DIY Rustic Framed Old Book Page Decor with Acorns

What an absolutely adorable idea!  This rustic acorn frame book page leaf decoration is ideal for hanging during the fall season.  A fun combination of upcycled items, natural elements, and a bit of ingenuity creates a gorgeous little framed picture.  Get creative with yours and make it unique or follow this tutorial for a simple but beautiful addition to your home decor. 

Acorn cap picture frame on white shelf

Acorn Frame Decoration

I love bringing natural elements indoors.  This little framed leaf is unique and lovely. An elegant project to add to a mantle, as part of a centerpiece, or even just hung on the wall during the fall season, it is a great “dollar store craft” for those on a budget.  It is easy to make this for just $1 out of pocket using items you have on hand.  An old book, a leaf from outside, a few acorn caps, and glitter and glue you already had on hand are free.  The $1 dollar store frame is all you need to finish this and make it a fun new addition to your autumn seasonal decor.

After you make this frame, if you have leftover acorns you can turn them into cute glitter acorns and put them on this lovely rustic fall wreath with fabric flowers.  A fun way to use the same item in multiple decor projects!

Desk with calendar blocks next to rustic picture frame

What Can I Put In This Frame? 

For this frame, I used a leaf found outside and glued it onto an old book page.  You could use any fall-themed item on the page, and even use a specific fall-themed book.  Below are some ideas that would look great inside this frame. 

  • Pages from a book written about the fall season or a favorite poem of thanksgiving as the background.  
  • Scrapbook paper in fall themes or colors. 
  • Pine cone seeds you glue in a unique shape or pattern. 
  • Fake leaves instead of real leaves. 
  • Pine or cedar clippings.

Rustic framed book page with glitter leaf

What Can I Use Instead of Pages from a Book?

When we use old books for crafts, we often get this question.  First, we do not use books that are in good shape or have a purpose.  Most of the time these are from books missing major portions, torn, water-stained, or similar.  

If you do not want to use a genuine old book, you can print any letter, poem, saying, or even passage from a book onto a yellowed piece of paper.  You can even print on white paper then brush with coffee or tea and let dry to create the yellowed look of an old piece of paper. 

Another option is to use a piece of scrapbook paper, construction paper, or similar fall-themed colored papers if you want to create a different look.  I would even use a piece of glittered foam paper. 

Rustic picture frame on white table with gifts

What Type of Frame is Best for Gluing Acorns To? 

You can use any frame but I prefer a wooden frame because it matches the rustic look of the acorn caps.  If you prefer, you can use a metal, plastic, or even paper frame. 

 have even used pieces of crown molding or trim to make my own little frames by tacking them together with a little nail or some wood glue!  You can cut them in equal sizes or do a traditional rectangle.  Cut the ends at an angle so they fit together evenly, and you have a simple frame.  Of course, if you want the kickstand on the back and a glass front, those can be added as well. 

Rustic framed book page with glitter leaf

Should I Clean the Acorns First? 

If you are gathering the acorns from your own yard, it is wise to soak them in a vinegar and water solution before you use them.  I like to fill a bowl with a gallon of water and 1/4 cup vinegar and then soak the acorns or acorn caps for at least 10 minutes.  This usually brings out any bugs and also helps get rid of dirt and grime.  Then you just rinse them well and layout on a towel to dry before using them for your crafting projects. 

Acorn cap picture frame on white shelf

Supplies Needed

Picture frame, acorn caps, old book pages, leaf, glitter and scissors on white table

How to Make an Acorn Frame Decoration

Using craft glue or a hot glue gun, add a bit of glue around the bottom edge of the acorn cap.  Place it onto the corner of the frame, and continue adding different sized acorns to cover all of the frame possible. 

Hand holding acorn cap and glue gun

Use a variety of sizes filling in gaps with smaller ones and placing some at angles so they cover the edges.   Once the entire frame is covered, you can add glitter, spray with glitter, spray paint different colors, or leave it as is.  Additionally, you may trim off excess stems from the acorn caps if desired. 

Picture frame with acorn caps around edges

Place the leaf onto a piece of paper, then add a line of glue around the leaf, and sprinkle with glitter. 

Holding leaf above pile of glitter on white table

Tap off the excess and set the lid aside. 

Once the glitter has dried in place, trim the book page to fit the frame using the back as a guide. 

Blue scissors trimming book page against frame

Place the glass piece back into the frame, then the leaf on top of it.

Hand holding leaf on picture frame glass

Place the book page over the leaf, then attach the back cardboard to the frame. 

Hand putting book page over back of frame

Turn back over and display!

Acorn cap frame with leaf held in front of holiday tree

More Fun Rustic Crafts

I have always been a fan of the rustic look on home decor.  If you like that style as much as I do, then you will adore some or all of the projects below.  From simple upcycles to intricate folding of old book pages, these are fun projects to add to your home decor.  Make sure that you print, pin, or bookmark these craft ideas to make soon! 

Yield: 1

Acorn cap picture frame on white shelf

Make a simple rustic look acorn frame book page leaf decoration. A great way to use natural elements as part of fall decor.

Active Time
30 minutes

Total Time
30 minutes


Estimated Cost


Spray the acorns with glitter paint for a sparkling look to match the glitter on the leaf.

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Finished Project Gallery

Rustic picture frame on table by place settings

Display this from August to December fitting with the fall and winter decor themes easily. 

Acorn cap frame with book page and leaf inside

This can be used for any favorite photograph, quote images, or posters and not just to hold the old book page and leaf. 

Woman in pink sweater holding acorn cap frame

Spray the frame with glitter spray before placing the image inside to add sparkle for Christmas decor. 

Rustic frame with old book page and leaf on table with gift in background

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