Easy No Sew Fabric Hedgehog Craft

This adorable little no-sew fabric hedgehog craft is one of my favorite creations this year! It’s absolutely precious and so easy to make! A few items you have on hand, some glue, rice, and a bit of imagination will reward you with a sweet and cuddly little toy hedgehog! The perfect decoration for fall or a fun baby shower gift!

Woman in orange shirt holding fake stuffed hedgehog

No-Sew Fabric Hedgehog

I’m always looking for shortcuts and easy ways to make something that I love. In the past, I’ve used a number of different things to create no-sew projects. Things like my no-sew pillow, no-sew purse, no-sew hair bow, and even a no-sew purse have been big hits. This time, I wanted to make a hedgehog with fabric but didn’t want to have the steps of sewing so it would be easy for kids. My solution? Hot glue, felt, and a bit of imagination!

Stuffed toy hedgehog on red plaid blanket by rolls of yarn

What Can I Use to Stuff My Hedgehog?

I used basic rice for this project because it was already on hand and created the soft texture I wanted. You can stuff your sock body with a number of things. It just depends on what you have on hand, and how you want it to feel. Below are a few ideas that would also work great for this project.

  • Dry beans or lentils
  • Styrofoam beads/balls
  • Scrap yarn or fabric pieces
  • A Styrofoam ball or egg

Toy hedgehog on stump with leaves

Will the Stuffing Go Bad?

Sometimes you see mention of rice or beans going bad when used in stuffing a craft. This usually only occurs in items like a heating pad or such that have to be warmed in the microwave.

When using in something like this, it won’t go bad, but depending upon your area, it can attract weevils. These are not dangerous but can be annoying and spread to other foods in your home. If this is a concern, stuff the hedgehog with a non-food product mentioned above.

Image looking down onto top of no sew fabric hedgehog on stump

What is the Best Material to Mke My Fabric Hedgehog From?

The base of the body is a stuffed sock. This can be made with a small bag or a pair of tights or even leggings if needed. For the fabric top (spikes), on the hedgehog, I used felt. You could also use any stiff fabric, or fabric that has been sprayed heavily with starch to keep it from laying too flat. I like felt best because it is ship and sturdy.

Brown felt hedgehog sitting on yellow leaves

What Should I Use to Make the Hedgehog Face?

I grabbed what was on hand – beads and googly eyes. There are tons of ways to make the face on your hedgehog, and it all depends upon what you want it to look like once finished. Below are a few more of my ideas that work great for making a face on your creature.

  • Different sized beads for eyes and nose.
  • Strips of yarn, twine, or ribbon for the mouth.
  • Additional felt or fabric cut and glued into place.
  • Permanent marker.
  • Paint pen or puff paint.

Brown and tan toy critter on stump by pinecones

What Can I Use to Attach the Felt Without Hot Glue?

If you are working with kids and prefer to not use hot glue on this project, that’s okay. The best option is the E6000 glue as it will stick well and not pull apart. A second choice that can work for this is tacky craft glue.

You can also find various hem tapes and other no-sew hem options that will secure the fabric in place without glue. However, if using those, remember they are not a permanent solution and may lose grip faster than other options.

Fabric hedgehog on pile of leaves

Can This Be Weather Proofed?

While you could potentially coat with a sealant, it would be difficult to do so with the different textures and nooks and crannies of the spikes of felt on the hedgehog. Instead, I just recommend this be an indoor-only decoration. At a minimum, keep under a covered porch and not exposed to all of the elements.

Stuffed toy hedgehog on ground outside by leaves

Supplies Needed

Brown felt, sock, and scissors on white table

How to Make a No-Sew Fabric Hedgehog

Stuff a sock with rice until it is half full and round.

Hand filling sock with rice

Tie off with a rubber band to secure, then cut off the excess sock.

Scissors cutting excess sock off end of stuffed sock

Cut a 4-inch wide strip of felt, horizontally. Repeat 2 to 3 times to create enough to cover the bulk of the hedgehog sock body.

Fold each strip in half horizontally and glue with hot glue to secure.

Hands folding felt in half

On the folded edge of the strip, cut down 1″ every 1/2″ until the entire strip has a fringe of cuts.

Repeat for all strips you created.

Hand cutting strips in the felt piece

About 1/4 of the way from the front (not tied) end of the sock, add a line of hot glue and attach one of the strips of fringe so the fringe is facing the back.

Hands gluing fringed felt onto stuffed sock

Continue this, gluing it in place just along the uncut edge, until the remainder of the sock is covered. Leave the front 1/4 of the sock open.

Cutting extra felt off side of hedgehog body

Attach 2 googly eyes on top, just in front of the first strip of “fringe”.

Glue a bead for the nose.

Hand gluing bead onto front of stuffed sock

Cut two small ovals of the leftover sock.

Attach these as ears on the top of the hedgehog on the first brown fringe flat edge.

Hands gluing ears onto top of hedgehog

Display or gift as desired.

Woman in navy blue jacket holding stuffed hedgehog toy in her hands

More Cute Hedgehog Crafts

If this isn’t enough to satisfy your desire to create cute little cuddly hedgehogs, don’t fret! We’ve made several unique hedgehog crafts in the past, and below are my favorites. Whether it’s a simple painted idea, a paper version, or just a kid’s craft, you will find something on the list below to meet your needs. Make sure to bookmark, pin, or print the crafts out to make soon!

Yield: 1

Woman in orange shirt holding fake stuffed hedgehog

This easy no-sew fabric hedgehog craft is such a fun kids’ craft for the fall season! An adorable homemade woodland creature is ready in just 30 minutes or less!

Active Time
30 minutes

Total Time
30 minutes


Estimated Cost


Can use white, cream, or light brown socks for the body of the hedgehog.

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Make these in multiple sizes to create a cute little hedgehog family!

White background with stuffed hedgehog

Use different colors of felt for a unique “punk” hedgehog!

Brown and tan fabric hedgehog on yellow leaves

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