Easy Origami Old Book Page Wreath

I am absolutely in love with this origami old book page wreath! Folding paper into shapes is such a great way to turn something drab to fab. This wreath is rustic, easy to make, and so versatile. It will look beautiful on your door year round, but with a quick change of ribbons, you can make it a special holiday wreath!

Origami book page wreath collage

Origami Old Book Page Wreath

My supply of old books that would otherwise be thrown away just never seems to end. I love being able to turn such valued items into something new and beautiful instead of seeing them thrown away. This wreath was a fun project to make with simple folding techniques turning each page from nothing special into a 3D shape that is gorgeous.

If you are new to making wreaths, this is a great one to start your crafting journey. It takes a bit of work to go through the pages and fold them, but the result is beautiful and the steps are super easy to follow.

Origami book page wreath on brick wall

Have leftover book pages? Turn them into this amazing romantic bouquet! Here is another lovely flower decoration made from book pages that goes great alongside this.

What Type of Wreath Forms Are There?

It’s so easy to come up with a form for your next wreath. I’ve used practically everything you can imagine. My favorites are cardboard and embroidery hoops, but you can make a wreath form out of anything imaginable! Below are some ways I’ve made a wreath in the past. This list has some great common items as well as unique ideas.

  • Wooden wreath forms
  • Foam wreath forms
  • Old wire hangers
  • Floral wire
  • Cardboard
  • Embroidery hoops
  • Wire wreath forms
  • Straw forms
  • Foam noodles
  • Braided rope

Book page wreath hanging on wooden wall

You can even add this rustic butterfly decoration to your wreath for an added bit of decor.

What Ways Can I Hang This?

I always stick with the old standby of tying an extra loop of ribbon around the top to hang from a nail or hook on the wall or door. That isn’t the only method, but it is my personal favorite and go-to wreath hanging option.

Other ideas that work well are attaching fishing line on the back of the wreath, hooking into the wire or wooden wreath form itself, or using an over the door wreath hanger.

Top part of a old book page wreath

How do You Store Wreaths?

My all time favorite method of storing wreaths came from a YouTube vlogger a few years ago. I no longer remember who shared the tip, so if you do, let me know in the comments. She said to buy paper towel holders at the Dollar Store, and hook them into a pegboard. You can then slip your wreath right over the paper towel holder and it stays in place perfectly.

Now, if I am using a wreath only once per year for a holiday, I like to use old grocery store plastic bags to wrap them in and keep clean. Then, you can hang by those handles, or slip through the middle of the bag and hang as normal.

Book page wreath against brick wall by chair

Supplies Needed

Supplies for an old book page wreath

How to Make an Origami Old Book Page Wreath

Start by tearing or cutting out book pages. You will need several depending upon the size of your embroidery hoop. I recommend starting with 20 pages and adding more later if needed.

Tearing pages out of old book

Use a ruler and divide each page into equal sections vertically. Mark them with a pen or pencil for easy cutting.

Measuring pages into strips

Using a craft knife or scissors, cut all of your pages into strips. I cut multiple pages at a time to make this a faster process.

Cutting paper pages into strips

Now, glue the strips together end to end creating a “ribbon” of paper.

Gluing page strips together

Now, you will begin folding the paper as shown, going back and forth in an accordion style that folds back upon itself so you are creating a 3D pattern. If unsure how to do this, watch the video for a better step by step process.

Folding boo pages into a paper chain

Once you have folded an entire length of the paper ribbon, you will glue the end in place to hold the pattern.

Gluing paper together

You will create 10-15 of these lengths of paper ribbon to start. If your wreath isn’t full enough, you can always make more.

Paper chains next to an embroidery hoop

Now, you will glue one end to the embroidery hoop, and then weave it back and forth around the hoop, gluing the end in place before starting with another length of paper ribbon.

Gluing paper chains onto embroidery hoop

Fill in the wreath multiple times wrapping the paper around in a spiral pattern as shown until you are happy with the results.

Finishing book page wreath

Now, you will cut a length of ribbon and create a large bow then tie it in the center with twine.

Adding ribbon bow to book page wreath

Add a bit of lace ribbon or even a flower in the center if desired and glue in place.

Gluing bows in place on book page wreath

Now you can display your wreath!

Origami paper wreath on brick wal

I’m also loving this cute old book page star wall art decoration. It’s a great addition to your decor and super versatile for any season. You could also hang this wreath alongside these cute hanging paper birds for a springtime look. There are just tons of great options for using up old book pages whether it is for everyday gift labels like these decorative old book page feathers, or this gorgeous old book page Christmas tree for Christmas!

Crafter’s Tip

If you love the look of this wreath but just don’t feel like making it yourself, you can buy several variations of old book page wreaths on Etsy!

Yield: 1

Easy Origami Old Book Page Wreath

Transform that old book into this gorgeous origami old book page wreath with a simple folding pattern and a bit of glue!

Prep Time 20 minutes

Active Time 15 minutes

Total Time 35 minutes

Difficulty Medium

Estimated Cost $2


This doesn’t have to be made with just old book pages. You can use this same process with any colored paper or scrapbook paper if preferred.

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