How to protect your family from insects during summer

How to protect your family from insects during summer

Summer is finally here but so are the annoying summer bugs Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου! If you have a family with small children, you need to know what steps you should take in order to protect them as they are compromised. You need to be prepared for the spring and summer bags but you also need to know that you do not always need a professional bug-exterminator!

These tips are great and you can apply them while you are on vacation too! You just need to research a bit on the place you are going to visit! Many bugs are attracted by humidity and plants for example so you need to be prepared when planning your vacation with your kids. Better be safe than sorry!

Keep reading to find out more about our tips on how to protect your family from insects during summer!

Invest on nets

The number one tip we would give you is the investment on netting! Insects are not only present during summer or spring, but they tend to appear in your house all year round. The best way to avoid getting bitten -Αποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη or just scared to death at the side of a huge insect, is to install nets in all of your windows and doors.

It is not a very expensive procedure in general, but there are solutions for those who do not wish to spend a fortune on nets. The truth is, that a good quality net will probably last for years and it will not fall down or get ripped easily. However, if you still  do not want to do this in all of your windows, you could install nets on the doors and windows you are using the most.

A good example would be bathroom and kitchen windows -which let’s face it, they need to be open all day- and maybe your balcony doors if you are often spending time there. Babies’ and children’s rooms need to have nets also because they are very sensitive.

Leave no foods on your tables and countertops

Another thing that attracts bugs and insects not only during summer but in general, is food. Some bugs like ants will detect even a tiny bread crumb from meters away and of course they will “call” the rest of the family to come feast with them!And do not forget that ants bite and it can be quite painful sometimes, especially for children!

Of course, they are so tiny that it is not easy to get rid of them! In order to avoid this situation – Αποφράξεις Πεντέλη– it is best to keep your food, bread, corn flakes, anything, in food containers or at the fridge.

Apply insect repellent lotion

When you are out on a summer evening enjoying a drink with friends, the last thing you need is your kids screaming about bug or mosquito bites. Even if you are at home or worse, on vacation, you need to be prepared for events like this one. Children’s skin can be quite sensitive and we are definite that you would not just get any insect repellent lotion.

There are some ingredients that are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and are safe for your kids’ skin. Look for the safe ingredients when buying a lotion for your kids and remember to be careful if they have allergies. When you need a way to protect a baby from mosquito and bug bites though, the lotion is not an option. Even if it is approved for children, you are not supposed to put lotion on babies under 6 months.

At that event, you will need to have a protective net with you so that you will be able to lay it on top of your baby’s stroller to protect them while you are out.

Light up some citronella candles

Candles made of citronella are a natural bug repellent for you and your family. When you are spending time on your porch, terrace or back yard, light up a citronella candle. Mosquitoes and flies are not very fond of it and they will stay away from you while the candle is lit!

You can get many small candles and create a romantic atmosphere too! And they are perfect for when you are having guests over during summer as they add an extra note to your evening!

Natural ways

There are also some natural ways with which you will be able to be protected by insects during summer. People say that vinegar is a great way to keep ants away from your house. Soak some cotton balls in vinegar and lay them on your counter tops or where you think that the ants are coming from. Essential oils are also good at repelling insects and they also give your house a fresh smell!

Baking soda and salt are also know for repelling certain little creatures such as bed bugs.

Call a professional exterminator crew

In case you have tried some of the above and nothing happened or if you simply do not want to bother with the insects in and around your house, you should call a professional exterminator crew Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς! The crew will examine your house to see what kind of bugs you are having and then they will proceed with the extermination process.

Most professional crews are using kid and environment-friendly products that will not cause any harm to you and your family. Plus, afterwards your house will be clean and bug-free!

What to do if you get bitten

In the event that you are bitten, you need to have an emergency kit with you. If you are going on vacation with your kids then you need to get a cream for bites and some ammonia which helps with the swelling. A good last minute option for the insect bite is a cold compress that will help with the swelling and the itchiness too.

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