Gorgeous Fall Leaf Wind Catcher Mobile

Looking for a fall craft that will flutter around carelessly in the wind? This gorgeous fall leaf wind catcher mobile is exactly the craft project that will do the trick! It’s a light and breezy craft that’s just waiting to be picked up by a brisk gust of autumn wind! You and your guests will be entranced by its marvelous display of fall colors. Not to mention how easy it was to make! I love these simple crafts that make a huge statement in your décor style.

Collage image showing steps for making fall wind catcher

DIY Gorgeous Fall Leaf Wind Catcher Mobile

This craft is perfect for displaying on your porch, as well as in your home! It can handle the fall weather, and looks lovely while it’s fluttering around in the breeze. It’s meant to emulate the scene of falling autumn colored leaves! Placing them by your door and entranceway is perfect for greeting all who come by. It makes a great craft with a natural fall harvest theme that you’re likely to see every day during the autumn months!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, you can easily prepare some of these to liven up your holiday celebrations as well. I’ve got one suggestion for decorating with these gorgeous crafts that just might surprise you! There’s plenty of different wind chimes and catchers you can create, too!

Make a few, and then hang them across the length of your dining room table! It will create a majestic and interesting Thanksgiving scene your guests will have all overInstagram! Get yourself inspired, and you’re sure to find a bunch of different ways to grace your home with these adorable hanging fall crafts.

Fall leaf wind catcher hanging against white wall

Can These Wind Catchers Stand Up to the Weather?

Absolutely! Save for some nasty hail or sleet, these windcatchers should be totally a-o.k. in just about any weather! A little rain won’t harm them, since the leaves are completely made of fabric. Hot glue should also remain solid after a little bit of rain. However, if you do find yourself at all worried you can hang them in a stooped front entranceway, or covered porch for extra protection! If you want to dress up your yard for October, check out this garland bunting that adds the perfect touch!

Can I use Real Leaves for This Craft?

Practically, you can’t. While it’s entirely possible to create this adorable wind catcher with real leaves, it would take youhours to complete. We like to keep things simple, and preserving dozens of leaves from your backyard for hours on end doesn’t sound very simple to me! The fact of the matter is that leaves just don’t keep very well once they’ve left their branch. They’ll soon become brittle, and brownish.

Instead, reach for the virtually life-like cloth fake leaves you can find in hobby shops, dollar stores and craft outlets. They’re just about everywhere nowadays, and they’re hard to distinguish from the real thing! They’re very easy to string onto your wind catcher, and they’ll stand up to a little bit of weather, too! You don’t have to worry about your craft falling to pieces with false leaves.

Using false leaves also gives you the option of selecting exactly which colors you want. If you’re shopping for fake leaves, you can find them coated with glitter, featuring other colors and designs. You’ll also want to make sure they’re not too brittle for stringing on thread. You should be able to pierce the leaves with a needle to insert thread, which is why we recommend using silk fake leaves.

Brick wall behind fall leaf mobile

What Are Some Ways to Make This Craft Stand Out?

While they’re absolutely gorgeous on their own, there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to add a little personality to these fluttering wind catchers! There are a few simple and easy ways you can do so! Down below, we’ll give you some useful step-by-step instructions (with pictures!) on how to properly assemble this easy-to-make craft. But, since you probably want to get shopping, here’s a few pieces of inspiration to point you in the right direction!

  • Use some spray-on glitter to add some shimmer and shine to your fabric leaves
  • Add strands of fairy lights to make for an interesting and heartwarming glowing effect
  • Make an alternative wind catcher that uses other natural elements like pinecones, or branches
  • Create a dazzling and magical display above your Thanksgiving dining table!

Mobile made of artificial leaves hanging by large window against white wall

Supplies Needed

Embroidery hoop and fake flowers on white table

How to Make a Gorgeous Fall Leaf Wind Catcher Mobile

String a bunch of your fake leaves together through pieces of thread. Alternate between different colors and shades of silk leaves going up each thread. stringing fake leaves onto thread

You’ll want to create about 6-7 strands of these leaves. Add more strands if you’re using a larger embroidery ring.

Strings of fake leaves laying on white table

Tie one of the upper strings to your craft hoop. Then, use the hot glue gun to make a few stripes of glue where you’ll add loose leaves to the outside edge of the hoop.

hot glue gun on craft hoop with leaves

Secure as shown.

Twine glued onto embroidery hoop next to orange leaf

Next, repeat this process on the outside of the leaves, but use these spots to place any decorations you’d like, such as flowers!

hand adding flowers to fake leaves craft

Alternate between different types of flowers for effect. 

Hand pressing fake sunflower into oraneg leaf

Tie a knot connecting each side of the wooden hoop, this will serve as a hanger for your craft. You should tie 3 in total, tieing them back together in the middle to create a pyramid-shaped hanger.

Adding fake leaves to craft hook woman hands

At this point, you can string your strands of leaves onto the wooden hoop! The best way to do this is of course to tie them straight onto the hoop.

attatching strings to wooden craft hoop

By now, you should have a nearly complete wind mobile! If you feel like it needs denser foliage, you can add them as you wish!

Woman in jeans holding fall leaf mobile in front of field of sunflowers

Yield: 1

hanging wind mobile craft near window

This fall leaf wind craft will look gorgeous hanging outside waiting to catch an autumn breeze. It’s so easy to make, too!

Active Time
15 minutes

Total Time
15 minutes


Estimated Cost


This same method can be used for springtime flowers!

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I love how simple this thing is to create! Plus, it looks gorgeous no matter where you put it!

Artificial leaf mobile hanging in park

Display this lovely craft project indoors or out! Regardless of where you place it, it’s sure to bring some much needed seasonal charm to your home! Watch the leaves flutter around almost as if by magic in the autumn winds.

Woman holding mobile next to sunflower field

Hang these around every corner of your home for an impressive and impactful decoration that most people could mistake for store-bought!

Mobile with fake leaves hanging against tree 

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