer able to be used for reading is the library and thrift shops. Most libraries will dispose of damaged books regularly. I have a great relationship with my local library so they keep a box of books that have been damaged and let me pick them up to use.

Thrift shops often have old books that are damaged that may be thrown away if donated and not able to be sold. Check with yours to see if you can pick them up or buy at a discounted rate.

If you can’t find old books, or prefer not to use them, you can always print out text onto regular paper and roll to get the same look. Or, simply use your favorite scrapbook or craft paper in a variety of colors. Another easy option is to use old newspapers and magazines!

Old book page star on chalkboard

You could easily add these cute decorative feathers made from old book pages to the star for a bit of added decoration!

How do You Hang This From The Wall?

I love Command Hooks! Honestly, when hanging things like this that I know won’t stay on my wall forever or may be moved around for holidays, I like to use small Command Hooks and a bit of fishing line attached to the back of the art piece.

Just look for an option that is rated to hold up the weight of your star. I like the medium peel and stick Hooks, and then simply hot glue a ribbon or twine to the top or back of the star. I’ve also tacked fishing line onto pieces that I didn’t want to have the hanging option showing.

Woman holding a old book page star

You could easily add these cute little book page butterflies to the side of this star as a fun addition for springtime!

What’s the Best Way to Roll Paper?

If you are planning to make a lot of these, you may want to invest in some quilling tools. They make it easy to get super tight rolls of paper.

If you do not want to do that, you can simply lay the paper on a flat surface, and begin rolling away from yourself. This method works best for me as I can tuck the roll against myself and then keep pulling tightly.

Sometimes, adding a bit of glue along the way also helps keep the roll together making it easier to keep tight all the way. This is often my favorite way to do this when I have a lot of rolls to make and may need to take breaks between creating the project.

Book page star against wooden table

If rolling isn’t your style, check out this gorgeous vintage flower from an old book page. So beautiful and still a great decoration repurposing what might have been trash!

Supplies Needed

Supplies for making wall art star

How to Make a Star Wall Art Decoration

Print and cut out the star on paper, then glue it in place on top of the cardboard.

Using star template to create cardboard base

Cut around the star leaving a base of cardboard in the shape of a star.

Cutting out cardboard base

Now, you will pull or cut out pages from old books or newsprint.

Tearing out book pages

Begin rolling your pages tightly gluing as needed.

Rolling pages into tight rolls

Glue the edges together and set these aside until you have several made.

Gluing book pages together

Now, you will measure the rolls of paper and cut to fit the different edges of the star.

Measuring and cutting roleld pages

Glue the paper rolls in place around the edge of the star.

Gluing rolled paper onto wall art

Continue gluing the paper rolls stacking them on top of each other as shown until the wall of paper is 3-4″ high.

Gluing rolls of paper on top of each other

Now, you will arrange and glue your flowers in place in the center of the star.

Adding flowers to center of star

Glue moss in the star around the flowers to fill in all gaps.

Gluing moss around flowers

Cut a length of ribbon and secure to the back to hang this from the wall.

Old book page star leaned against wooden crate

If you liked this easy old book page craft, then you will also love how to make paper flowers out of old book pages. We’ve shared several great ideas for old books here like how to make a romantic bouquet out of old book pages, and even use an old book to make an Easter egg garland. So many fun ways to upcycle old books and newspapers!

Crafter’s Tip

If you don’t have any book pages nearby, check out the shops on Etsy that sell paper collected from books and magazines. There are tons of great options to choose from!

Yield: 1

DIY Old Book Pages Star Wall Art Decoration

Repuropose old book pages into this gorgeous star wall art piece! A perfect addition to your springtime home decor!

Active Time 25 minutes

Total Time 25 minutes

Difficulty Medium

Estimated Cost $1


Feel free to use newspaper, magazines, scrapbook paper, or craft paper in place of book pages.

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