Fun Easter Bunny Cardboard Box Ball Game

If you are looking for a great game for Easter afternoon, I’ve got you covered! This fun Easter bunny cardboard box ball game is a great way to add a fun activity to your after brunch plans that everyone will enjoy. A few pieces of paper and cardboard, and you have a cute ball toss game everyone can play. This is great for kids of all ages, and a wonderful way to get the whole family involved in a game after Sunday brunch.

Easter bunny ball toss game collage

Easter Bunny Cardboard Box Ball Game

What is awesome about this project is that it is so fast and easy to make. You can literally throw it together on Easter morning to have ready for after egg hunting. All you need are a few materials and tools that are totally common, ordinary household craft supplies. We all have cardboard boxes lying around, and the paper and glue are easy to find in your craft box.

As a kid, I recall fondly the Easter Sunday afternoons of us hunting eggs while all the men in the family stood around throwing horseshoes or playing cornhole. This is a great easy version of a classic ball toss game that is super fun for Eater. I know your entire family will enjoy getting involved in making this and spending hours competing to see who can make the most “hole in one” with their ball.

Cardboard box bunny on grass

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What Balls Work With The Ball Toss?

If you are like me, you have tons of random balls in your kid’s toy boxes. The easiest thing about this game is that you can cut the opening to fit the balls you have on hand! That means you don’t need to go out and buy anything new or special. So, you can literally use any ball you want.

I will say, smaller balls work better or this as you are typically using a medium-sized box. Something like a basketball would be too big. I think a ball less than 6″ in diameter is best.

Another option is to make your own little bean bags. Grab scrap fabric, some rice or dry beans, and sew little squares and fill them. If you do this, you can designate different colors for “teams” and have a friendly competition.

Cardboard bunny ball toss game on grass

What are the Rules of the Game?

As with many of my favorite games, there are no set rules! Make your own!

Typically, you would use this to see how many a person could get into the opening per turn. That’s why different colored balls help but aren’t necessary. I like the idea of having a set number of balls/bean bags, and each person having a turn to throw. The person who gets the most into the opening at the end of each round is a winner.

Alternatively, you can use this to help kids with hand-eye coordination. I even used it with younger kids to learn their colors. They had to find the specific color ball and toss it into the opening. It’s a great fun activity for all ages!

Easter bunny ball toss game outside

Supplies Needed

Supplies for bunny ball game

How to Make an Easter Bunny Cardboard Box Ball Game

Start by preparing your cardboard box by making sure it is sealed and then draw a half circle shape on one side on the bottom.

Drawing a half circle on cardboard box

Now, you will use a craft knife to cut the half circle out, leaving the bottom attached, so that it drops down to create a tongue.

Cutting hole in cardboard box

Place the red construction paper underneath this cardboard tongue and trace the shape.

Tracing a tongue onto red paper

Cut out the tongue shape.

Cutting tongue out of paper

You will also cut out two large red circles and set these aside.

Cutting circles from red paper

Glue the red tongue in place.

Gluing tongue onto box

Now, you will glue the googly eyes in place one on each side of the box and toward the top.

Gluing googly eyes onto cardboard box

Glue the two red circles below the eyes to act as cheeks.

Gluing cheeks onto box

Using the black marker, you will draw a mouth, nose, and whiskers of your bunny.

Drawing bunny nose

Now, using the scrap cardboard, draw two ear shapes and cut those out.

Cutting ears out of cardboard

Cut out two large ear shapes from the yellow paper slightly smaller than the cardboard ones.

Cutting yellow paper into ear shapes

Glue the yellow paper onto the cardboard ears.

Two bunny ears on cardboard

Now, you will glue the ears onto the top back of the box.

Gluing ears onto cardboard box

Make or find balls or bean bags to use for playing your game!

Bunny ball toss on grass

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Crafter’s Tip

If you want to make this and keep on hand for years to come, invest in some ready made handmade bean bags from Etsy. These are great quality, and perfect for use in any bag toss game.

Yield: 1

Fun Easter Bunny Cardboard Box Ball Game

Turn an ordinary cardboard box into this adorable Easter bunny cardboard box ball game in just a few minutes! An ideal family-friendly Easter game DIY.

Active Time 20 minutes

Total Time 20 minutes


Feel free to paint on the tongues, cheeks, and ears if you prefer!

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