Easy DIY Chestnut Bat Kids Halloween Craft

Looking for an adorable and simple Halloween craft idea? These chestnut bat kids Halloween craft is super easy to make. Using a few basic materials, kids can create these bats to hang around the house as a fun hands-on decoration. Simple to make, inexpensive too, these bats are cute but not spooky Halloween decorations!

Yellow paper with black word Halloween holding bat decoration

Chestnut Bat Kids Halloween Craft

Making this little bat idea is easy and does not take a lot of time or materials. Kids will love being able to create these bats and then display them for everyone to see. With mostly household materials, kids will be able to make a cauldron (large group) of bats.

What is great about these bats is that there is almost nothing to buy. With the exception of the chestnuts, most people have enough of the materials or at least something that they can use, to make the bats already on hand. For many people, even the chestnuts are on hand. If you have to buy a bag, now you have a delicious treat to snack on while crafting with the kids this Halloween.

If you like using nuts or shells to craft with, you will love this rustic fall wreath. It’s beautiful and so easy to make!  You can also make these cute glitter acorns and add them to a bowl of fall potpourri for a sparkle and fun addition to your decor. 

Black bat craft laying on blue paper with fake pumpkins

Can I Use a Different Nut Other than Chestnuts?

You don’t have to use a chestnut to make these bats. It is important to use something that has a smooth surface, like a pecan. The smooth surface allows the body of the bat to look natural as well as makes it easy for the materials to stick to the shell.

Some ideas include hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, acorns, pecans, and of course, you can use things like painted bottle caps and similar if you prefer.  It doesn’t have to be made with a nut for the head if you don’t want to do that.  We’ve even used an upcycled plastic spoon bat as a decoration!  The possibilities are endless. 

Halloween background with chestnut bat in foreground on table

What Other Ways Can I Make the Wings?

If you want to make their wings out of something other than what I used, you can use pretty much anything you can cut into shape. Below are a few ideas that could work for this project.  Many of these items already come in black or could easily be painted black. 

  • Foam paper or craft foam
  • Paper plates
  • Cardboard
  • Posterboard
  • Cardstock
  • Fabric with starch or Mod Podge to stiffen 

Crafted bat on top of blue scrapbook Halloween paper background

What Should I Use to Make the Face on My Bat?

The face is key to the cuteness of this bat kids Halloween craft. So you want to make sure it looks great.  A paint pen is super handy and what I used, but you can grab whatever you have on hand and create your own little smiling or frowning bat face. 

You can use something as simple as googly eyes to make the face. Another option that is a bit messier is to use paint, with a paint brush, or you can use a paint pen as I did.

Depending upon the surface, you can use a permanent marker for this face. In addition to these suggestions, you can also use things that you have laying around like felt, yarn, and buttons. It is fun look around the house and get creative.

Purple halloween background under crafted chestnut bat

How Should I Hang This Bat?

This bat kids Halloween craft is so cute once it is hung and displayed. Hanging them can be super easy with just a few things.  You’ll want to decide if it should be sitting upright (for hanging on a wall or wreath)or with the face looking out or down (for hanging from the ceiling).  Once that is decided, you can attach one of the ideas below to create a way of hanging this from the wall or ceiling. 

  • Fishing line
  • Twine
  • Rope
  • Ribbon
  • Ornament hook
  • Command hook
  • Pushpin or thumbtack

Woman holding chestnut bat in hands

Will the Chestnut Go Bad?

Chestnuts can go bad after they have reached a certain age. While they may last for a considerable amount of time, they can also begin rotting fairly quickly depending upon location, openings in the nut, etc. 

That is the case with these little chestnut bats.  While it is special to keep the crafts that your kids create, since these chestnuts will go bad, you do not want to keep this one. It is best to throw away the chestnut bats after the Halloween decorations are taken down.

Black craft bat on white table

Supplies Needed

Black paper chestnut scissors and pen on white table

How to Make a Bat Out of Chestnuts

On a piece of black craft paper, trace the scalloped-edged batwing shape.  

Hand in yellow shirt drawing on black paper

Cut out one wing, then use it as a template to trace a matching second wing.  Set these aside. 

Cutting bat wings out of black paper using blue scissors

Using the same piece of paper, cut out two small triangles and set them aside. 

Tiny black triangles of paper on white table

On the center of a chestnut, use a white paint pen to draw a smile with two dots for fangs on the bottom and a small dot just above for the nose. 

Hand drawing face on chestnut with white pen

Using hot glue, attach the googly eyes just above the white nose. 

Woman holding chestnut with face painted on it

Fold over the bottom (not pointed) end of the triangles so you have a very small “lip”.  Glue these to the top of the chestnut with hot glue or craft glue. 

Hand gluing ears on top of chestnut to make bat

Fold the two wings in half at the same point to create “movement” of the wings.  Then, on the very edge of the widest part, fold over a small piece to create a “lip” for attaching to the chestnut. 

Hand folding black wing to attach to chestnut

Glue the wings in place on either side of the face. 

Hand holding paper wing against chestnut bat face

If hanging the bat, attach a hook using hot glue. 

Display your bat for your Halloween party!

Chestnut bat in hands

More Easy Halloween Crafts

One of my favorite seasons to decorate for has to be Halloween.  So many adorable little ideas that are fun for kids, and of course, plenty of spooky things for the adults.  Below are some of my favorites for you to make this year!

Yield: 1

Halloween bat decoration on blue table

Grab a few simple supplies to make this adorable and easy DIY chestnut bat. The perfect kids’ Halloween craft!

Active Time
10 minutes

Total Time
10 minutes


Estimated Cost


Hang the bat from the ceiling as a fun new Halloween decoration.

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Make a bunch of these and string along the mantle for a fun garland. 

Chestnut bat laying on yellow and black halloween paper

They also make great toppers for gifts around Halloween! 

Bat decoration laying on top of purple scrapbook paper

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