Gorgeous Rustic Nautical Wine Bottle Decor

I am so in love with this cute wine bottle decor idea! Using some twine and shells, I made a fast and easy craft that is super versatile. It displays perfectly on a mantle, as a centerpiece, or can be given as a gift. Plus, you only need a few supplies you likely already have on hand!

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Wine bottle decor with rustic twine and shells displayed in various ways

Rustic Nautical Wine Bottle Decor

Rustic twine-wrapped items are some of my favorites to make. I love the country chic look, and love how cheap they are in my budget. I’ve made loads of upcycled items through the years, but this is one theme I find myself coming back to on a regular basis.

Most recently I made this cute pear decoration with twine and an old lightbulb. When I say it is my favorite, you can see the evidence on the blog.

I made this rustic rope covered vase, and it inspired me for this piece of wine bottle decor. Combining the rustic style with the outdoors and beach theme, I knew I could throw together a decor piece that inspires thoughts of the beach, or would be a great gift for my beach-loving friends.

Rustic wine bottle decor displayed with shells ona concrete walkway

Where Can I Find Bottles for This Craft?

Look in your kitchen! If you drink wine, just start washing out the bottles and saving them for crafts like this one. You can also check with friends and family, and my favorite is asking local restaurants if they have extra empties you can have to use.

If you live in an area that has glass recycling, it can actually be a bit harder to find them, but they are still out there. Don’t buy a glass wine bottle for this craft! There are always options for finding one for free.

Up close picture of the shells attached to a nautical wine bottle decor piece

Where Can I Buy Seashells for My Wine Bottle Decor

If you don’t have a nearby beach to find seashells at, I love grabbing them at dollar stores. Almost every dollar store I have shopped at has a craft section, and there are often little bags of shells for just $1.

Sometimes these are not actual shells but replications, but for this craft that doesn’t matter. Especially since you know you are also gluing fake pearls onto wine bottle decor.

Amazon and Oriental Trading also have lots of bulk shell options if you plan to make several of these to give as gifts.

Hint: This looks great displayed alongside my homemade nautical wreath idea!

A nautical twine wrapped bottle displayed on a small shelf next to other seashells

What Glue Should I Use to Secure Twine to Glass?

In my crafting, you will see me grabbing hot glue more often than any other. I find that it sticks for longer and is more durable. That said, I love using E6000 craft glue and especially on projects like this where you need a lot of glue to keep the items in place.

Plus, it can be cheaper in the long run if you have to glue a larger project.

Note: I would not advise using school glue (Elmer’s) or wood glue for this project.

Nautical wine bottle decor on a blue shelf with other seashells

Supplies Needed

  • Wine bottle (or any large bottle)
  • Twine or rope
  • Seashells
  • Fake pearls or beads
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue or craft glue

Supplies for rustic nautical bottle decor

How to Make a Seashell Rustic Wine Bottle Decor Piece

For this project, you’ll need to wash and allow your bottle to completely dry before you begin.

Your first step will be to wrap the entire bottle with twine. Start at the base with a drop of glue, and then wrap gluing as you move upwards in a circle around the bottle.

Gluing twine to an empty wine bottle for a craft

I add about 3-4 dots of glue per row of twine wrapped around the bottle.

Finishing up wrapping the wine bottle with twine

Once you have wrapped the entire bottle with twine or rope and secured it, you will then move on to decorations. I used hot glue to add seashells and fake pearls over one side of the bottle. You can add more or less until it is just how you like.

Once the glue has dried, you can display anywhere throughout your home.

Wine bottle decor rustic nautical piece on a concrete walkway

Video Tutorial:


Step by Step Photo Tutorial:

Yield: 1

Gorgeous Rustic Nautical Wine Bottle Decor

Grab the empty wine bottle after dinner and use it to make this adorable nautical themed wine bottle decor item for your home!

Prep Time
2 minutes

Active Time
15 minutes

Total Time
17 minutes


Estimated Cost


  • Wine bottle (or any large bottle)
  • Twine or rope
  • Seashells
  • Fake pearls or beads


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue or craft glue

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