How to Make a Sparkling Pipe Cleaner Fireworks Ring

Every crafter has a bag, box, or drawer filled with pipe cleaners. Why? Because they are the absolute perfect addition to tons of creations. One of my all-time favorites has to be this cute little sparkling pipe cleaner fireworks ring. It’s a perfect idea for kids to make for New Year’s Eve, but also just a fun idea for any time of year. Gather up the pipe cleaners and have fun making your own cool little rings with a fun fireworks theme.

Pipe cleaner ring on woman's hand

Pipe Cleaner Fireworks Ring

If you think back to your childhood, you probably remember making rings out of anything you could find that would twist around a finger. I’ve made them from gum wrappers, paper clips, and of course, any soda can pop-top. Let’s just say, my choices weren’t always as safe or as cute as this one.

This pipe cleaner craft is a perfect way to satisfy kids’ desire to have a ring on their finger while also creating a fun decoration or accent to a costume. It’s ideal for New Year’s Eve parties or 4th of July parties where fireworks are bursting in the air. So much sparkle and beauty from a simple item are hard to beat!

Fireworks pipe cleaner ring by fairy lights

Can Kids Make These Rings?

Yes! That is the best part of this project – it’s ideal for making with kids. Since you only need the pipe cleaners and scissors, you don’t have to worry about a ton of supplies or even safety issues. Pipe cleaners are usually covered well enough that the ends aren’t sharp or dangerous. So, it’s a great choice for using with kids.

If making these pipe cleaner rings with your kids, I recommend setting up a table for them to work at. You can add a variety of pipe cleaners in sparkly colors to each place setting. Add kids safety scissors and then offer a bowl by each plate including large beads or rhinestones that can be added if they want. In this case, I like the larger pony beads for kids to easily thread onto the pipe cleaners.

Pipe cleaner ring on woman's hand

What Else Can I Add to Make These More Fun?

As mentioned above, you can add different items to the rings to dress them up. Below are some ideas I think would look great on a pipe cleaner ring, especially one that is supposed to look like fireworks.

  • Pony beads in different colors threaded over the individual pipe cleaner pieces.
  • Rhinestones glued onto the top of the pipe cleaner pieces.
  • A larger rhinestone or bead in the center of the ring where the pipe cleaner pieces are wound around the ring.
  • Sequins glued onto the individual pieces of pipe cleaner

Pipe cleaner ring on woman's hand

When Can These Be Worn?

These are perfect for New Year’s Eve parties and 4th of July parties. Of course, with kids, a ring like this can be worn at any time. I love the idea of adding these to a birthday party, dress-up box, or just for a regular play time with kids. You can even use them to help with hand and eye coordination with kids in preschool and lower grades. Basically, the pipe cleaner ring is ideal for any celebration kids enjoy.

Fireworks pipe cleaner ring on white table

Supplies Needed

Supplies for pipe cleaner ring

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Fireworks Ring

Fold a pipe cleaner in half, then wrap around your finger.

Wrapping pipe cleaner on hand

Pull the loose ends through the loop that you created when folding the pipe.

Wrapping pipe cleaner on hand

Cut a second pipe cleaner in half.

Cutting pipe cleaners

Fold each half in half, then wrap them around the top of the ring you created.

Looping pipe cleaners together

Roll the pipe cleaner ends downward creating fireworks look on top.

Rolling down pipe cleaner pieces

Wear, gift, or add to your New Year’s decorations!

Pipe cleaner ring on woman's hand

More Fun Craft Ideas

Kids are so much fun to craft with. Their imaginations always create the most adorable and unique things! If this simple little project appeals to you and your kids, then you’ll enjoy some of the other ideas below for different crafts that kids can make. This list includes fun options for any season and time of year, so you always have something unique to make with your little ones.

Crafting Tip

If you use a lot of pipe cleaners when crafting, then you need to grab this 1000 piece package of pipe cleaners in 20 different colors. This box has both standard colors as well as sparkling colors. With tons of great colors in this, it’s under $20 and gives you a great base for hundreds of different projects to make with your kids.

Yield: 1

Pipe cleaner ring on womans hand

Watch a step by step tutorial to use pipe cleaners to create a gorgeous fireworks ring! This easy kids craft is the perfect pipe cleaner ring for New Year’s Eve parties!

Active Time
5 minutes

Total Time
5 minutes


Estimated Cost


Add rhinestones or beads to dress up this easy ring!

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This is a great little project for kids to help you make.

Fireworks ring on red paper

Let them use different colored sparkling pipe cleaners to make different rings.

Fireworks ring on box

Adding rhinestones or beads makes them even more fun to create!

Pipe cleaner ring on womans hand

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