Easy Egg Carton Easter Bunny Kids Craft

Easter is just around the corner and that means it is time to make this cute egg carton Easter bunny kids craft. It’s such an easy little project and ideal for kids of all ages. Plus, when you are limited in craft supplies, you always have egg cartons from making breakfast. Why not use them for a fun craft?

Egg carton Easter bunny collage

Egg Carton Easter Bunny

My childhood was filled with craft time that included empty egg cartons. This isn’t my first time making something to share with you like this, but this may be my favorite. Egg cartons are just so versatile! Adding them into Easter decorations makes perfect sense. Especially since you may have extras on hand from those egg dye projects.

This craft is ideal for the younger crowd since it’s such a small and hands-on activity. Of course, with glue and scissors, you will need to adjust to fit their abilities. Regardless of whether you make this with your kids or you make it yourself, it’s a great little idea to add some creativity to your Easter crafting.

Egg carton bunny on green paper flower

Can I Use Styrofoam Egg Cartons Instead?

You sure can! While we only have the cardboard style egg cartons in our area, many people have only the Styrofoam options. What better way to reuse something that isn’t biodegradable than to upcycle it like this.

The only difference in using Styrofoam over cardboard carton is that paint won’t adhere to it as easily as the cardboard. So, consider leaving them natural, or using a different type of paint if what you have doesn’t stay. They definitely won’t work with a marker, so paint is a must if you don’t want to use some felt or paper for eyes and mouth.

Egg carton bunny in basket of greenery

What Paint Works Best?

For the cardboard style egg cartons, really any paint works, but I much prefer basic acrylic craft paints. Specifically, I prefer using Apple Barrel, DecoArt, or FolkArt paints. They are always affordable, easy to find and work great. I’ve also used various watercolors, paint pens, and markers for cardboard egg carton crafts.

If using Styrofoam egg cartons, the acrylic paints work just fine. I would, however, avoid markers or watercolor paints. In fact, almost any water-based paint would be unwise as it wouldn’t stay or absorb into the surface.

Egg carton bunny on woven mat by mushroom decor

How Do I Display These?

They are such a cute idea to add to tons of different decorations. I love that they are unique in themselves as a stand-alone option to add to a table or mantle, but below are a few more ideas for adding egg carton bunnies to your Easter decor.

  • Glue onto a wreath as an added decoration. I like the idea of adding them to this easy old book page wreath for a fun accent.
  • Put inside a cloche along with fake grass and eggs.
  • Include on a tray with other Easter decorations as a centerpiece
  • Glue to a dowel and stick into potted plants, your garden, or along a walkway.
  • On the lid of a mason jar, glue these as a decoration on top of a gift in a jar.

Easter egg carton bunny with easter decor

Supplies Needed

Egg carton Easter bunny supplies

How to Make an Egg Carton Easter Bunny

You will begin by cutting one “cup” out of the egg carton and trim the extra edges off the egg carton, those will be cut and shaped into ears for the bunny.

Cutting egg carton

Paint the earpieces with craft paint and set aside.

Painting ear shaped cardboard

Now, you will paint the egg carton on all sides.

Painting an egg carton

Once the paint is dry, you will use the pink paint pen to add a bit of color to the ears of the bunny.

Painting inside ears

Now, you will use the black and pink paint pens to draw eyes, nose, and mouth onto the egg carton bunny.

Drawing face on egg carton

Glue the ears in place on the top of the egg carton to make an Easter bunny.

Gluing bunny ears to egg carton

Now you can add this to your Easter decorations.

Egg carton Easter bunny on green surface

Don’t miss out on more great Easter decorations! I love this great list of outdoor Easter decorations, easy Easter egg decorating ideas, Easter centerpieces, and of course, tons of great Easter wreaths.

Crafter’s Tip:

Egg cartons are always in my craft stash since we eat eggs on a regular basis. If you don’t eat eggs, have your own hens and use plastic cartons, or happen to be vegan, you can still find egg cartons for this project. I have found empty egg cartons for sale on Etsy, and they are a perfect way to add some to your stash for fun ideas like this without wasting eggs you won’t eat.

Yield: 1

Easy Egg Carton Easter Bunny Kids Craft

Use an old egg carton to make this adorable egg carton Easter bunny kids craft! Such a fun idea to add to your Easter decor!

Prep Time 5 minutes

Active Time 15 minutes

Total Time 20 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1


You can easily paint your bunny any color you prefer.

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