Festive DIY Paper Santa Napkin Rings

These fun and functional festive DIY Santa Napkin Rings are perfect for your holiday dinners! This is a craft idea that will get smiles and comments from your guests, they’re even fun to make! Their cute and whimsical style will go wonderfully with your silverware and plates. Adding the perfect festive touch to your dinner spread, they make a great addition to your Christmas accessories.

Spread the joy with something small everyone will love! You can even gift these as stocking stuffers, gift baskets, or holiday party favors! Bring a little handcrafted love to your place settings this year with these napkin rings.

Santa napkin ring in front of Christmas tree

Adorable Festive DIY Santa Napkin Ring

Looking for a festive DIY Christmas craft that’s small, easy to make, and fun to use? These napkin rings are just that. I love the little Santa motif they bring to my dining room table. Since they add a little pop of festive holiday colors, they’re the perfect piece entertaining.

It doesn’t take much to assemble this festive Santa napkin ring craft. It uses some very simple craft supplies for an adorable and practical Santa piece you can enjoy every year!

Santa belt napkin ring holder

What Can I use Besides Foam Craft Sheets?

This Santa napkin ring uses a type of crafting foam sheet that not everyone might have on hand. These are really useful since they give your napkin ring a little more structure. And, they usually come with either glitter or glossy finish that adds texture to your piece.

There are other options, however. You can easily use construction paper with glitter, or any other material as long as you use some backing. There’s nothing worse than a craft that falls apart when you set it out! Experiment with different materials until you find something you like.

Santa themed napkin holder ring with belt

What Should I use to Make the Belt?

One of the boldest features of this adorable Santa craft is his black leather belt! Well, of course, we’re going to put a little crafting twist on it ourselves! In our craft, we use a small cut out black strip of glitter craft paper. While that’s certainly an option, this is one piece that’s easily interchangeable.

Take a look through your crafting supplies, and black construction paper, lace or small strips could do the trick! You’d be surprised what you can dig up on the fly, feel free to improvise where you can!

Santa napkin ring holder with holly

What are Some fun ways to Customize This Craft?

On its own, this is already a DIY Christmas craft that has a lot of its own glitz and shimmer. That being said, there’s always room to personalize something and make it your own. Taking this Santa napkin ring and adding a few personal touches, or decoration is a great way to warm people’s hearts!

One way you can get some smiles and bring a touch of joy would be to add your dinner guests or family member’s initials! That makes it something you can add to your Christmas dinnertime tradition that they’ll always remember. Otherwise, you can use different materials or add charm wherever you see fit! Here are a few of our ideas to give you some inspiration.

  • Use an intricate strip of lace or black faux gemstones for added glimmer for Santa’s belt
  • Add some cotton balls over the belt to mimic Santa’s iconic white beard
  • Use black gems or dots for the buttons on his jolly red suit
  • Add family or friend’s initials on a piece of burlap hanging from the side of his belt like a sack of toys
  • Hide a piece of candy, or mint in with the napkin for a pleasant ‘present’ from their Santa napkin ring

We’ll give you some more detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures below. But first, here’s what you’ll need to get started!

Napkin holder accessory Santa themed design

Supplies Needed

craft supplies red paper scissors pipecleaner

Festive DIY Santa Napkin Ring

First things first, decide how long you’d like your napkin ring to be. If the cloth napkins you use are bulky, consider a shorter length. If they’re narrower, you can do with a longer ring so they don’t look out of place. Simply adjust the length of the napkin ring by cutting further down the sheet of foam width-wise.

cutting red foam craft sheet paper

Next, you can bend the foam craft sheet into a cylindrical shape. Overlap around the circumference by at least half an inch. Then, use your hot glue gun to adhere to the bottom of the foam sheet to the top where it overlaps.

hot glue gun red foam craft sheet gluing together

Now you can apply the gemstones to Santa’s belt! Apply these to a strip of paper or fabric that’s long enough to wrap around the cylinder of foam craft paper. Be sure to place it as close to the middle as possible. If you’re working with loose craft gemstones, glue them on after you place the strip on the foam paper.

Santa belt made from craft supplies held with two hands

craft santa belt napkin ring holder being made

Next, you can use your hot glue gun to apply the white pipe cleaner to either end of the napkin ring.

hot glue gun applying pipecleaner to a small Santa craft

scissors cutting white pipe cleaner on craft

More Easy Christmas Craft Ideas

Little practical Christmas crafts like these are ideal for adding some festive flair to your home! The best part about making these is that they’re incredibly easy. With only a few store-bought supplies, there’s a good chance you’ve got some of what you need already! Here are some more ideas for fun and unique Christmas crafts that are quick, and inexpensive.

Yield: 1

Santa belt napkin ring holder

This bright and cheerful napkin ring makes for a quick DIY project you can use with your place settings!

Active Time
5 minutes

Additional Time
3 minutes

Total Time
8 minutes


Estimated Cost

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Finished Project Gallery

Add some extra flair to these adorable napkin rings with any of your extra craft supplies! You never know what kind of treasures you’ll find.

santa napkin ring dinner placement pizza

Go for a festive napkin design to showcase your handmade napkin ring!

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Send these with your guests as party favors at the end of a holiday-themed get-together!

Santa homemade craft with holiday centerpiece

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