Fun Pipe Cleaner Jingle Bell Ornament Kids’ Craft

Look how simple it is to make these fun pipe cleaner jingle bell ornaments! These ornaments are one of the easiest and best ideas to make with kids this holiday season! Make them as decorations around the house or onto your tree for Christmas and enjoy the tinkling of the bells as they move. What a fun way to craft with your kids this holiday season!

Jingle bell ornaments on tree

Jingle Bell Ornament

Making these jingle bell ornaments could not be simpler. With only a few materials, kids and adults can make these jingle bells to hang around the house or on the tree. Get creative with colors and styles and create this simple Christmas craft anytime.

If you like adding fun ornaments to your crafting with the kids during the holiday season, you’ve come to the right place. I love making ornaments and have tons of good ideas to keep you busy creating. Whether you like traditional craft stick ornaments or something fun like an upcycled flowerpot ornament, you’ll have tons to choose from here to keep you and your kids busy creating.

Jingle bell ornament on white table

Can I Add Something Other Than Bells on the End?

If you want to hang something other than the small jingle bells that I have used, you can definitely do that. Some people prefer not to have the tinkling sound of bells. Especially if you have kids or pets that will purposely bump into things to make them jingle.

The pipe cleaners are easy to wrap around any decoration that you choose to use, and of course, hot glue makes it easy to add just about everything you want. Below are some ideas that would also look nice at the end of this ornament.

  • Larger jingle bells if the sound isn’t bothersome to you.
  • Small bows or bits of ribbon.
  • Add a miniature star, snowflake, angel, or mistletoe.
  • String a pony bead onto the pipe cleaner.

Woman holding pipe cleaner ornament

What Should I Use to Hang These?

Depending on where you decide to hang these Jingle Bell Ornaments will decide the best way to hang them. You can use a ribbon or string if you are hanging it from the ceiling. If you want the string to not show while the bells are hanging from the ceiling, you can use a fishing line. A clear, lightweight fishing line will look invisible when the bells are hanging.

If you are hanging these from a wall, you can use a piece of tape or you can use a thumbtack to hold it in place. Of course, when hanging them on your tree, they need nothing else because you can easily slip the loop over the branch!

Jingle bell ornament on white table

What Glue Can I Use if Making These With Kids?

Since I know that working with a hot glue gun and kids doesn’t work well, there are some other choices you might prefer to use. Little ones work best with basic school glue like Elmer’s. While it might not be the best for long term items, it will work for this for a cute ornament to take home.

Other options are a basic tacky craft glue or E6000. I would lean toward using the tacky glue if I wasn’t going to use a hot glue gun. It’s affordable, dries clear, and is safe for kids. Plus, you can find it almost anywhere.

Jingle bell ornaments on tree

Supplies Needed

Jingle bell ornament supplies

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Jingle Bell Ornaments

Fold your pipe cleaner in half and twist into a loop.

Wrap the longest end of the pipe cleaner around the middle and then trim the extra length.

Glue the extra piece of pipe cleaner in the center at the bend so there are 3 pieces dangling.

Folding pipe cleaner

Attach a bell to the bottom of each dangling piece of pipe cleaner with glue.

Gluing bells onto pipe cleaner

Make a small bow from the ribbon.

Glue the bow to the center of the pipe cleaner.

Making ribbon bow

Add a small star or another holiday embellishment in the center of the bow.

Adding bow to ornament

Hang on your tree or add to a gift as a fun decoration!

Jingle bell ornaments on tree

More Ornament Ideas for Christmas

If you want more ideas for decorating this Christmas, I have tons to share. Especially when it comes to ornaments! Below are some of my favorite lists of ideas for you to add homemade ornaments to your tree this year!

Crafting Tip

Grab bulk jingle bell garlands for low cost on Dollar Tree online and use the bells for this project at a fraction of the price of buying the bells individually to make this ornament.

Yield: 1

Jingle bell ornaments on tree

There is nothing as cute and easy as these fun little pipe cleaner jingle bell ornaments! They are the perfect choice for kids!

Active Time
5 minutes

Total Time
5 minutes


Estimated Cost


Add as many dangling pieces of pipe cleaner to the bottom as you want for more bells to jingle.

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When you are looking for a kid friendly ornament, this is definitely the best to make!

Ornaments on fake snow

You can make hundreds of these for just $3-$4 in supplies!

Woman holding pipe cleaner ornament

Add different colored pipe cleaners together to make an even cuter look for these to add character to your tree.

Jingle bell ornament on white table

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