Easy Upcycled Bucket Chicken Spring Craft

You are going to love this fun little bucket chicken spring craft idea It is a great way to use those little tin buckets you find at the dollar store! These little chicks are adorable decorations for spring or Easter. Very inexpensive to make, and inexpensive enough you can make them for all of your friends or add several to your Easter decorations this year!

Chicken bucket craft collage

Easy Bucket Chicken Spring Craft

This is so easy to make, you are going to want to make tons of them. I love that you just need a few little supplies to create something so sweet. It’s a great choice for kids to help you make, and is ideal for springtime events like weddings, Easter bunch, ladies teas, and more! I love this idea and know you will as well.

Chicken bucket on wood slice on fake grass

If you are planning a theme around chickens this year for Easter, then you will absolutely adore this cute wine glass chick candle holder. So cute and super easy to make. Kids will love making an Easter chick from pom poms, and you can surprise them with this cute Easter bunny candy holder bag.

For the younger kids, this easy craft stick chicken or bottle cap chicks craft will be easier and just as much fun for them to create. One more option is this cute plastic spoon Easter bunny idea. So simple and fun!

What Can I Use This For?

Sometimes it is hard to find spring decorations that you love. Why not make your own! I love how simple this is to make and that it will look adorable sitting on your mantle or shelf.

When giving these easy Bucket Chicken as a gift, you can fill it with candy and small spring-themed toys. Fill the bucket with Easter grass and then different candies. Some of my favorites to add are jelly beans, malted balls or Robin Eggs. You could also add things like nail polish and a nail file to gift to older girls or your girlfriends. Boys might prefer a little race car or even a puzzle book. Use your imagination!

Another option is to get a floral block and add pretty artificial flowers or add a fun spring-themed sign. These can usually be found at the dollar store or at big box stores in the seasonal department. This is ideal if you are planning to use this as a decoration or centerpiece for Easter. You could also leave it empty and add napkins or utensils in it for holiday brunch.

If you want to use this spring craft outside, swap the paper for either felt or foam and it can be used as an outdoor planter. Remember, if you put this outside, you may also want to use a different glue that won’t wash off easily if it rained.

Chicken bucket filled with Easter eggs

What Glue Works Best for This Bucket Craft?

For this bucket craft, you will want to use strong craft glue or use a hot glue gun. If you are using a glue stick with younger children, make sure there is enough glue to hold the paper and eyes in place. My preferred glue for this would be hot glue, Tacky Glue or E6000 craft glue.

Chicken bucket by white fence

While your kids are crafting, you may want to whip up a batch of these yummy Easter chick and egg sugar cookies to snack on while you work. If your family likes them, this list of ways to use Easter marshmallow peeps will be a hit. I also love this huge list of Easter treat recipes to find inspiration.

Supplies Needed

How to Make a Bucket Chicken Spring Craft

For this craft, you will start by tracing some of the shapes onto paper. On the white paper, you will draw 4 hearts. Two large, and two medium sized hearts.

Drawing hearts on white paper

Cut out the hearts.

Cutting hearts from paper

Glue the hearts so that one medium is on top of one large and you have created two sets. Set these aside for later.

Gluing hearts together

Now, you will glue the googly eyes onto the bucket toward the top.

Adding googly eyes to bucket

On the orange paper, you will cut out a small triangle to use as the beak.

Cutting beak from orange paper

Glue the beak in place below the eyes.

Gluing baek to bucket

Now, you will draw a small red heart and a small red wiggly shape and cut them out. These will be used as the comb and wattle on the chicken. The comb is the part on top of the roosters head that is the wiggly shape, and the comb is the red part on their neck.

Cutting red paper comb for chicken

Glue the red heart upside down below the beak.

Gluing red wattle to chicken

Use a white or cream colored paper to cut out 2 small circles and glue them onto the bucket beside the nose to create “cheeks”.

Glue those hearts you made earlier, one on each side of the bucket, at an angle so they are sideways with the points facing forward.

Gluing hearts to sides of chicken

Next, you will cut a length of white paper to create a “handle” on the bucket to resemble the “head” of the chicken.

Gluing white paper handle to bucket

Glue this handle in place, and then glue the wiggly red shape (comb), to the middle of the handle.

Gluing comb to handle on chicken bucket

Now you can fill this with your treats!

Chicken bucket on grass

Crafter’s Tip:

Since I often make a large number of things like this bucket to gift to friends, I will often look first at the Dollar Tree online to see if I can buy in bulk easily. This year, they had some of these tin buckets early in the season, but they have these plastic colorful buckets year round, and they would work just as well for this project.

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Yield: 1

Easy Bucket Chicken Spring Craft

Turn a simple tin bucket into an adorable chicken that is ideal for using around Easter as a decoration or a fun gift bucket for kids!

Active Time 15 minutes

Total Time 15 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $3


  1. Start by drawing four hearts on white paper. You will need 2 large and 2 medium; Drawing hearts on white paper
  2. Cut out these hearts and then glue them together so there is one of each stack on top of each other to create 2 sets, then set them aside; Gluing hearts together
  3. Now you will glue your googly eyes onto the bucket, close to the top rim; Adding googly eyes to bucket
  4. Using orange paper, cut out a small triangle for a beak; Cutting beak from orange paper
  5. Glue the beak just below and between the eyes; Gluing baek to bucket
  6. Now, cut a small heart out of red paper, and a small wiggly kidney bean shape from the red paper and set it aside; Cutting red paper comb for chicken
  7. Glue the heart onto the bucket just below the beak, upside down so the point is facing the top; Gluing red wattle to chicken
  8. Now, cut out two small circles from white or cream paper, and attach them just below the eyes and beside the nose to create “cheeks” on your chicken; Gluing cheeks on chicken
  9. Use the hearts you created earlier, and glue them onto the sides of the bucket with the pointed bottoms facing forward to create “wings”; Gluing hearts to sides of chicken
  10. Now, you will cut a long strip of white paper to create the handle “head” on top of the bucket; Gluing white paper handle to bucket
  11. Glue the handle in place on the top of the bucket (inside), and then glue the wiggly red piece you cut earlier on top to create the chicken/rooster comb; Gluing comb to handle on chicken bucket
  12. Now you can fill your bucket with candy and treats! Easter chicken bucket on pink surface


You can use any color bucket you wish with this craft and feel free to add things like fake feathers to make it more realistic.

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