Free Printable Happy New Year Banner {Ready in 10-Minutes}

New Year’s Even manages to creep up on us and is often almost forgotten about when it comes to decorating. This printable Happy New Year banner is a great easy and fast way to decorate your mantle for a fun little family party. It takes less than 10-minutes to make, so it’s perfect for last-minute decorating, and ideal for kids to help create.

Happy New Year banner on chalkboard

Happy New Year Banner

It seems like that week between Christmas and New Year’s flies by and suddenly I’m not ready for the party to ring in the new year. The result is scrambling at the last minute for an easy little decoration that I can make in minutes. This idea is so easy! A simple little project that the kids will love helping you make. Trust me, it’s a great choice for adding to your new year’s party!

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What Paper Should I Print This On?

I used a regular piece of cardstock for this. White is best since this is a patterned print on the words. You will need a color print, or to use your own lettering that has been painted or colored to look sparkly for the holiday. Below are some other ideas you can use for printing these words.

  • Copy paper
  • Craft paper
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Birchwood
  • Thin cardboard
  • White fabric

Happy New Year banner against brick wall

What Should I Use as a Base for My Banner?

The words are just part of the process for this banner. You also need to put them on something to hang. While I used a super simple ribbon I had on hand, you can use other items to create your banner. Below are some of the things I use to hang garlands and banners.

  • Twine or jute
  • Rope
  • Yarn
  • Grosgrain ribbon
  • Paper ribbon
  • Tulle
  • String
  • Embroidery thread

The goal is to slip the ribbon through the holes you punch on the words. So, the only real consideration is to make sure the ribbon or twine you use slips through the hole easily and won’t tear it open.

New year banner on blue wood

What Should I Hang The Banner On?

Banners and garlands are usually hung on the mantle or edge of a porch or railing. This garland is so simple to make you can hang it really anywhere. You can add all of the letters on one piece of string, or separate them out and hang one word per length of ribbon.

My favorite places to hang banners are on the edge of the mantle, on the top of our entertainment center, or in the archway between our kitchen and dining room. Banners look great on bookcases, cabinets, hutches, doorways, and even just on an empty space on a wall in your living room.

Woman holding happy new year banner

Supplies Needed

Supplies for happy new year banner

Printable Happy New Year Template

If you want to print the template, it’s so easy to manage! Just click on the link below and print on white paper then you cut out the words and use them for your new year banner.

Printable Happy New Year Template

How to Make a Happy New Year Banner

Print the template file.

Cutting letters out of printable banner

Cut out each letter individually.

Cutting letters for happy new year banner

Using a hole punch, add a hole in the top center of each letter.

Hole punch in letters

String ribbon or twine through the letters spelling out the words.

Stringing together happy new year banner

Hang up on a wall or mantel as desired.

Happy new year banner on white surface

More Fun Ideas for Your New Years Party

I love making cute little decorations for parties and events. New Year’s is usually perfect for sharing time with others, but in 2020, a fun night in with just immediate family is most likely. If you want to dress things up and have fun with the family at home, you can add this banner or one of the ones below.

Plus tasty party recipes!

Crafting Tip

If you have a Cricut or Silhouette cutter, you can also print out the words and use it to cut them out for you. This is a great way to put that to use and make cutting cardstock or thin cardboard easy to manage.

Yield: 1

Happy New Year banner on chalkboard

Grab this printable Happy New Year banner and create a cute garland to hang on a mantle or any wall for your New Year’s Eve party!

Active Time
5 minutes

Total Time
5 minutes


Estimated Cost


This is best printed on cardstock, but can be printed on any paper you have on hand.

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This banner is perfect for hanging on your mantle.

Happy New Year banner on chalkboard

You can use ribbon, twine, yarn, or rope to string the letters onto. Find what is handy and use that!

Happy New Year banner against brick wall

Keep this year after year by cutting the letters out and laminating them before adding to the ribbon.

Woman holding happy new year banner

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