Easy Cute Easter Egg Chicken Craft (With Video)

This fun little Easter egg chicken craft is such a great way to decorate for Easter. Chicks are one of the cutest things you can make for Easter, next to bunnies of course, and this chicken craft is such a fun twist, I know you are going to love it. Instead of the traditional egg dying this year, make something like this to include in your kid’s Easter egg hunt or even just in their baskets!

Cute easter egg chicken craft collage

Easter Egg Chicken Craft

What came first? The chicken, or the egg? In this case, both! This adorable idea takes the egg and turns it back into a chicken for a fun addition to your Easter egg decorating plans this year. I love dressing up eggs to look like different animals or things, and this one is just a simple addition that turned a basic egg into a cute little chicken.

Decorating Easter eggs with kids is a classic tradition we still keep, even with older children. These days, we do more creating than dying. So, crafts like this with some fun additions to the egg are more popular than the old school vinegar and dye in a cup.

Easter egg chicken sitting in chicken bowl

For more ideas, make sure you check out this ultimate list of Easter egg decorating ideas. There are over 80 great ideas on that list that will help you have tons of fun ways to make eggs different every year for several years!

Easter egg chicken craft behind white fence

Can I Use a Plastic Egg for This?

You might be surprised that this is made with a real egg and not the plastic ones. It gives the craft such a unique twist. Of course, if you wanted to trade the real egg for a plastic egg you can easily make the swap.

I work with both and find that the real eggs are best for adding to the Easter table for Easter brunch. I know I can keep them refrigerated until time for lunch, and then display until after and add back to the refrigerator so they don’t go bad. For kids baskets or more traditional decorating, I will grab plastic Easter eggs instead for projects like this one.

Easter egg chick in blue egg cup on pink counter

Another fun idea is to turn your egg into this cute Easter bunny egg. It’s such an easy addition to your egg decorating ideas and of course, it fits easily with the Easter theme being a bunny. Add a bit more sparkle with this rustic glitter Easter egg decoration. It’s one of my favorites for decorating the mantle! A simpler version is this easy rustic twine Easter egg. Perfect for farmhouse style decor.

How do You Paint the Egg Without Smudging it?

The egg is painted and the best way to avoid smudging it is to make sure it is dried completely before moving on to the next step. Another easy way to make sure the egg is not smudged is to dye the Easter eggs rather than painting them. You can dye them the way you would normally for Easter eggs and then move on with the rest of the directions.

I like to paint one side, lay it flat, move on to the next egg, and do 10-12 eggs like this. Then, by the time I have painted the half of the last egg, the first egg is dry and i can paint the remaining surfaces.

Easter egg chicken on wood slice on grass

If you are using plastic eggs, then this way for making decorative plastic Eater eggs is a great choice for even more fun. Of course, the ultimate in fun eggs has to be this easy unicorn Easter egg idea. So cute! Tuck these into one of these homemade Easter basket ideas and fill it with some of these yummy Easter treats for a fun basket everyone loves!

Supplies Needed

Supplies for Easter chicken egg decor

How to Make an Easter Egg Chicken

Start by painting the hard boiled egg orange and setting it aside to dry. If using a plastic egg, you can jump to the next step.

Painting egg orange

Cut out a small diamond shape from the yellow craft paper to fold in half and create a beak.

Cutting yellow paper into beak

Now, glue a small feather on both sides of the chicken for wings, and one small feather on top.

Gluing feathers onto egg

Draw eyes or eyelashes onto the egg between the feathers.

Drawing eyes on egg

Now glue the beak onto the egg just below the eyes.

Gluing beak on egg

Put your fun little Easter chicken egg in an egg cup to display.

Easter egg chicken in blue egg cup

Crafter’s Tip

If you want to preserve this year to year, I highly recommend investing in some wooden eggs that are easy to paint and decorate then pack away after Easter to pull out the next year to decorate.

Yield: 1

Cute Easter Egg Chicken Craft

Turn a basic egg into this adorable little Easter chicken craft in minutes! A perfect upgrade on traditional Easter egg decorating!

Active Time 10 minutes

Additional Time 10 minutes

Total Time 20 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1


You can paint your egg any color you prefer, or even use plastic eggs if easier!

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